Top 7 Essentials For Your Smart Garden


7 Essentials For Your Smart Garden

Top 7 Essentials For Your Smart Garden

We have all heard about something called smart homes and smart offices! However, what about smart gardens?

People who live and breathe their hobby of gardening, we could already see them getting excited right now. A garden is a big part of your house, and other than making it beautiful, you also have to make it sustainable.

  • Ensure that you are not spending too much water.
  • Protect the house from intrusion.
  • Regularly trim the weeds and wild grasses.

All in all, make your grass greener than the other side! Here is how you are going to do it.

In this excerpt below, we will be discussing the different smart garden essentials that you absolutely need.

These are collected from gardening, and home renovation experts, and some property agents who have these tricks up their sleeves to make a good sale.

You can visit Smith Thompson to get more information about other smart home equipment. Yes, we all know that taking care of a garden is not easy. However, if you pay attention to the advice given below, you will understand that it just takes some planning and preparation.

Once you get a hold of it, you will be nothing less than a pro gardener featured in one of those Architectural Digests.

What Is Smart Gardening?

Smart gardening is associated with techniques that help someone automate their garden.

For example, they are able to measure:

  • The quality of the soil in its current state.
  • How much water would it need?
  • The perimeter security around the garden.
  • Whether you will be able to self-water because you are unable to.

All in all, it determines whether the garden and the plants, which you have planted with such love and care, are safe even if you are not there to give them 24/7 care. Plus, since the garden is your perimeter, it also ensures security as well. It alerts you when the wild grasses are too big in the backyard! Big enough to hide an intruder so that you can trim them!

Why Should You Get A Professional To Install This Equipment?

Needless to say, in this excerpt below, we will be discussing some of the gardening smart equipment for the sustainable growth of your garden. Now, some of these appliances could be a little difficult when it comes to installation. You wouldn’t want to make any mistakes. Plus, you need to get a better idea of what certain equipment you should invest in.

This is why you need to call a professional installer to get all the ‘smart work’ done. They will be able to analyze your house properly and give you all the important details and what to do, and which garden equipment to buy.

Plus, they will be able to help you save some money with the help of their expert suggestions. There is insurance! What could be better than that?

Essentials For Your Smart Garden

Now, we have finally reached the most important part. We will be discussing the seven most essential items you should get for your garden. These are an absolute must-have!

1. Polyhouse Technology

Do you know that the environment is like the constant nutrient supply for your plant? However, you can’t really control the environment when it comes to the environment. Can you?

Well, not technically. But, with the help of poly house technology, you can have your personal pest control, plus check the nutrient count in the soil.

They have sensors to alert you about the temperature of the soil and even check for waterlogging.

2. Self Sprinklers

So, you are not home, and you are really worried about your plants, your luscious green garden. Do not worry, because, with the help of self-sprinklers, your plants will be watering themselves.

Literally! Could you imagine sprinklers that are connected to your phone, and you can control them from anywhere? You can adjust control and even decide how much water you should need for one session. Plus, it can give you suggestions as well.

3. Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are not something that will directly help your garden, but it is much more helpful for security purposes.  Your garden could be a target for burglars or intruders to hide or break in through. Thus, if you have motion sensors, the technology will immediately catch a movement and alert you. Now, your garden is no more a hotspot for criminal activities.

4. CCTV Cameras

There are CCTV cameras to accompany your motion sensors! If the motion sensor is detecting something when you are not home, and you wish to see what the chaos was all about, then you will need the camera to catch it, right?

If you connect these cameras to your smartphones, you will be able to keep an eye on your garden 24/7. Even if you are on vacation.

5. Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is definitely something you should all consider for your house. They either light upon detecting motion. Or, you can change the settings and control the lights on your phone. They are not only great perimeter security but also an excellent way to impress your guests at night with your beautiful garden.

6. Automatic Mowers

Automatic mowers are nothing but the genius inventions of mankind. Technology has made mowing an easy task. You can, For example, connect your robot mower to your mobile phone or computer to easily schedule your lawnmower and monitor its progress.

Robot lawnmowers roam the garden area using state-of-the-art mapping and GPS navigation systems.

7. Soil Testers

Smart gardeners start with your soil Without proper soil, you can never have something suitable for all your flower gardening. With smart soil testers, you can conduct a soil test, which will determine the different nutrient needs and pH, which can help you reduce the amount of water or fertilizer used.

A Garden With Its Own Brain!

Having a smart garden is like having a garden with its own brains! Not saying that you shouldn’t take care of your room anymore. However, the times when you are unable to, it will be self-sufficient. Just like a responsible child!

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