Top 05 Tips on Keeping Your Home Clean Without Fuss


Top 05 Tips on Keeping Your Home Clean Without Fuss

Top 05 Tips on Keeping Your Home Clean Without Fuss

In the busy society we live in, it can prove difficult to balance a career and family activities while maintaining a home clean. While it can be frustrating, there are five simple steps that help create the habits necessary to succeed.

1. Carpet Dry Cleaning

A property’s flooring and carpet is often one of the dirtiest aspects of a home. Traffic continually flows from room to room, and residue on the feet is daily transferred deep within the fibres of the carpet. While regular vacuuming does remove a large portion of the dirt and grime, it cannot remove it all.

By scheduling a professional carpet cleaner to come and dry clean the carpet every 6-12 months, homeowners can rest assured that their carpets are clean. This also reduces dust particles that are constantly being stirred up in the home and will decrease the amount of time spent dusting. It is possible to rent dry cleaning equipment; however, it is recommended to call a carpet cleaning specialist to take on this task, and get it right the first time). These professionals are able to get the job done right.

2. Clean the Kitchen before Going to Bed

After a large meal, it is often tempting to go sit in front of the television and relax. While there is nothing wrong with taking a moment to enjoy life, homeowners should make it a habit to clean up the kitchen every night before going to bed. They don’t have to make it an intricate project; merely putting away leftovers, wiping down the tables and countertops, and doing dishes will make the kitchen more appealing.

3. Delegate

For those sharing their home with other family members, delegation can be key. While oftentimes the majority of the housework falls on one person, there is no reason why others cannot take responsibility for a portion of the work. By creating a chore list and placing it in the home, all members of the family can do their part in keeping their living quarters clean and tidy.

4. Get Rid of Excess Possessions

Get Rid of Excess PossessionsClutter is a problem for many people. They often have trouble parting with objects, and this can create unnecessary clutter that can negatively impact a home’s aesthetic quality. By spending a day going through objects that are not used, the homeowner can remove much of this excess.

Once the items are decided upon, the owner has many options. They can donate to a flea market or to an organization that helps the needy. If the items are of value, they may decide to organize a garage sale.

5. Shower Maintenance

Mildew build-ups in the shower can become a terrible nuisance. Not only do they create a dirty look, but they also can cause bathers to feel as though they are not getting home clean. There are a variety of sprays on the market that require homeowners to simply squirt the shower down daily in a matter of seconds to prevent this build-up over time.


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