Tree Pruning, Tips for Peach Trees

Tree Pruning, Tips for Peach Trees

Tree Pruning, Tips for Peach Trees
Tree Pruning, Tips for Peach Trees

When you do peach tree pruning it can result in having fruit that is better quality, higher yields, and harvest that are easier. It results in trees that are healthier, live longer, and produce earlier. One of the best tips for peach tree pruning is to make sure that you do it during the correct season. You also have to choose the right tools and cuts. You should also know how to work toward an open-center tree along with learning the correct wound dressing in order to prevent complications and disease. When you do not want to do it yourself or feel you do not have the knowledge, you could hire a professional arborist in USA, TX to do the job.


Peachtree pruning

The main reason that you should prune your peach trees is to develop a framework that is strong so the tree can support the heavy crops of peaches. The words open-center tree means the fruiting wood will form a vase-like or wreath shape going around the trunk. It is also called an open canopy. By doing careful this type of cut will provide a framework that is considered heavy-duty. It will open the middle of the tree for more sunlight. When a peach tree has this type of open framework it will grow wider and stay shorter to give you easier maintenance and harvesting.

Right time of the season

When tree pruning you want to be sure that you do it at the right time of the year to prune. If you do peach tree pruning at the wrong time you could inhibit or disrupt the production of peaches. You should do any major pruning yearly, preferably after February. A peach tree that is dormant will heal better from any wounds from it, provided the risk of additional frost has passed. The trees that benefit more from another pruning in early summer are young to middle-aged peach trees. You would prune these trees to remove low branches and water sprouts. Water sprouts are the new-growth branches extending in a straight line up from the peak of any established branch.


Peachtree pruning cuts

It is also important to know the pruning cuts, which include:

• Heading cuts—

these cut off the ends of branches and limbs to encourage additional branching and more growth.

• Bench and thinning cuts—

these are a form of heading cuts. A bench cut means to encourage spreading and thinning cuts means to stop new growth.

• Collar cuts—

this cut is used to get rid of any limbs that are over an inch in diameter. You should leave a little of the limb to extend away from the trunk so the tree heals better.

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