How To Make Your Rental Property More Appealing To Clients


Useful Tips On How To Make Your Rental Property More Appealing To Clients

Useful Tips On How To Make Your Rental Property More Appealing To Clients

The rise of Airbnb and, and similar platforms offering certain services has made renting places more accessible to the public than ever before. The times when you had to put up a sign in front or get the word around by paying newspapers and local radios are long gone, though we are not saying these aren’t successful methods either way.

Yet, somehow it seems you are not able to find clients for your rental property, no matter how hard you try. Therefore, to make it easier for you, we decided it might be wise to give you some advice on how to make it more appealing and more attractive for potential clients, whether you are renting it for the night, month, or year. So hear us out, and read the ideas in the text below.

Taking Great Pictures of the Place

Firstly, you want to make sure the pictures of your place are top-notch. No matter how good the place is you are trying to rent, chances are if the pictures are not on the spot, people will just reject you or skip it.

The reason is simple, our first impression according to psychology constructs the basic idea we have of someone or someplace it does not matter. Therefore, leaving a good first impression is of the utmost importance, so in this case, putting up some high-quality photos can make all the difference in the world.

One piece of advice is even paying someone to do the shots, as he/she knows how to adapt to the light in the room, which aspects of the property to show first, and to which details should be paid more attention.

High-quality photos, maybe a video or two, and a meaningful description with all the needed detail and information about the property should be your top priority. Without these factors, your chances of renting the property are lower than ever, since people will make a pass and go to look at the next one.


Now, another piece of advice is some renovating. The rooms you should renovate are the bathroom and kitchen. People do care about their personal hygiene and therefore look at these places before anything else. A properly functioning bathroom should go without saying, and this also applies to a normally functioning kitchen with all the elements needed to make a simple meal.

If you feel a bit lost, you can always look for a property management solution, people who can deal with such stuff by giving you professional advice on how to rent it, at what price, and how long it might take. They can help you when leasing the property, and can even give you advice when thinking of buying a property as well.

The look of your bathroom and kitchen can influence your chances of renting the property, so the bathroom should be as clean as possible. It must have a functioning flushing system, hot water, and clean tiles.

People look at the elements in the kitchen, such as if it has the necessary technology, a working refrigerator, and other considerations. If you’re hoping to rent it to a family, the kitchen should ideally be a little bigger, with a dining table and plenty of seating.

For long-term agreements, offering additional features that the competition does not, such as a grill outdoors or a deck for hot summers, might be critical for people selecting. However, as previously said, you must appeal to clients by making the space appear clean, hygienic, and habitable.

Make the Price Affordable

To put it another way, the main idea is to charge what you offer and not to overcharge or undercharge. According to recent research, those who often place online advertising and undercharge earn lower sales, traffic, and visits than those who charge higher rates within a respectable price range.

When consumers see something at a cheaper price that may be worth more in the market, they naturally believe it has defects and that the person selling it is trying to hide the truth. As a result, research market pricing and ensure that you are inside that specified range, in line with your offer.

If your property is located in France, for example, it would be beneficial to study the local real estate market and determine the appropriate price range for similar properties in the area to avoid potential negative perceptions. If you’re specifically looking for Paris rental advice, it’s essential to take into account factors such as the neighborhood, property size, amenities, and current market trends, as the rental market in Paris can be highly competitive and prices can vary significantly depending on these factors. Conduct thorough research or consult with a local real estate agent who specializes in Paris rentals to ensure you set a fair and attractive price that aligns with the market conditions and attracts potential tenants.

With this, the previous property manager can help by estimating the real value and price of the property being rented. You can choose the propriety list from Showcase IDX.

Regulate Heating and Ventilation

property Heating VentilationOne major concern and problem within the rental world are properties not being taken care of as they are supposed to. Not only are the facilities unclean, but there are also issues with the electrical installation, heating, ventilation, and cooling system if one exists.

These factors play a major role when trying to rent out your property as people will look at this and make their final conclusion depending on these and all the other factors. If your heating, ventilation, or conditioning isn’t operating properly, consider it carefully before renting it out. Allowing someone to check the installation will do the trick.

Freshen it up

A little and easy paint job can really do wonders for the property. Try to make it look a bit new and cleaner by painting the old walls, the yellow stains from fat and nicotine and dirt. A good recommendation is to use white color as it will make it look cleaner and more sanitary.

Make sure you properly follow the instructions and be prepared because it may take some time and effort. It really depends on who you’re trying to rent to: is it a short-term situation (in which case the overall condition is less important than the price), or is it a long-term situation (such as a family), in which case you’ll have to step up your game and make sure all the right conditions are met and the property looks perfect from the inside out.

Make sure to make a rent contract to protect yourself from any potential harm that may occur or occur with it; in other words, if someone smashes something, try to avoid paying for it yourself. We wish you the best of luck and hope you find these simple pieces of advice helpful and beneficial.

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