Why Your Garden Can Be Your Ideal Wedding Venue


Why Your Garden Can Be Your Ideal Wedding Venue

Why Your Garden Can Be Your Ideal Wedding Venue

A garden wedding location is not only aesthetically pleasing but also offers a great outdoor space in which to host your guests. Such a venue is perfect for year-round weddings and is popular amongst couples who want to add a sense of romance and natural beauty to their special day.

What is a Garden Wedding?

A garden wedding is one of the most beautiful things to witness. A garden wedding is an outdoor, natural wonderland filled with greenery, soft colors, and fragrances.

A garden wedding includes the following:

  • A beautiful outdoor space for the ceremony
  • A reception area that can be arranged in a lounge or under a tent
  • Classical music played by live musicians or recorded by musicians (or both!)
  • Elegant linens and centerpieces that are found in nature like moss, flowers, pinecones, and twigs
  • Tasteful floral arrangements that are not too overwhelming to guests but still lovely to take in.
  • Food is served buffet style so guests can grab what they want when they want it.

Benefits of Renting Your Garden for Your Wedding

Many couples are choosing to rent their gardens for their weddings due to the beauty and richness of outdoor space. Renting a garden space can give you more options than just using a traditional event venue. A rental garden provides an intimate or rustic look that is unmatched by any other type of facility.

The guests will be able to appreciate the natural beauty surrounding them, which can be different than an indoor venue where they are often surrounded by walls and fluorescent lighting.

Garden events also offer many opportunities for fun photo ops that may not be available at other events like indoor receptions. A flower-filled garden can offer some of the most romantic and beautiful wedding photos. You can have engagement ring photos taken amidst beautiful flower beds, trees, and other outdoor greenery or have some fun with props like a bike, hammock, or campfire.

Enjoy With Outdoor Wedding?

One of the hottest trends of the current wedding season is outdoor weddings. The idea of being able to gather with friends safely in a lush, verdant setting hits the sweet spot after a year in which many people may have spent more time indoors than they would have liked. If you have a beautiful garden that is large enough to host your event, you may have considered celebrating your Big Day in this idyllic spot.

How to Prepare the Garden for your Wedding Ceremony?

Preparing the garden for a wedding ceremony is not an easy task. You need to carefully think about all the relevant aspects and prepare accordingly. Keep reading if you want to find out more!

A wedding in a garden is one of the most popular locations for a couple’s big day these days. The environment is usually very romantic and bucolic, perfect for capturing scenic memories of a special moment in a person’s life. However, it can be quite difficult to make sure that everything goes smoothly on such an occasion. To make sure that all goes well on this important day, it’s important that you know what needs to be done beforehand and plan accordingly.

The Following Are Just a Few Reasons Why it might Be one of the Best Ideas you’ve Had:

1. The Essence of Romance

The Following Are Just a Few Reasons Why it might Be one of the Best Ideas you’ve HadCelebrating a small wedding at home, perhaps beneath the joyful maple tree where you shared your first kiss, is a way of prioritizing the authentic reason for your wedding: love. The years 2020 and 2021 saw couples embrace smaller, more intimate weddings attended by close friends and family members. Thus, togetherness and union were embraced as big, fancy affairs took a back seat. Your garden, which you may have worked together as a couple to grow, is a testimony to the product of commitment and love, while still being a scenic, photographable spot.

2. Cheers to Sustainability

Sustainable weddings are another hot trend in the industry, report bridal specialists The Knot, with many couples planning zero-waste or reduced carbon footprint weddings. The truth is that weddings can be wasteful. The average wedding generates over 56 tons of carbon emissions — the equivalent footprint caused by an entire year of energy consumption for six homes. In order to plan a green wedding, couples are going all out by rethinking everything from wedding jewelry to fashion.

They are wearing pre-loved dresses and accessories, going digital for wedding invitations, and holding their ceremony in places that cut down on décor and transport. A garden party enables couples to avoid lighting and air conditioning costs. Couples can also use decorative potted plants and flowers (instead of cut flowers) and repurposed home items (such as lanterns, candles, and dried flowers) for table décor.

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3. Home-Grown Delights

Whether you grow herbs such as rosemary, thyme, or basil at home or you have a vegetable patch that is filled with gorgeous pumpkins on the month you are getting married, you can delight guests by including a few home-grown foods during the reception. If your caterer, chef, or talented friend or family member will be preparing the meal at home, make sure to pick a few of the choicest treats from your garden. This way, your wedding guests can enjoy homemade flavors and aromas courtesy of your green thumb.

4. Destination: Home

Destination weddings are currently being replaced with events closer to home. Liz Scull, General Manager of the Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Specialists Association (DWHSA,  reports that there has been a 90% drop in bookings for this type of event. While destination weddings will surely pick up over the next year or two, it may be wiser to stick to a place that a majority of family and friends can easily access.

5. Showing Off Decorative Furniture and Antique Pieces

If the weather permits, you can show off beautiful pieces of furniture that make for dreamlike Instagrammable shots. Think a vintage Chesterfield sofa alongside an aged wood dining table, a Victorian couch amidst tall blades of grass and wildflowers, or an antique sofa and chair set beneath the shade of an age-old tree, flanked by vintage suitcases and an old traveling trunk. Add to the appeal by hanging glass candle lanterns, banners, or fairy lights on trees and indeed any high structures in your garden or terrace.

6. Fun Outdoor Events for All

Whether or not you will be having children as wedding guests, providing outdoor activities is a great way to make your wedding memorable. From vintage potato sack races to giant wooden Jengas, outdoor tic-tac-toe to croquet, games can add a beautiful visual element to a garden wedding, while also ensuring that guests are never bored.

Because this is your big day, invest time in finding games and toys that fit with the rest of your aesthetic. For instance, if you are going for a green, eco-friendly wedding, try to source (or even make) games in reclaimed wood or eco-friendly materials like bamboo.

Outdoor weddings are one of the strongest trends in current times and, bearing in mind the millennial passion for sustainability, it is likely to be a major inspiration in upcoming years. If you have a scenic garden that is large enough to house your celebration, then this spot will make for beautiful photographs while enabling you to lower your costs and lower your carbon footprint.

The average wedding emits tons of CO2 gases owing to aspects such as the transport of goods and people. By keeping it close to home, you can do your share for the Planet while prioritizing the intimacy and togetherness of this special celebration.


A garden can be the perfect place for your wedding, but there are many factors that you need to consider when choosing this type of venue.

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