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If you own a hammock, then you may already realize that there are certain hammock accessories that can enhance the enjoyment of your hammock.  Hammock accessories can be anything from a comfy, cozy pillow on which to rest your head to the means to hang your hammock from just about any location you want with ease.  So, if you’re looking to uncover what some of the 10 best hammock accessories are, read on!

Best Hammock Accessories

1-Hammock pillows

There’s no doubt that perhaps the very best hammock accessory is a hammock pillow.  When you have a hammock pillow, there’s no end to the amount of relaxing you can do while gently swinging in the breeze.  Pillows come in a variety of different sizes, including single pillows for one, and double hammock pillows that can provide a cozy resting spot for two heads at once.  These hammock accessories come in a wide range of fabric patterns and colors – just make sure that the material is weatherproof so that it won’t get ruined outdoors.  If you take care to bring this hammock accessory indoors when not in use, you should be able to enjoy years of use from it.

2-Hammock blankets

If you love to lay in your hammock on a cool night or are just looking for a good excuse to cuddle, then this outdoor hammock accessory is a must!  Hammock blankets are made from a weather resistant material so that they are sturdy enough to handle being used outdoors on a regular basis.  As with your hammock pillow, you should bring your hammock blanket indoors when not in use.  This is one of those accessories for hammocks that is not meant to remain outside all the time.

3-Hammock pads

There are a variety of different types of hammocks, from woven rope hammocks to canvas, fabric and more.  Some of them are comfier than others, but if your hammock is not among the comfiest things you’ve ever laid on, or you just want a comfy hammock accessory to make your time spent relaxing especially enjoyable, a hammock pad is just the thing you need.  You can get hammock pads in a variety of different patterns and colors, as well as different thicknesses of inside padding.  The thicker the padding, the more you’ll enjoy this type of hammock accessory – trust us!

4-Hammock drink holders

For the ultimate in indulgent hammock accessories, get a drink holder or two that attaches right to the side of the hammock.  Then, there’s no reason to get off your hammock all day long.  Just grab a nice, refreshing drink and have it sitting within arms distance.  All you have to do is attach this hammock accessory onto the hammock stand or the support bar along the top edge of the hammock and you’ve got instant paradise!

5-Hammock side tables

If you’re looking for a place to house more than just a drink, then you may want to consider this cool hammock accessory – a side table!  Certain styles of hammock stands have the ability to attach a side table along the bottom support leg.  Once attached, there is a bar that supports a small side table that you can use to place a drink, a book, a yummy snack or just about anything you want.  Indulgent!

6-Hammock stands

If you don’t have a couple of trees from which to support your hammock then a hammock stand is more than just a hammock accessory – it’s a hammock necessity!  Stands have a series of supports that are made to take the place of two sturdy trees.  These supports attach to your hammock so you can swing just about any place you’d like.  Some hammock stands come with overhead canopies to shield you from the sun and even rain, but if your stand doesn’t come with one, you may also be able to add an overhead hammock canopy for some added protection.

7-Hammock canopies

Want to enjoy your hammock while being shaded from the sun?  If so, then a hammock canopy is just the type of hammock accessory you need!  Some hammock stands come with a canopy and others allow you to add a canopy and attach it to the stand.  If you are hanging your canopy from a tree, you may find hammock canopies that can be attached to trees, just like your hammock.

8-Hammock tree straps

Not one of the most glamorous types of hammock accessories, but if you have a hammock that you want to hang from a couple of strong trees, then using hammock tree straps will help to make sure that your hammock is securely attached to the tree and will also ensure that you do not damage the bark or trunk of the tree when the hammock is attached.

9-Hammock hanging kits

If you prefer to hang your hammock from a tree by securely attaching it right to the tree, then a hammock hanging kit is the perfect hammock accessory for you.  Just secure one end of the hanging kit to the hammock and the other end to the screw or attachment that goes into the tree.  If you have a hammock stand, you will also need a hammock hanging kit to attach the hammock to the stand, although many stands will come with the hanging kit as well.

10-Hammock storage bags

While most hammocks can be left outdoors all summer long (and even spring and fall), it is best to store your hammock for the winter, or whenever you will not be using the hammock for an extended period of time.  By not leaving your hammock outside all year round and using a hammock accessory like a storage bag to keep your hammock clean and dry, you will prolong the life of your hammock.

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Some hammock accessories will come with the hammock you purchase, while others can be bought separately.  You can buy hammock accessories from stores that sell hammocks or if you’re looking for something specific, you can buy hammock accessories online from a number of specialty stores that carry a wide variety of hammock accessories.  Prices for hammock accessories will vary widely based on the type of accessory you are looking to buy, but you will find that most hammock accessories are pretty cheap, so you don’t have to lay out a lot of money to add that extra “something” to an already enjoyable and relaxing outdoor accessory.


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