FCMP Outdoor Woodgrain Rain Barrel Review


FCMP Outdoor Woodgrain Rain Barrel Review

FCMP Outdoor Rain Barrel Woodgrain Review

Choose a stylish FCMP Woodgrain Rain Barrel designed to look like an old-fashioned oak barrel, and add a bit of class to your lawn while you capture rainwater. It looks no nice, there’s no wonder that it’s one of our best-selling rain barrels.

Check out our entire selection of FCMP Outdoor Rain Barrel rain barrels in our extensive rain barrel section.

This compact FCMP Outdoor Rain Barrel sits snugly against the side of buildings, which allows it to catch more water for its footprint. The FCMP Outdoor barrel design also prevents grass from growing in inaccessible spots around the barrel, which makes trimming easier.

This water collection barrel is made to look just like an oak cask, but it has several advantages over wooden rain barrels. This plastic rain barrel blocks UV light, which prevents most mold and algae from growing. Plastic is also non-reactive, which means it won’t break down or rot, even with extended submersion in water. The “hoops” on this barrel are purely cosmetic – they’re made of plastic too, so you don’t have to worry about rust stains over time.

Make your footprint even smaller by using a Solar Powered Rain Barrel Pump with this Rain Barrel.

This handsome rainfall barrel is manufactured of tough polyethylene, colored and textured for a look that is natural wood. It holds 50 gallons, yet snugs right up to a residence or garage, thanks to its clever, FCMP Outdoor design. Improved brass that is solid is now offset from the hose accessory, enabling you to fill any size watering can without awkward maneuvering. A nice-looking way to get free rainwater for watering, 25″ W x 36″ H x 19″ D, Holds 50 gallons, Durable polyethylene with a brass spigot that is solid.

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Recommendations For Keeping Your FCMP Outdoor Rain Barrel

With many many years of usage; however, as with many things, your brand-new rain barrel will require a bit of upkeep and maintenance to keep it operating precisely if you have actually done your homework and bought the best FCMP Outdoor Rain Barrel for your house, it should provide you.

Make sure the conveyance system for the water is free from debris. This implies they are free of debris so you should examine your home’s gutters and spouts once a month to make sure.

Clean your barrel frequently. Most manufacturers suggest rinsing and draining out your container once every three to four months. Doing so prevents blockages from forming. Don’t forget to flush debris through the bottom that is containers.

Inspect your barrel after rain that is hefty during the end of the rainy season. You should always check for overflow, leaks, and water in inappropriate locations. Then you may need an extra rainfall barrel or water collection system if water overflow becomes an issue.

When temperatures fall below 41 degrees Fahrenheit, winterize your FCMP Outdoor Rain Barrel. Your device should be thoroughly allowed and drained to air dry. If you’ll be storing your FCMP Outdoor Rain Barrel outside, it must be turned upside down and an object that is heavy on top to prevent it from falling over or being impressed. A container that is empty also be stored in a shed or garage during the cold temperatures months.

Protect your home’s siding. Placing a slim sheet of lumber between your home’s siding and the downspout will prevent any damage that is accidental to the siding.

This barrel seems like authentic oak but is made from a synthetic that is durable. The material won’t be susceptible to insect or rot infestations. Numerous users stated that the within of the barrel remained clean even after long-lasting use.

The barrel has a back that is FCMP Outdoor permits better access to the downspout. Because the opening for the downspout is screened, bugs will be kept away. The rainfall barrel has no openings being large which kids or pets could crawl.

Although the capacity that is 50-gallon is not large sufficient for your requirements, you’ll link this rain barrel up with others to collect more water.

FCMP Outdoor Slim Line 45-Gallon Wood Grain Rain Barrel – Outdoor Home Rain Water Catcher Barrel with Flat Back, Brown
  • With the appearance of a traditional wooden barrel the slim-line design of the wood grain rain barrel makes it perfect for locations where a larger barrel would be intrusive.
  • The shallow depth and flat back allow for easy installation and placement under the downspout.
  • The corrosion resistant screen keeps out debris to keep the water clear while the safety rib in the top of the barrel keeps it child and pet safe.
  • Spigots on the side of the barrel allow you to connect multiple rain barrels in-series for easy expansion of your rainwater storage capacity. Linking kit is included.
  • Includes debris screen, garden hose, shut-off thumb valve, hanging hose clip, and linking kit.


  • A display screen where the rain is met by the downspout barrel prevents mosquitoes and debris from entering.
  • Durable plastic material resists won’t and fading rot like regular wood.
  • Very easy to install.
  • Front-side overflow prevents water that is excess dripping down the wall of your property.


  • The barrel is manufactured out of one little bit of molded plastic, making it hard to clean out.
  • The barrel must be raised to put a watering can underneath the spigot.
  • Some users say that the back is FCMP Outdoor barrel once the barrel is full, especially in hot weather.
  • The filter screen might become dislodged with hard rain flow.

