Want to Get Rid of a Tree Stump? Here’s What to Do

Want to Get Rid of a Tree Stump
Want to Get Rid of a Tree Stump

So, you’ve eliminated the tree in your backyard that wasn’t working for you. Next, you now have to deal with the stump. Shockingly, removing the stump is no easy work. It might have left you, well – stumped! But don’t fret. This guide has you covered.

What’s more, you can try some DIY tips before calling in a professional. But before we dive into the ‘how,’ you need first to assess your stump characteristics. How far do the roots extend? What’s the size of the stump, small, large, or medium? Generally, large tree stumps are hard to come out compared to smaller ones. Once you have these details at hand, use any of the methods below to remove the tree stump.

1. Remove it Manually

You can remove a small- to -medium-sized stump manually with ease. The process becomes easier if you have the right tools. Typically, it will take you about three to 10 hours to finish your project. If you want to dig up a tree stump, you need to understand that the process is more labor-intensive. For large stumps, you might need to use a different approach. If you have a truck, you can easily drag the stump out of the ground. First, drill holes in the stump and attach a chain to it. Next, tie the other end of the chain to your truck and drag it out of the ground. As a safety rule, ensure no one is near the stump when you’re pulling it out.

2. Burn the Stump

This method only works if the stump has dried thoroughly. However, it might be more time-consuming than digging. Additionally, this method doesn’t remove the roots below the soil level. Nevertheless, it provides satisfactory results since you use less physical exertion. Before diving in and burning your stump, you need to consult your local fire department. You want to ask if there are any burning advisories in your local area before you attempt this method. Once you have the go-ahead, build a fire over the stump’s exposed area and keep it burning. Ensure you have a pressurized garden hose nearby should a fire erupt. Avoid using flammable liquid as it’s dangerous and not that effective.

3. Using a Stump Grinder

Dealing with a large tree stump is challenging. It also gets tedious when you have to remove several of the tree stumps. This is why a stump grinder is your best DIY friend. You can either rent a stump grinder from a home improvement store near you or buy one—the cost of renting one ranges between $100 and $200 depending on the store’s pricing. Additionally, you’ll need some extra tools such as a hatchet, rake, chainsaw, and shovel. A stump grinder can weigh around 1,000 pounds so ensure you have a vehicle to facilitate the transportation from the store. You only need to grind down the stump until the stump’s perimeter is 3-4 inches below the ground. Finally, fill the hole with the wood chips (the debris of your stump), and cover it with soil or grass.

4. Use a Handsaw or Chainsaw

If you’re not comfortable using a stump grinder, consider using a handsaw or a chainsaw. Generally, even the average DIYer can use the above tools to remove a stump. However, using a chainsaw means you need to dig a deeper hole. Take caution to avoid getting your chain into the dirt, as this can dull your chain quickly. You can also use a reciprocating saw, but ensure you have a larger blade designed for cutting wood. If you have problems getting to the middle of the stump, use a sledgehammer. It makes it easy to break down the remaining parts of the stump.

5. Remove a Stump Using Potassium Nitrate

You can rot a stump using Potassium Nitrate. Potassium Nitrate is a compound used in making jerky. This only means one thing! You’ve eaten a stump remover! Yikes! But don’t fret. Ideally, you want to go for common product names such as Blondie Stump Out, which most home improvement experts recommend. It can accelerate decomposition, so instead of taking nine years to rot your stump, it should only take between 4-5 years. As for the technical step, rotting a stump with potassium nitrate is easy. Just drill holes around the stump and fill them with the compound. And wait!

6. Add Epsom Salt into the Tree Stump

To rot a stump with Epsom salt, you need a driller. Once you have the tool in place, drill several holes in the tree stump. You want to keep the holes about a quarter of an inch wide; This helps ensure the salt’s optimal functionality. The next step is to fill the holes with concentrated Epsom salt solution. This speeds up the overall rotting process. Keep applying the Epsom salt solution every few days until the stump starts to rot. As a bonus, here’s a little secret about Epsom salt you didn’t know – you can use it for household issues such as weeds and invasive vines. Are you surprised? If yes, it’s for a good reason. Don’t allow those pesky weeds to continue annoying you; try Epsom salt today!

7. Use Chemicals

Only try this technique as a last measure if the other methods fail. But, using chemicals is the least labor-intensive method to get rid of your stump. However, this technique takes time, especially if the size of the stump is large. In most cases, it can’t take between 10- to 12 months or more for the stump removal process to be complete. This is because you’re typically trying to rot a stump away.

Nevertheless, the good news is that this method is inexpensive. Visit the local market and buy a chemical stump removal. To speed the rotting process, keep the stump moist over the whole duration and keep adding high-nitrogen fertilizer.

Hopefully, this guide offers you tips to remove that annoying stump in your yard. Whatever method you use depends on your urgency and how much work you’re willing to put into it. You also need to consider how much you want to spend to remove the stump. All in all, what you want to avoid is keeping the stump longer than you need to. Over to you!


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