Vegetable Gardening Guide – WHAT TO GROW (AND HOW MUCH)

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What vegetables do you like to eat?

The first decision to make in choosing what to grow in your vegetable garden is simple: What vegetables do you and your family like to eat? Perhaps you’d love to grow peas because you remember how wonderful they tasted fresh out of the garden in your childhood. Or maybe your family’s crazy about spinach salad or broccoli casserole, or you’re just plain tired of frozen vegetables.

What are you going to do with it?

How do you plan to use your vegetables, and what are you going to do with the part of your crop that you don’t eat as soon as it’s harvested? Do you want to freeze, can, dry, store, or make preserves with some of your crops? How much do you need? How you plan to use your vegetables directly affects how much of each vegetable you want to grow, and will influence your decision about the kind of vegetable you’re going to plant — all carrots aren’t alike, and there are hundreds of different tomato varieties.


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