Top 4 Things You Should Know About Tree Removal


Top 4 Things You Should Know About Tree Removal

Tree Removal is a critical process for many reasons, depending on the type of removal. Whether residential or commercial, knowing what to expect if your trees are removed may ease the process and make you feel like you’re in good hands. There are many reasons trees need to be removed from any land. But, not all of those reasons are directly related to you as the homeowner.

Trees in urban areas often need to be removed for safety reasons when they pose a hazard, when you don’t want them anymore, or if they are diseased. The tree service industry may also remove trees because the landowner plans on developing the property shortly. Tree removal is not an easy process and can be dangerous. Here are some things you need to know about tree removal.

1. You Need to Adhere to the Laws and

Before a tree service can come to your home and remove the trees, you will need to make sure that they adhere to all local laws and ordinances, which means checking with city officials to see what permits are required for the type of trees that you want removed.

In some cases, contractors who do not have a license may try to skimp on the permit fees. But, it would be best if you did not let unskilled workers onto your property because they might injure someone or damage essential items like the house’s foundation, electrical wires, or pipes.

It would be best to ensure that all of the trees are removed by an approved contractor. All tree-cutting needs to be done after hours to prevent injuries when people are around.

2. Work With a Professional

Tree removal is a complex process that requires heavy equipment and proper training to ensure that it is done correctly. You could end up doing more damage if you attempt tree removal on your own and may even harm any workers who are present on site.

Hiring a tree service company such as Theyardable can help you get the trees removed quickly and safely. When looking for one, you need to look for insurance coverage, a company that has fully trained and certified workers, and experience doing the job.

However, you do not necessarily need to cut down a tree to remove it. There are other methods to do it, such as tree-killing, where a chemical derived from a plant is injected into the trunk of a tree. This injection kills a small section of the inner bark, which cuts off its ability to transport water and nutrients, destroying it from the inside out.

You can also consider the tree growth control method, where a chemical is applied to the trunk of a tree, which can reduce the chance that the tree will produce seeds or other parts, prevent it from growing to its full size, and even make it more vulnerable to insect infestation.

Before work starts, make sure that you carefully read over and understand any contracts they may ask you to sign. Never hesitate to ask questions that could help protect your home and family if something unexpected occurs while trees are being removed from your property.

3. Tree Sizes Matter

If you have smaller trees on your property, the tree service company will likely only need one or two trucks to remove them. But, if you have more giant trees on your land, it could take more than ten trucks to haul away the trunks and other debris.

The size of your property matters, too, because tree removal for larger lots will take longer than it would on a small lot. It will also affect the total cost of tree removal.

The extent of the roots is another factor determining the number of trucks needed. If the origins are far-reaching, more trucks may be required to remove them safely. The length of time that it takes for the tree removal process also depends on how old your trees are and if they have extensive roots or not.

4. There are Some Risks Involved

It’s not always easy to tell how healthy a tree is, mainly if no one uses the property regularly. Because of this, tree removal comes with some risks. But, when there are homes and structures nearby, the chances of an accident occurring go up if you have diseased or dangerous trees that need to be removed because they could suddenly fall due to high winds or other weather conditions.

Keep in mind that the tree service company is not liable for injuries or damages on your property when they remove trees, so ensure you have proper insurance coverage before work begins.

There also exist some underground hazards on a property, such as old rocks and roots. The tree service company should always be aware of them and work around them to prevent any problems that may cause damage to the equipment or harm the workers on site.

In summary, you need to make sure that a licensed company removes your trees. It would be best to determine how much it will cost in terms of money and time. It would help if you worked with a professional company with insurance coverage and thoroughly trained and certified workers.


  1. Thanks for the reminder that the size of the tree matters when planning out tree removal. I’d like to find a good service like that because I plan to change up the look of my garden soon. I will need to free up some space for more flowers to properly fit there.

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