Why Smart Bathrooms are Trending


Why Smart Bathrooms are Trending

Why Smart Bathrooms are Trending

Technology has changed the way the world works, with smartphones and cars running on computer chips. You visit public bathrooms that have switched to be entirely touchless to cut down on spreading germs.

Homes have begun to go smart as well. People can program thermostats and watch their homes from their cell phones. If you are looking to remodel, taking this technology to the bathroom is trending as well.

Switching to Automatic

One of the most popular aspects of a public restroom is the ability to flush, wash, and dry your hands without touching anything. Automatic faucets and soap dispensers are now available for consumers. Many available are motion sensors, but you can find voice-activated ones. If you want a cohesive appearance, shop for matching sets where the tap comes with a soap dispenser.

Toilets can be located with motion sensors that allow you to wave your hand over a button to activate the flushing. These bathrooms will require a bit of setting up to ensure water temperatures are correct or voice training. However, if you are looking to prevent the spread of germs, it is an excellent addition to any space.

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Use Remote Controls

If you do not want fully automatic, you have the option to switch to remote-controlled. Toilets, bidets, and lighting are all sold with options that can be changed with a touch of a button. Imagine walking into a very bright bathroom in the middle of the night. It is not pleasant. Instead, you can switch to cool temperature lighting, such as blue or purple, that will allow you to visit the restroom without blinding yourself.

Some toilets come with a warmer, so those cold nights are not as unbearable when making a bathroom run. Finally, imagine the ability to clean your toilet with the touch of a button. It is easy to understand why intelligent products are becoming popular across the board.

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Automatic Showers

Automation has found its way to our showers as well. Using voice commands, you can have your shower begin warming up while you finish your early morning routines. Install a stereo, and with a few orders, you can enjoy a nice hot shower with lights, music, and all the comforts you can imagine.

Finally, some systems can dictate how long to run the water, so you will never have to worry about a family member draining all the hot water before anyone else has a chance to make it through the bathroom.

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Smart Mirrors

The final touch to your smart bathroom is a mirror that offers the ability to read the morning news, tell you the weather, or play music while preparing for the day. If you install integrated lights, you can set a routine where your bathroom is lit for you when you enter or turn the lights out when you are done.

If you are looking to go touchless, make sure the accessories you purchase to compliment are contemporary and modern. Victoria Plum offers many bathroom supplies that will help complete a cohesive look that you will enjoy for years.

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