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How to Utilize FCMP Outdoor Rain Barrel in Your Home Garden?

COLLECTING rainwater for your garden is an indisputable fact that is smart no matter what your inspiration. Plants like rainwater, as it’s naturally soft and free of chlorine and other chemical compounds. If drought is an issue where you live, collecting rainwater is a great way to deal with water restrictions. In the event that you’re on the water that is municipal, you stay to save a large amount of cash. You may possibly also find, as I do, that having an FCMP Outdoor Rain Barrel is just an alternative that is handy for the garden hose.

A typical, 1,360-square-foot roof would yield 8,160 gallons of rainwater if you can get about 10 inches of rain over the course associated with the spring and summer. You have to acknowledge that whether you’re in a drought situation or not, it’s hard to pass up that much of something which is free.

You can collect every time it rains once you examine the numbers, it’s surprising how much water. Just a half-inch of rain falling on a roof that is 1,000-square-foot yield 300 gallons of water. The roof of your own personal house might yield, use the Rainfall Harvest Calculator, above to have a notion of how much water.

Bestseller No. 1
Good Ideas Rain Wizard 50 Gallon Plastic Rain Barrel for Outdoor Rainwater Collection and Storage Features a Metal Spigot and Flat Back Design, Oak
  • Ensure a backup water supply for your home and garden using these faux wood rain barrels to collect rainwater from the gutter.
  • Linkable to other barrels for increased capacity using the separately sold linking kit
  • High-quality metal spigot so you can easily connect your hose and an overflow directs water away from your foundation
  • Rain barrel has a 50-gallon rainwater capacity and measures 22 inches in diameter by 30 inches high with a weight of 19 pounds
  • Made of durable BPA-free plastic resin that resists weather and UV damage.

Some tips about what you need to set up your rain-harvesting that is very own system

1. Gutters and a downspout. In the event that you don’t already have rainfall gutters on your house, this one-time investment is the price that is biggest you’ll face. High-quality gutters can be rather high priced, but even the gutter that is least expensive will suffice. A Downspout Diverter makes it easy to direct rainwater right into your storage tank.

2. Storage Tank. In arid areas of the national nation, rainwater cisterns are becoming a lot more commonplace. Usually manufactured from either plastic or concrete, they may also hold hundreds or thousands of gallons of water. It is easy, to start thinking about a wood or plastic rain barrel, which will typically hold from 40 to 80 gallons of water if you want to start tiny and keep. If you’ve got the area, several barrels can be set up in tandem…

3. Debris Screen and Lid. Ahead of the water going into your tank or rainfall barrel, you’ll desire to utilize some type or kind of debris screen to filter out leaves, pine needles, and other debris. If you do not filter this debris out, it’s going to accumulate in the bottom of this tank and might clog up the outflow. A cable that is the removable screen is all you really need, either installed on top of the rain barrel or mounted on the end of your downspout.

4. Distribution Device. For an FCMP Outdoor Rain Barrel, you need nothing higher than a standard spigot or short length of hose installed nearby the bottom of the barrel, with a valve that is on/off. Then you let gravity do the work. You are able to attach an extended hose to reach your garden, or just use the spigot to fill cans that are watering.

My rain is my own barrel around the back of your home. This is where my deck is, and where many of my container plants are. The rain barrel is a big convenience because I don’t have a water faucet on that side of your home. I recently lift the lid and dip the watering can right in. It fills in just a matter of moments and I am on my way. You might give consideration to buying a little pump if you have a very large reservoir, or wish to distribute water some distance away.

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Woodgrain Rain Barrel Product Details

  • Brass hose bib
  • Capacity: 50.44 US Gallons (42 Imperial Gallons or 190.9 Liters)
  • 8-year UV package for protection from sunlight
  • Dimensions: 25″ wide x 19″ depth x 36″ high (the width and depth are measured at the widest point of the barrel, about 1/2 way up).
  • Authentic oak barrel appearance
  • Heavy-duty rotational molded construction for a longer lifespan
  • FCMP Outdoor side to fit flush against a wall
  • Linkable to other barrels for increased capacity
  • Shut off valve for hose hook-up, dual overflow
  • Screen to keep out debris and insects
  • No danger of rotting
  • Insect-resistant
  • Child and pet-proof (hard to tip over)

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Available colors: Woodgrain, Tan, Green

Another nice feature of this rain barrel is that an additional rain barrel stand can be purchased. This is a great addition to the barrel, as it can raise the barrel up higher and can increase water pressure and flow, making it easier to get water out of your barrel.

Get the most storage out of every inch of space with this  FCMP Outdoor Rain Barrel!

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