WORX WG775 Cordless Electric Lawn Mower Review

WORX WG775 Cordless Electric Lawn Mower Review
WORX WG775 Cordless Electric Lawn Mower Review

WORX WG775 Cordless Electric Lawn Mower Review

WORX WG775 Cordless Electric Lawn Mower ReviewWORX WG775 Cordless Electric Lawn Mower Review

There are a number of reasons why many consumers are switching to a lawn that is electric like the Worx WG775. Chief included in this would be the fact that these machines are much more environmentally friendly than gas-powered mowers, that are responsible for up to 10% of the carbon emissions produced every in the United States year. Electric mowers don’t produce any emissions during the point of use, and power that is electric much cleaner than fossil-fueled power. In addition, you won’t need to deal with fumes in your garden once you are finished cutting the lawn or gas that is smelly in your garage.

Electric mowers are also quieter that is many gas mowers, which can be very good news if you have neighbors. Unlike a gasoline mower, that will be very loud, a mower that is electric you the freedom to mow your lawn at any hour associated with the time without fretting about disturbing your next-door neighbors. That means you can get the job done early in the before it gets too hot to do garden work morning.

Finally, electric mowers save you money compared to gas mowers. Electric mowers require much less upkeep than gasoline mowers, which require spark air and plug filter modifications. And the savings you will enjoy by lacking to buy gas – which is more high priced than ever – will add up so quickly that a mower that is electric practically pay for itself.

Review Summary

The Worx WG775 is really a battery-driven lawn that is electric that is designed to quickly and efficiently cut small lawns without producing gas fumes or emissions, and without requiring the application of power cords. It has general dimensions of 26.8 x 16.1 x 13.2 inches and a deck that is cutting of fourteen inches. The cutting deck is certainly one of the smallest available on a power rotary lawnmower, but then the Worx WG775 could be the ideal size for your preferences if your yard is little enough.

The Worx WG775 is a lot more environmentally friendly than gas-powered mowers, and it’s going to not fill smelly gas fumes to your garden after you might be finished cutting the lawn. It’ll additionally lessen your household’s carbon that is overall, that will be welcome news towards the more environmentally minded gardeners available to you. Unlike a gas-powered lawnmower, the Worx WG775 runs extremely quietly, you might be deploying it so you will not have to worry about disturbing your neighbors when. This means you can cut your lawn at any time of without creating a racket time. I am going to cover most of these features that are great as well as a couple more, in the Pros section below.

Since the Worx WG775 is designed for a garden that is especially small you will find certain limits on what it’s able to do. It’s cutting deck is smaller than many available on power yard mowers, so that it needs a lot of passes to finish the job, which can take a lot more time if you’ve got a larger lawn you might find. When fully charged, the battery pack includes a run time of just half an hour, which may be burdensome for homeowners who need more time than that to complete the task. Plus it just isn’t created to cope with tougher jobs, but just for small lawns with relative grasses that are fine. I’ll talk more about these limitations as well as several other drawbacks in the Cons section.

We will offer a comparison table I shall talk about pricing as well so you can get advisable of how a Worx WG775 stacks up when compared to comparable electric lawnmowers, and in the Conclusion.


The Worx WG775 is a battery-powered electric lawn mower with overall proportions of 26.8 x 16.1 x 13.2 inches, which means its footprint is compact enough because of it extremely easily in your storage or tool shed that you’ll be able to locate storage space. It features a fourteen-inch deck that is cutting which means it is perfect for yards with postage-stamp-sized lawns. The Worx WG775 is running on a 24-volt battery that is removed for recharging. The battery reaches a charge that is full just five hours, and when it’s fully charged it can power the mower for approximately a half an hour and cut up to ¼ an acre. The charger and the yard mower both have energy indicators to allow you to understand how fee that is much left within the battery. This is the exact same amount of area as on six tennis that is professional and should be more than enough to manage smaller yards.

