What is Organic Fertilizer and What are the Benefits of Organic Fertilizer?

What is Organic Fertilizer and What are the Benefits of Organic Fertilizer

Organic fertilizers are fertilizers that are made from naturally sourced materials. These natural materials could be a number of things. The main components of organic fertilizers are things such as cow manure, worm castings, and materials from egg-producing poultry. There are also some innovative and completely sustainable options that are derived from seaweed.

These types of fertilizers differ from chemical fertilizers because they are not produced synthetically from inorganic materials. When fertilizers are produced from inorganic materials, they often contain harmful acids that can actually be extremely harmful to your plants. Specifically, these synthetic fertilizers can inject your soil with dangerous chemicals, depleting it of nutrients and resources that are needed for strong plant growth.  Plant help starts with healthy soil, so the best way to ensure a healthy plant is to create nutrient-dense soil.

Now that we understand what organic fertilizers are, let’s go over some of the many benefits of using organic fertilizers. While you may think that fertilizers are always liquid, a lot of organic fertilizers come in a granular form. You can think of granular plant fertilizers as a long-term investment in your soil’s overall health!

Soil must break down the organic material of the fertilizer, making it absorb more slowly than synthetic fertilizer. This also means that not only the plant itself becomes enriched, but also the soil. This promotes the long-term health of your plant, not just the short term. Synthetic fertilizers can overdo it and actually end up burning or otherwise damaging your plant. In simpler terms, your flowers will get overwhelmed or scorched.

Organic Indoor Plant Food – VitaSea All Purpose Plant Fertilizer

Organic Indoor Plant Food - VitaSea All Purpose Plant Fertilizer

House-Plant Fertilizer Indoor Potted Plants

  • BIOLOGICAL INGREDIENTS: Extracted from sustainably harvested algae, each small grain of our general-purpose plant food is full of organic microorganisms and contains all the nutrients needed for growth.
  • SAFE AND EFFECTIVE: Our formula is suitable for children and pets, making it the best all-purpose fertilizer for anyone who has little or furry friends in their home.
  • GROW FASTER: Unlike other indoor plant fertilizers, our organic plant food promotes strong root growth to provide all the necessary nutrients.

If you are looking for the best organic fertilizer for vegetables, a granular fertilizer might be the most practical option for you. You can simply spread the granules over your plant beds or pots and then work them into the soil with water or gardening tools like a spade or hoe.

Now, let’s move on to discuss how exactly organic fertilizers go about improving the quality of your soil. Organic fertilizers improve the texture of the soil, allowing the soil to hold moisture for much longer than a synthetic fertilizer would allow. This creates the ideal environment for your plant to thrive. Additionally, organic matter is key to overall soil health. Organic matter provides micronutrients to your plants and their roots.

Synthetic fertilizers can actually deplete the soil of nutrients, making them a totally counterproductive method of nourishing your plants. The health of your plant starts with the soil! Because of this, if you are looking to have strong yields of fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, we recommend always using an organic tomato fertilizer.

Let’s be real, the best organic fertilizer for vegetables is one that is completely safe and non-toxic. When it comes to fertilizing fruits and vegetables, you want to be extra careful with how you nourish your plants. Once your plants begin to bloom or fruit, adults and children will surely come to look at what you are growing. You want to make sure that your friends and family, both young and old, are not encountering any dangerous or harmful chemicals when they go to look at your flowers.

An organic, non-toxic fertilizer also offers protection to any furry friends you may have running around your home, backyard, or garden. You never know what young children or animals can get into, so it is always better to play it safe. It’s also important to always use the safest options for fertilizing fruits and vegetables because you will, after all, be eating what you grow! You don’t want to eat any synthetically produced chemicals, so you definitely should not use synthetic fertilizers on your fruits and vegetables.

Additionally, if you are eco-minded, it is important to note that fertilizers often run off into bodies of water like rivers, lakes, or oceans. Using an organic fertilizer ensures that you will not accidentally cause harm to your local ecology and the world at large! This is a critical point to remember if you are looking for the best organic lawn fertilizer. Every time it rains, whatever you used to fertilize your yard will wash into local streams, rivers, and storm drains. It is very important to make sure that the product you are using is not harmful!

Next, let’s talk about ease of use as a benefit to organic fertilizers. Organic fertilizers are very easy to use! If you are switching from synthetic fertilizer to organic fertilizer, you have nothing to be worried about! Organic fertilizers are no more complicated to use than synthetic fertilizers. In fact, they are often, even more, user-friendly! As we discussed in previous paragraphs, organic granular fertilizers will not cause fertilizer burn to your plants. This means that you can use them with total peace of mind, no matter how much gardening experience you have under your belt!

Finally, when you use organic fertilizer, you are getting the most bang for your buck — especially if you have indoor and outdoor plants. Organic fertilizers are multi-use because they are strong enough to be used in your large outdoor or container gardens, but they are also gentle enough to be used on houseplants, both flowering and non-flowering. Organic water-soluble fertilizers are a great option for all of your house plant needs. They will provide all of the nutrients needed for optimal plant growth!

To conclude, whether you are looking for a grass fertilizer, a tomato plant fertilizer, a houseplant fertilizer, or anything in between, an organic fertilizer seems to be the clear way to go! The benefits of using an organic fertilizer — especially one that is sustainably sourced — are endless! Let’s end by summarizing some of the benefits we’ve gone over in this article.

Organic fertilizers work to improve overall soil health by improving soil texture and water retention. They also work slowly over time to promote plant growth, are completely child and pet-safe, and are non-toxic for humans. Additionally, when using organic fertilizers, you don’t have to worry about any negative environmental impact! These are just a few of the reasons why organic fertilizers are the best fertilizers for plants.

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  1. My dad is planning to start a corn plantation in the land his brother left him. So, we are looking into the kinds of fertilizer he might need to have in supply. Since we want to be environmentally conscious, it’s a good point to make to use organic variants that do not harm the ecology.

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