What You Should Know About Watering Sprinklers


Watering Sprinklers What You Should Know About

Watering sprinklers are one of the cheapest and most efficient ways to keep your lawn green. Lawns in the U.S. are not watered enough to stay healthy, which is why sprinklers are so important. There are many benefits of sprinklers, but there are also some drawbacks that you need to know about before installing them on your property.

Sprinkler systems can help you save time when watering your lawn because they don’t have very much upkeep or maintenance involved with them.

What You Should Know About Sprinklers

One primary component of basic lawn care is the sprinkler system; the grass needs water to thrive and grow. Trees, bushes, and gardens all require various levels of watering. Local laws place restrictions on the amount and frequency of water that may be applied to the lawn. Water tables may vary dramatically across even a small area, placing a cap on the amount of water it is practical to divert to lawn care. Animals depend on locations where they can find reliable sources of fresh water. Different strains of grass thrive at different water levels.

Local laws often strictly regulate the frequency and amount of water that may be used on the lawn. Sprinklers that automatically govern water expenditure or operate on a timed schedule provide easy ways to prevent code violations. Some regions even restrict the types of sprinklers allowed to operate on residential or commercial property. A quick phone call to city hall or a local lawn service can save time and money when compared to post-installation compliance with zoning regulations.

A region’s water table places a physical limit on the amount of water available for use in lawn care irrigation. Timed or volume regulating sprinklers will reduce the strain on the local water table, but these must be manually governed with regards to their total water consumption. Overburdening the water table will reduce the overall quality and availability of water to the entire area. Contacting the local water and sewage providers will yield detailed information on the volume and quality of water available.

Animals depend on reliable sources of fresh water for their daily use. Sprinklers that cause water to pool in the yard or run off into adjacent areas will attract grazing animals, birds, pest animals, or possibly predators. Sprinkler run-off should be properly diverted to underground drainage systems. The best solution is simply to monitor water usage and soil absorbency to prevent standing water and evenly distribute water over the entire lawn and garden area.

Grass strains thrive at differing levels of hydration; enough water to sustain one strain of grass may literally drown another. Grass seed should be matched to the region, and the sprinkler system set to match the needs of the grass. Aggressive strains and thick-bladed grass will require more water than thin-bladed grass or sparsely growing strains. Local garden centers and home improvement stores will readily provide information on caring for grass, including fertilization and watering advice.

When selecting the right sprinkler to care for a lawn, smart homeowners will consider all the details. Most information may be had simply by asking professionals and service or product providers in the area. Regular inspection of their lawn and consistent attention to the surrounding area will allow homeowners to match the needs of their lawn with the best sprinkler choice.

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Watering Sprinklers

There are many reasons a homeowner would choose a commercial sprinkler for watering his lawn. These types of sprinklers are widely available in a variety of venues, including home improvement stores, garden centers, hardware stores, and discount chains. They tend to be inexpensive and designed for a single type of watering, usually meant solely for gardens or lawns. Commercial sprinklers come in both mobile and fixed models.

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Commercial sprinklers

Commercial sprinklers are designed to water a lawn over a small to medium-sized area. This type of watering is usually fed from a hose rather than the water main or a reservoir. Unlike irrigation systems, these sprinklers are seldom mobile or meant to distribute large volumes of water over a wide area. Installation may be easily accomplished by a homeowner rather than a professional and is designed for ease of removal as well.

Fixed sprinklers

Fixed sprinklers are attached to a single area, usually by driving a spike into the soil. Some models use small runs of buried pipe to distribute water across the sprinkler system, with the spray heads breaking the soil at intervals. Most fixed-location sprinklers are designed to be used in gardens or near heavy growth where lawnmowers and other large cutting tools are not typically employed, preventing damage to the sprinkler system. Other models feature a retractable spray head or an extremely low profile that allows mowers to trim above them safely.

Mobile sprinklers

Mobile sprinklers are not fixed in a single location and may be easily moved from place to place. These models typically use a weighted or broad base attached to a spray head or gun. They are often used when watering general lawn areas where it is impractical or undesirable to have a permanent sprinkler installed. When mowing is performed, the sprinklers are simply removed.

Some self-propelled models use water pressure or an electric motor to move across the lawn on wheels or treads, eliminating the need for homeowners to physically move the sprinkler in order to water multiple zones.

Choosing the Right Lawn Sprinkler for Your Needs

A lawn sprinkler is a tool that is designed to spray water in order to prevent the spread of weeds and provide irrigation. It is important to choose the right one for your needs and make sure that it does not affect your garden or lawn negatively.

Most people think that buying a sprinkler will only solve the problem of getting rid of weeds, but it also has other benefits such as providing irrigation to your garden or lawn, creating a natural habitat for insects, etc. A good sprinkler should be able to provide these benefits while still being easy on the budget.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the factors you need to consider before choosing a sprinkler for your needs. If you are looking for a product with more features and functionality.

Before you purchase a lawn sprinkler for your home or business ask yourself:

    1. Are you tired of pulling hoses in the summer or tied of paying for somebody to do it for you?
    2. Do you have a special landscape that is in need of care?
    3. Do you travel a lot or just don’t have time to worry about keeping your lawn & garden healthy?
    4. When you do drag that hose out do you overwater some areas and underwater others?
    5. Do your find yourself wasting water on the sidewalk and driveway?
    6. Did you ever replace an expensive shrub because it didn’t receive proper irrigation?
    7. Do you ever find brown areas on your lawn?
    8. Do you find yourself buying expensive sprinkler heads and hoses every year?
    9. Are you in competition with your neighbor?
    10. Finally, do you take so much pride in the looks of your outside scenery that you demand the greenest and freshest landscape on the block?

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