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Vegetable Gardening Tricks To Grow And Maintain Your Garden

Vegetable Gardening Tricks To Grow And Maintain Your Garden

Vegetable Gardening Tricks To Grow And Maintain Your Garden
Vegetable Gardening Tricks To Grow And Maintain Your Garden

Vegetable gardening tricks can assist you in growing and maintaining a healthy garden. If you want to keep your plants growing and providing the fruit and vegetables for your meal table, then there are a number of steps you can take to review your options and prevent disease, grow your seeds to seedlings to fully grown healthy vegetable plants.

Growing Tomatoes

Among the many vegetable gardening tricks that you will come across while gardening, you will do well to pay special heed to what it takes to grow your tomatoes properly, which plant, though widely grown, can still prove to be a bit of a problem many a time.

Tomatoes are known to attract pests and diseases which can ruin them even before they can be harvested, and among the simplest and most effective vegetable gardening tricks with regard to growing such vegetables is choosing the proper growing conditions for your tomatoes.

Look for soil that is well drained and where there is plenty of sunlight and avoid heavy clay soil and shade which will only leave your tomatoes vulnerable to pests and disease.

Tomatoes Will Not Grow Well In Poor Soil

Another vegetable gardening trick is to avoid growing your tomatoes in soil that is poor, and whenever possible, you should choose to grow them in containers rather than in poor soil, and the reason for this is that by and large tomatoes grow well in large pots that have potting mixes, and a pot that is at least a foot in diameter would be most suitable.

Choose The Better Growing Variety For Your Area

Still another vegetable gardening trick for growing your tomatoes is to choose well from among the hundreds of different varieties of tomatoes since different types will be suited to different areas.

Thus, if you choose the ‘Solar Set’ variety, makes sure that they are planted where the conditions are hot and humid, while varieties such as ‘Northern Delight’ will come to fruition rather soon and are best suited for a short season area.

Choose A Variety Resistant To Diseases

Finally, you can use a simple vegetable gardening trick and that is to choose a variety that is resistant to diseases and to find such varieties, look for those varieties that contain series of letters such as VFFN on the plant tag.

It needs not much elaboration, but still, to repeat a simple point, one vegetable gardening trick that you should not miss out on and which is simple to follow is to not grow the plant in stressful conditions which will only cause the plants to weaken and thus will easily fall prey to diseases.

Always Water Your Plants

Vegetable Gardening Tricks
Vegetable Gardening Tricks

You need to ensure that your tomatoes are watered adequately, especially during dry periods and are given good feed all through the growing season, and you can also spread a few inches of mulch over the surface of the soil which will ensure that the tomatoes are free from weeds and the soil will remain moist as well.

Mulch is also able to form a protective barrier which will not allow diseases borne through the soil from splashing onto the plants or infect them.

Watering Early In The Morning

Another trick is to water the plants early in the morning so that the water does not immediately evaporate and it has time to go into the soil. During the summer, you may need to water your plants every other day, but it is always best to water early in the morning.

Another trick, to reduce the risk of not having any tomatoes, is to include a number of tomato plants in your garden. One or two of your plants may fail, but the rest should survive and give you plenty of tomatoes, as long as you have well-drained soil, water your plants often and place plenty of organic fertilizer to feed the plant.

If you use these vegetable gardening tricks over all your garden and potted plants, you should have plenty of healthy plants.

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