Winter Landscaping Ideas To Add Depth And Interest


Winter Landscaping Ideas To Add Depth And Interest

Winter Landscaping Ideas To Add Depth And Interest

If you live in an area that has extreme swings of weather between the seasons, then landscaping can be an absolute challenge. In fact, winter landscaping can be something that is almost forgotten about in the sense that your winter landscaping plans can tend to consist of just making sure that your home in your yard survived the winter, rather than creating a plan which will allow your guard to thrive during these long and cold winter months.

Here are five specific tips that will help you to have a gorgeous yard all throughout the long and extreme winter weather.

1 – First, the bark is a high impact and low maintenance substance to use as a base for your winter landscaping plan. Bark will easily survive the extreme winter weather, and its deep earth tone will look extremely striking as bits of it pokes through the snow. There is nothing so beautiful as a deep brown piece of bark poking through a stark white drift of snow. It evokes images of the woods and of nature and is one of the easiest and most effective things that you can do to landscape your yard for winter.

2 – Second, for living plant bases, focus on evergreen trees and bushes which are both colorful and hardy enough to survive the extreme winter temperatures and weather. Evergreens are a perfect choice to base your landscaping plan around when it comes to plants because they are extremely strong and survive winter weather quite well. Not only that, but – as evidenced by their name – they remain quite colorful throughout the winter, which adds significant visual interest to your landscaping.

3 – Third, bright berries that thrive in the winter are a way to add color and interest to a winter landscape that can otherwise look somewhat bleak and neutral. Another advantage of using berries in your landscaping is that, just like the evergreens, they are extremely adept at surviving throughout harsh temperatures.

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4 – Fourth, focus on all season perennials in order to make your job easier. This way, you will not need to be replanting every single season, but rather can rely on the same plantings all year round. This is especially important if you do not make landscaping and gardening a hobby that you pursue pleasure and, therefore, do not want to devote hours upon hours to the maintenance of your yard and garden.

5 – Fifth, design a landscaping plan which is heavily focused on hardscape areas such as paths and patios. This serves several purposes. Obviously, hardscape areas do not need to be maintained during the winter and will survive the winter months. However, if they are coverings, they also provide areas that can actually be used on milder winter days.

By implementing these five tips for landscaping in the extreme and harsh winter weather, you will be sure to have a gorgeous yard no matter the time of year.

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