Top 04 Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Your First Lawnmower


Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Your First Lawnmower

A lawnmower is a must for every homeowner because there will be times when you will need to mow your lawn instead of using a professional lawn mowing service. Even though buying a lawnmower may seem easy, it is not as straightforward as walking down to a machine store and picking whatever type takes your fancy.

You should carefully consider several factors before buying your first lawnmower and deciding on a course of action. Each lawn varies in several ways, whether it is the type of grass or the size of the yard. Additionally, you may also have specific preferences, such as durability, warranty availability, and how well the mower performs.

Also, several lawnmowers exist, such as push mowers, driven mowers, and robotic mowers. Please refer to the tips presented below to help you make the best choice for a lawnmower.

1. Type Of Grass

The type of grass that grows in your compound will help determine the type of mower you need to purchase. If you have a well-kept and well-mowed lawn, a smaller mower will do the job, but if you have a thicker or more overgrown lawn, then you will need a giant lawnmower with a lot more power to cut them well.

2. Budget

The size of your wallet also plays an essential role in determining which type of lawnmower you purchase. Be sure to check different lawn mower prices before making your purchase. Lawnmowers are available at a wide range of prices, so you will be able to find one that meets your needs without spending too much money. If you do not have a large yard, it might make sense to purchase a lawnmower to do the job on your own rather than hiring a professional service.

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3. Topography

It is also advisable to consider the topography of the lawn when choosing a mower. Before choosing a lawnmower, you need to determine whether your yard has a slope or not. You may choose a walking mower or push mower for a flat landscape or a riding mower if the area covered is extensive and sloped. Electric mowers with power cords are not very practical for large lawns or lawns with lots of trees and shrubs.

4. Size Of The Lawn

  • For Small Lawns

When you purchase an electric lawnmower, you will probably find it smaller, lighter, and easier to maneuver than heavier petrol lawnmowers. Electric lawnmowers offer the advantage of requiring less maintenance than petrol lawnmowers. Before purchasing an electric lawnmower, consider the length of time the power cord will need to stretch.

If you have a smaller lawn, you may consider buying a hover lawnmower. The mower will accomplish the job quickly; however, the cutting quality may not be as good as purchasing another type. Moreover, many hover mowers do not have a collector, so it is necessary to rake up the trimmings.

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  • For Medium Lawns

If you have a medium size lawn, consider buying a petrol lawnmower. The added power gained with buying petrol lawnmowers makes it possible to mow longer grasses with little hassle. If you are concerned about the recurring maintenance associated with petrol lawnmowers, you do not need to.

Petrol lawnmowers are easier to maintain today than they were in the past. Petrol lawnmowers utilize straight-from-the-pump petrol, so no mixing is required. The primary advantage of a petrol lawnmower is that it does not require a power cable, which means it can cover more ground. When you purchase a petrol lawnmower and maintain it well, it will last many years.

  • For Larger Lawns

If you have a large lawn, you might consider a petrol lawnmower. The mowers are available in a variety of cutting widths, including large ones to ensure faster mowing. Purchasing a petrol lawnmower will eliminate the necessity of being within a specific range of a power socket. If you’re worried about having to push a heavy machine across an ample space, consider purchasing a self-propelled wheeled rotary lawnmower.

If you do not desire a large, heavy petrol mower, you might consider a cordless mower. With the advancements in lithium-ion technology, cordless lawn mowers will offer similar performance to a petrol lawnmower. Some cordless mowers now have self-drive features and rear-rollers, enabling you to achieve that classic, bare lawn aesthetic without the hassle and mess of petrol.

You may want to consider getting a ride-on lawnmower if your yard is huge or you have an extensive area of grass. A ride-on lawnmower will enable you to maintain a large lawn more efficiently.

Different Types of Lawn Mowers you Must Know Before You Buying your First lawnmower

1. Riding Mowers

The size and cutting widths of lawn tractors and garden tractors vary greatly. Additionally, optional attachments allow them to perform other outdoor chores year-round, including leaf pickup and spraying in addition to mowing. Some models are designed to accept attachments for performing heavy-duty tasks such as dethatching, snow removal, and aerating.

In a zero-turn radius mower, the steering wheel is replaced by a series of pedals and levers. These machines are highly maneuverable and can handle various obstacles. These machines will not be plowing snow. However, they will easily maneuver around flower beds, trees, and landscaping, lessening the time spent cutting.

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2. Push or walk-behind

For most lawns of average size, a push or walk-behind mower is perfectly adequate and more economically priced. The primary difference between push and walk-behind is the propulsion method. Push mowers rely on the user to supply the propulsion. A walk-behind mower’s engine is used to propel the mower whenever the drive gear is engaged. It is still possible to get exercise while mowing but less vulnerable to fatigue because you do not have to push the mower but merely walk behind and guide it.

There is a range of options among push and walk-behind mowers, including grass clippings collected in a bag and grass cuttings propelled by electric motors rather than gasoline motors. The design of the cutting deck on a lawnmower determines where the grass clippings end up after cutting. A side-discharge mower re-disperses the grass clippings onto the lawn. Mowers with bagging systems direct clippings into bag attachments. Mulching mowers have storage decks that contain the clippings, ensuring that they can be cut into smaller pieces. These clippings fall as mulch on the lawn, which has enormous benefits for the lawn.

3. Electric Mowers

Electric mowers are quieter, pollution-free, and start by turning a switch rather than pulling a cord. Electricity requires very little care, but it has its limitations and is best suited to lawns that are a quarter-acre or smaller. Traditionally, electrics have long power cables that are plugged into wall outlets. However, manufacturers have recently developed battery-powered lawn mowers that are not tethered. These lawnmowers use rechargeable batteries that run between 30 and 70 minutes between charges.

Finally, you may also request recommendations from your friends and colleagues about lawnmowers. If they have used lawn mowers for a considerable amount of time, they may have some recommendations. You may also ask your local lawn care service about the type of lawnmower best suited for your lawn. Keeping these tips in mind, purchasing your first lawnmower shouldn’t be as difficult as you thought.

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