Woodgrain Rain Barrel

Woodgrain Rain Barrel
Woodgrain Rain Barrel

Woodgrain Rain Barrel

Woodgrain Rain Barrel

Choose a stylish rain barrel designed to look like an old fashioned oak barrel, and add a bit of class to your lawn while you capture rainwater. It looks no nice, there’s no wonder that it’s one of our best selling rain barrels.

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This compact rain barrel sits snugly against the side of buildings, which allows it to catch more water for its footprint. The flat backed design also prevents grass from growing in inaccessible spots around the barrel, which makes trimming easier.

This water collection barrel is made to look just like an oak cask, but it has several advantages over wooden rain barrels. This plastic rain barrel blocks UV light, which prevents most mold and algae from growing. Plastic is also non-reactive, which means it won’t break down or rot, even with extended submersion in water. The “hoops” on this barrel are purely cosmetic – they’re made of plastic too, so you don’t have to worry about rust stains over time.

Make your footprint even smaller by using a Solar Powered Rain Barrel Pump with this rain barrel.

Woodgrain Rain Barrel Product Details

  • Brass hose bib
  • Capacity: 50.44 US Gallons (42 Imperial Gallons or 190.9 Liters)
  • 8 year UV package for protection from sunlight
  • Dimensions: 25″ wide x 19″ depth x 36″ high (the width and depth are measured at the widest point of the barrel, about 1/2 way up).
  • Authentic oak barrel appearance
  • Heavy duty rotational molded construction for a longer lifespan
  • Flat side to fit flush against a wall
  • Linkable to other barrels for increased capacity
  • Shut off valve for hose hook-up, dual overflow
  • Screen to keep out debris and insects
  • No danger of rotting
  • Insect resistant
  • Child and pet proof (hard to tip over)

Available colors: Woodgrain, Tan, Green

Another nice feature to this rain barrel is that an additional rain barrel stand can be purchased. This is a great addition to the barrel, as it can raise the barrel up higher and can increase water pressure and flow, making it easier to get water out of your barrel.

Get the most storage out of every inch of space with this flat backed rain barrel!

How do I get rain into the rain barrel?

The easiest way to install this rain barrel is to position it under a downspout or roof flashing.

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