Worx Wg644 40v Power Share hydroshot Portable Power Cleaner Review


Worx Wg644 40v Power Share hydroshot Portable Power Cleaner Review

The WORX WG644 power share hydroshot portable power cleaner is a great and distinctive solution from the standard Hydroshot for easy cleaning for anyone looking for comfort and ease of life and not to worry about climate changes, wind and dust.


It is very suitable for the elderly because it works without physical exertion, it is the latest technology to take care of the cleanliness of everything in the house and outside the house, stairs, gardens and cars even the stuck dirt on the ground. It is presented in ORANGE AND BLACK colours. The main distinguishing characteristics are the ease of use and ease of moving from one place to another because it is light in weight and can cover a large area to reach a hose extending to 20 feet.

  • it has speeds to control the water pressure, Worx wg644 40v power share hydro shot is for strong cleaning. We use 450 PSI and the most powerful mood for good cleaning at the same time to keep the car paint from stripping.it is the appropriate version for these tasks. 
  • There is another low speed of 290 PSI. We use this case if the cleaning task is light, and to preserve the amount of water and keep the charger to last for a longer time. It is used to clean delicate things that do not accept pressure High water is like cleaning a thin glass or cleaning your pet
  •  Even with all of this PSI it just uses 0.90 GPM per minute.

What about Worx Power Washer Batteries?

The Hydroshot device contains the best battery that lasts for too long and has expandable power and contains dual batteries, 20 volts and 40 volts.

  • It is easy to charge anywhere, at any time and contains a battery indicator. It is similar to playing a game for its ease of use and because it is so entertaining and interesting, there’s an indicator that alerts you before the energy runs out to know when the battery is charged or replaced.
  • Worx hydro shot has good features because it contains dual batteries, there is also a dual-port charger. Another slot was made to charge the battery, in order to quickly return to work, and entertainment and not to feel bored.
  •  If you want to convert it to an energy-saving mode, the pressure is transferred From 450 PSI to 290 PSI in order to extend the battery time and maintain charging for as long as possible.

Why was the 40-volt battery chosen for Worx wg 644?

  • Because it is a safe and durable battery with superior endurance and the highest level of efficiency and lasts for a long time with low energy consumption.
  •  It has a portable source of energy that provides the electrical source without the need for connections or wires that restrict movement.
  •  It contains strong energy and contains a strong copper motor. Therefore, it is the best choice to operate a device efficiently and to ensure product quality.

How to use the Worx hydro shot?

The method of use is very easy and simple and can be used anywhere to facilitate access to water sources and to provide a source of energy that lasts for a long time and easy to use and carry anywhere because of its lightweight, it’s not more than 5 kg. The water source can be obtained from a lake, a swimming pool, a bucket, or any water located in the place where you want to work, and the water can be changed according to your desire. Just put the nozzle of the hose in the available water source and enjoy the entertaining game.

  • Foam water can also be used to clean cars.
  •  All you have to do is replace the bucket with a bucket of foamy water, put the hose in it, and when finished, change the bucket with clean water to polish the car. 
  • The hose covers large areas because it extends for a distance of 20 feet, so it is easy to use it in cleaning cars, walls and floors, and it is easy to irrigate the garden and enjoy a clean garden and a car that is ready to go at any time.

What are the Specifications of the Worx Pressure Washer?

  • It is a Worx pressure washer for cleaning with water that works with very high pressure
  •  Produced by WORX, It works to save time and effort, get a cleaner place, a greener garden, and save electricity and water when switching it at 290psi, unlike traditional methods that consume more water, washing more time, not getting the required cleanliness, and leaving a trail of some dust. 
  • its dimensions are 40.2 * 4.72 * 7.72 inches.
  •  It is available everywhere and its price is suitable for everyone
  • Available in very beautiful colors, orange and black.
  • It is also easy to use and easy to move anywhere. It is light in weight, not exceeding 11 pounds. The device works to pump water at a very high speed to remove dust and dirt easily and can be supplied with hot water for better hygiene.
  • It has a pump that contains pistons for entering and discharging the water, made of strong brass in order not to be exposed to atmospheric factors, oxidation and change of color, and to be safer.
  •  It contains an internal filter to prevent dust from entering. It contains a pump that is operated by an electric motor without the need for wires or connections.
  •  It contains seals, automatic operating units and valves. It also contains a durable and high-pressure hose that extends to 20 feet. 
  • The sprinkler has variable power of spraying according to the type of work. The spray degrees start from 0, which is the lowest degree, then 15 degrees, 25 degrees, and the last 40 degrees for strong cleaning or plant irrigation.
WORX 40V Power Share Hydroshot 2X20V Portable Power Cleaner (Batteries & Charger Included) - WG644
  • [7X MORE PRESSURE] Than a garden hose and nozzle. For tougher cleaning jobs, 450 PSI is more cleaning power than the standard Hydroshot models
  • [2-SPEED SETTINGS] But you can also switch it down to “Low” at 290 PSI to conserve both water and battery when the cleaning task is a little lighter
  • [SAME BATTERY, EXPANDABLE POWER] Worx Power Share is compatible with all Worx 20v and 40v tools, outdoor power and lifestyle products
  • [4-IN-1 MULTI-SPRAY NOZZLE] Four settings, from 0° for the most direct spray, to 15°, 25°, and 40° for a wider cleaning radius
  • [ON-BOARD BATTERY CHARGE INDICATOR] The “fuel gauge” tells you how much juice you have left so you’ll know when to recharge or switch out batteries

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