Best 4 Tips to Keep Iguanas Away from Your Garden


Best 4 Tips to Keep Iguanas Away from Your Garden

Best 4 Tips to Keep Iguanas Away from Your Garden

Green iguanas aren’t harmless creatures by any stretch. They’re an invasive species in Florida, and if you’re a homeowner, a true nuisance for your garden and property overall. They eat your plants and flowers, they leave smelly droppings everywhere, and they can be intimidating when you simply try to go outside.

If you see one iguana on your property, there are likely many more. You’ll want to do everything you can to keep these large lizards from making themselves at home in your yard space. They may even try to get inside your home, something you certainly want to prevent.

The best way to thwart their attempts is to create an environment that is otherwise unwelcoming to these invaders. These 4 tips will help you keep iguanas away from your garden and your home and restore your ability to enjoy your own slice of Floridian paradise.

1. Don’t Encourage Them

Many homeowners don’t realize that the plants and trees they have growing on their property may be encouraging iguanas to hang out. They love fruit, and if you have fruit trees, particularly mango or avocado trees, they will happily snap up any low-hanging ones they can grab.

Fruit that has fallen to the ground is also fair game from green iguanas. Now that you know how much they adore fruit from your fruit trees, it’s time to end the free meals. Make sure you patrol your yard with regularity to clear any fallen fruits and dispose of them. Pick all ripe fruits that are hanging low and promptly bring them inside your home. When there is no fruit for the iguanas, they won’t want to stay in your yard.

You may want to consider planting citrus trees either alongside your existing trees or instead of the ones you currently have growing in your yard. Iguanas are deterred by citrus.

What if you don’t have any fruit trees in your yard and the iguanas are still coming in droves? Iguanas aren’t just attracted to fruit. They love to eat the leaves and flowers of many other types of plants. If you find they keep munching on your favorite plants and flowers in your garden, you can protect those plants with cages or wire netting.

When iguanas have completely gobbled up your garden, replace those plants with ones they can’t stand. Oleander, croton, chenille, Mexican petunia, and silver buttonwood are just a few examples of plants that iguanas refuse to eat.

Additionally, watch what you’re eating to avoid inviting them to another buffet in your yard. Dining alfresco is such a lovely way to enjoy your backyard, but if you leave your food unattended, you may have a few uninvited guests joining you at the table. They will also pursue pet food for any outside cats you care for, so put those bowls away promptly when your feline friends are done with their feasting.

Believe it or not, iguanas love trash too, perhaps as much as raccoons and bears. Anything that smells edible to them and they can gain access to will invite them to dig in for a meal. When throwing out those fruits from the ground and all your other garbage, make sure you use a secure container to keep them out. There are animal-proof trash cans that have secure lids that will ensure the iguanas don’t make a meal out of your garbage.

2. Keep Your Yard Well-Maintained

If you want to keep iguanas away from your garden, you have to do more than cut off their food source. You need to keep up with yard maintenance too. One of the best things you can do is wrap any of your trees, especially when they are close to your home.

The bark on a natural tree trunk makes it easy for iguanas to scale up all the way to the top. They love to bask in the sun up at the top and let their disgusting droppings fall all the way down below. You can have tree wraps installed that will prevent iguanas from climbing up to the top.

In addition to having tree wraps installed, you need to trim back any trees near your home. These create an easy way for iguanas to get up on your rooftop. They will claw and tear their way inside, making for a frightful discovery for you. If you can’t trim your own trees, you need to call in a professional to help. Don’t forget to thin out any nearby shrubs that are overgrown, which makes for the perfect place for iguanas to lurk.

3. Know How to Properly Fill Iguana Burrows

You may think seeing one iguana on your property isn’t a problem. It’s just a lizard, right? Wrong! Iguanas dig burrows and create long tunnels underground. They burrow to create nests and lay eggs, which will soon unleash more invasive baby iguanas into the ecosystem.

If you walk around your property, you may spy these holes. You can fill them up with rocks and dirt during the day while the iguanas are off looking for food. They will be somewhere else if you’ve already cut off your free iguana food buffet by making your garden unappetizing.

The key to successfully filling the holes is to add large rocks in, followed by dirt, and then another layer of rocks. If you only use dirt, they will just dig through the filling to get back to the burrow. A professional can also help you by adding even more protection to keep iguanas from coming back and digging up your property.

4. Guard Your Property Perimeter with Iguana Barriers

Filling up iguana holes is only part of it. You will want to keep iguanas out of your yard for good, and that requires perimeter protection for your property. A regular fence won’t solve the issue. You’ll need an iguana-proof fence to keep them away.

For homeowners that live on the water, you’ll need even more protection. Iguanas can get on your property with access from waterways and boat docks. There are sea wall barriers, dock piling wraps, and other methods of thwarting their attempts to invade your property from every angle.

Bonus Tip: Get Help with Stubborn Iguanas from the Experts

You may cut off their food supply by removing the plants and fruits they love to eat. You may tidy up after the neighborhood cats you feed, promptly clear your outdoor dining leftovers, and take steps to secure your trash. But it isn’t always enough. When iguanas have decided to make themselves at home in your garden and yard, they may be incredibly persistent.

Their vile feces smell atrocious and contain salmonella bacteria in them, making it incredibly dangerous for you, your family, and your pets. You will want to contact professional iguana removal services to help you with this matter.

You’ll want stubborn iguanas removed properly as well as to prevent them from being enticed by your property ever again. By using safe methods to deter them, you will soon be able to get back to enjoying your beautiful yard without fear of attack by iguanas. You’ll also have full peace of mind that with these tactics, they won’t be coming back.

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