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Excellent Benefits of Vermiculite Soil for Gardening Planting

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Winter Or Summer Mulch

Using a couple of inches of vermiculite soil as a mulch around roses, shrubs, dahlias, garden plants, and tomatoes prevents them from drying out and insulates them against cold weather.  Plants that are protected can withstand winter temperatures easier.  Also, it does not become soggy or matted due to its pore structure keeping it from becoming too saturated.  additionally, if you apply it directly after the first heavy rain of the summer you can prevent the soil from drying out which causes damage to the plant.


Dig your hold a minimum of six inches larger than the roots of the plant.  Mix the vermiculite soil with the removed topsoil and place this mixture around the roots.  This will protect the roots from the sun and wind and provide even moisture control resulting in healthier plants.

Home Floral Arrangements

Fill your container with vermiculite soil and level it off.  Thoroughly saturate with water and pour off any excess and then insert your flowers in for a neat arrangement.  This type of floral arrangement will allow the flowers to stay fresh for days without any water spillage issues.

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