Top 05 Tips for Safe Landscaping Power Tools Care


Top 05 Tips for Safe Landscaping Power Tools Care

Top 05 Tips for Safe Landscaping Power Tools CareTop 05 Tips for Safe Power Tool Care

Most professional style power tools are really rough and tough. We can use them hard, we can heat them up, we can drop them, we can beat upon them, and they withstand it as we do this to them over and over and over again. We never really stop and think about the things that we can do in order to help our landscaping power tools last longer, but this is something that we should absolutely be doing considering the expensive investment that our power tools really are. Here are some really basic pointers that you should be using in order to take better care of your gardening or landscaping power tools.

1 – Once you have finished using your power tools for the day, or for the job at hand, then you are going to want to take the time to completely brush off each power tool. You should also be willing to take the air compressor and then blog the dirt and grime off of the outside of the power tool as well as inside of the motor. By blowing a little bit of air in the motor’s vents, next time you end up using the power tool it is going to run more smoothly and more coolly than before. A power tool that is running hot is going to cause more stress on its motor.

2 – Make sure that you inspect all of your landscape power tools. You should be checking to make sure that all of the screws are in their rightful places. You should also be making sure that there are no cuts or nicks in any of the power cords, as these are a serious hazard.

3 – Now what you are going to want to do is to check all of the moving parts, making sure that they are all moving easily as well as moving in the proper direction. If the parts move when they are not supposed to move, fix them immediately. If the parts are not moving but they are meant to, fix them immediately.

4 – Now you are going to want to lubricate any of the moving parts that are in need of lubrication. These landscaping tools are exposed to a myriad of different elements all throughout the year and this can really take a toll on the lubrication. This means that it is important to check on the lubrication for your tools on a regular basis.

5 – You should also look for cracks or hairline cracks, fixing them immediately if they present themselves in any way. Preventing cracks from becoming worse will keep humidity or water from getting in the tool and will prevent further damage from occurring as well.

You should also check shoe plates, filling in major holes, store your power tools in a place that is cool and dry, sharpen all of your blades as necessary, and follow the instructions in the owner’s manual for each landscape tool.

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