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The Different Varieties of Tomato Heirloom Seeds

The Different Varieties of Tomato Heirloom Seeds

The Different Varieties of Tomato Heirloom Seeds
The Different Varieties of Tomato Heirloom Seeds

Are you interested to plant tomato heirloom? Do you want to start your own garden of delicious vegetables? That’s possible. All you need to do is buy an heirloom seed from a reputable source. Maybe you can start with tomatoes.

’Tomatoes are great for salads and other dishes. And, it’s economical to have your own tomato garden than buying them in supermarkets. But, before buying the seeds make sure to know the different varieties of tomatoes. The open-pollinated seeds have no genetic alteration, meaning they came from only one variety/family of tomato. These heirloom seeds of tomatoes have flavors, colors, and textures that are different from your regular store-bought tomatoes.

Take note that tomatoes are not vegetables instead they are technically considered fruits – part of the berry family. Moreover, the color of a tomato determines the amount of acid it has. And each variety of a tomato offers a different amount of acid and taste.


This is the most well-known heirloom variety. Its size is huge and it tastes incredibly sweet. It originates from the Amish in the late 1800s.


This type of tomato has stripes that actually give flavor. When its deep red, it has more acid while the gold color adds sweetness. You will really enjoy its complex taste.


This is a huge sized and shaped like a strawberry tomato. It will start with a golden color and when it ripens, the color will change to tangerine. This tomato will give out a fruity flavor.


This new purple colored tomato has full of acid flavor with a meaty texture. It tastes sweet – good for pasta add-ons!


Cherokee Purple is a dark colored fruit that provides a delicious sweet flavor. It even has great textures in your mouth when eaten.


This tomato has a full texture and a flavor that makes you think you are eating a melon.


This is an old-fashioned heirloom tomato with red-orange stripes. It also tastes so sweet. Good to eat solo.

Now that you know the different varieties of heirloom non-hybrid seeds, it’s time to pick one that you want to see in your garden. Or you can choose all and have a wide variety of tomatoes.

To order your very own tomato heirloom seeds, go to Best Heirloom Seeds. They provide the best and original non-hybrid seeds. It’s guaranteed that these seeds will last up to 50 years.

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