What Are the Advantages of Laying Down Garden Turf?


What Are the Advantages of Laying Down Garden Turf?

If you have a yard but are desperate to convert it into a garden, one way that you can do this is by removing the flagstones and laying down garden turf instead.

This can be purchased at any DIY or garden shop and comes in rolls for you to lay yourself just like you’re laying carpet outside. Many people argue that having a garden instead of a yard is better, but why is this and are there really any advantages to laying down garden turf?

Converting your yard into a garden can arguably just create more work for yourself. You have to remove the flagstones, lay down the turf and then maintain it all and keep your miniature garden looking perfect. Many people opt to do this though, so there must be some advantages of having grass over concrete. If you’re considering doing this in your garden, here are some reasons why you should:

Satisfaction with Laying Down Garden Turf

Regularly tending to a garden really does help to give the garden owner a sense of satisfaction. You see your hard work pay off as the season’s change and you get something beautiful as well. This can make having a garden extremely appealing to people, as it allows them to have a creative outlet that they can change and update whenever they wish.


If you live in an area that gets a lot of rain, it is worth noting that grass has more drainage capacity than concrete. Whereas concrete may flood, the water can soak through the grass, helping with any drainage problems that may exist.


Gardening makes a great hobby and is proven to be great at relieving stress as you can watch the things that you plant grow and flourish. It gets you outside into the fresh air and allows you to enjoy nature. Particularly if you live in a city, having a garden allows you to have your own little piece of greenery, which is a lovely feeling.

Better for wildlife

A garden is better for wildlife than concrete, particularly worms and other creatures that live under the soil. Generally speaking, a garden is better for the environment and if you are interested in wildlife you are more likely to attract it to your garden if you have a garden as opposed to a yard.

Here are just a few advantages of laying down turf and topsoil instead of having a yard. While it may seem like a lot of work, the rewards that you get from having a garden really do comfortably outweigh the effort of installing and maintaining it. You never know…

You may be a budding gardener but have never had the opportunity to realize it.

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  1. My friend wants to invest in his garden so he could have a pleasant outdoor space when his colleagues pay him a visit. I love your idea of laying down turf to create a place for your plants to grow naturally! Maybe we should find a store that sells these so he can try them out.


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