Different Types of Garden Planters for your Home Decor

Different Types of Garden Planters for your Home Decor
Different Types of Garden Planters for your Home Decor

Garden Planters for your Home Decor

Different Types of Garden Planters for your Home DecorDifferent Types of Garden Planters for your Home Decor

The versatility of garden planters has changed the way we garden, helping bring the beauty of the outdoors to the indoors for your home decor. Well-chosen planters help double the space available for gardening and make it possible to have a beautiful garden even in the limited space of an apartment.

While planning an apartment garden or a garden indoors, choose garden planters in different shapes and sizes to help you make efficient use of the limited space available. By adding a few garden containers, you will be able to enjoy growing your own fruits and vegetables as well as beautiful flowers indoors, throughout the year. There are a lot of planters in different shapes, colors and made of different materials that you can choose from; you are sure to find the right set that complements your home decor well.

Hanging planters are a great space-saving idea for indoor gardens and they double as a gorgeous decor accessory for your home. Depending on where you choose to start your garden and your home decor style, you can opt for an array of hanging planters. Hanging pots are great for both indoor uses and for your balcony garden. Hanging garden bags also make versatile planters that are ideal for your balcony.

The use of modern materials in Home Decor

The use of modern materials has made garden planters versatile and stylish and more appropriate for indoor use. Available in metals like brass, copper, zinc, and wood, there are planters available to accent all decor styles. Painted ceramic, terracotta, and wicker are also available for an indoor garden with classic country charm. They also come with a drip tray ready for indoor use. Choose stackable planters for limited spaces.

If you are looking for an eco-friendly alternative to plastic planters opt for eco-friendly planters made of natural and recycled materials. Natural planters made from burlap allow better air circulation and drainage for your plants. They are also portable as they usually come with convenient side handles. A number of everyday items, like coffee cans, cat litter tubs, and take-out containers can be transformed into planters by poking drainage holes in the bottom. Use a durable paint, such as a lacquer or spray paint, to make your repurposed planter look just as attractive as a store-bought one.

Both pots and hanging planters are ideal for indoor use as they are very easy to move around according to the season and the availability of sunlight.

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