The Worx WG775 comes with three grass management options contained in the purchase that is initial: there is the conventional side release as well as a mulching attachment that enables you to chop up grass clippings into really fine pieces which will break down into the soil more quickly. And you can also attach a case that is rear gather grass clippings for later mulching or discharge. The mower is maneuvered around your yard manually under human power. The cutting deck is started by inserting a security key and pushing a start button. The mower has six height adjustment options ranging from 1 4/5 to 3 1/3 inches. The height is adjusted using a handle that is convenient on the backside for the mower. The front and rear wheels associated with the Worx WG775 are 6 1/2 inches tall. The mower weighs 32.2 pounds. It comes with a 2 limited consumer warranty and is competitively priced 12 months.


Electric Lawn Mower Review

The Worx WG775 is just a battery-powered, electric lawn mower that is specifically designed with property owners who have quite small lawns in your mind. The lawnmower has overall dimensions of 26.8 x 16.1 x 13.2 inches, which means it shall be easy to maneuver it in tight corners associated with lawn. And it will likely to be very easy for you to definitely find enough storage space for the Worx WG775 in your garage or tool shed – you can tuck it away in just about any tight space with little trouble. The handle in the lawnmower even folds down so on a lower shelf in your garage or under your workbench in your tool shed that one may store it.

Part of the explanation the Worx WG775 has such dimensions that are small because it’s cutting deck is simply fourteen ins wide. That makes that one associated with the cutting decks that are narrowest you can find on a power rotary-style lawnmower, which can be advantageous or problematic depending on the size of the lawn. If you have the type of very lawn that is small this lawnmower had been designed for, the narrow cutting deck will not be a problem and certainly will even be a plus. But you’ll have to make a lot more passes to finish the work – and more passes mean more time spent cutting your lawn when you have a larger lawn, the fourteen-inch cutting deck could mean.

The Worx WG775 eliminates the requirement for gasoline and creates far fewer emissions than a gas lawn that is powered. This has a true number of advantages. This is much better for the surroundings in the 1st place. Gas-powered yard mowers are in charge of producing the maximum amount of as ten percent for the carbon that is total in America each year, so switching to electrical power will go quite a distance to reducing your family’s carbon footprint. You also will not have to store smelly gas cans or oil that is messy in your storage. Your garden shall never be filled with gas fumes or exhaust once you are finished cutting your lawn. And lawn that is electric need a lot less maintenance than gas-powered ones, which need spark plug and air conditioner filter modifications. And they practically pay on their own because they do not need gas, electric lawnmowers help you save a lot of cash within the long term on fuel costs – so much so.

The Worx WG775 is very quiet, also for a lawn that is electric, which is considerably quieter than any gas-driven yard mower. Which means you certainly will have the freedom to mow your yard whenever you want of day, also very at the beginning of the morning, and never have to be concerned about disturbing your neighbors if they are resting in. You will get your lawn care chores finished before the day gets too hot, and acquire back to enjoying your friends to your weekend or family members before the morning is gone.

You will never experience bulky extension cords, which seem to get all tangled up no matter exactly how carefully you wind them up before putting them away since it is battery-driven. And you’ll not have to worry about inadvertently running more than a charged power cord that is hidden in long grass or yanking the cord away from the socket whenever you reach the limitation of its range. The battery on the Worx WG775 gets fully charged in just five hours, that is considerably quicker than a great many other lawns that is cordless. And it will hold its charge for a half an hour and offer power that is sufficient the mower to chop up to 1/4 an acre. That’s six thousand square feet or the exact same quantity of area as six tennis that is pro.

The Worx WG775 features a restricted two-year consumer warranty, so you out should you ever encounter any problems, the excellent customer support department at Worx will be right there to help. And the Worx WG775 has a really price that is competitive, especially in comparison with other battery-powered electric lawnmowers. You will keep over the years on upkeep and fuel prices, the purchase price of the Worx WG775 is certainly one of the most competitive there is for an electrically powered yard mower when you add the savings. Overall this is a yard that is great at a great cost for homeowners with smaller lawns.

WORX WG775 Cordless Electric Lawn Mower ReviewWORX WG775 Cordless Electric Lawn Mower Review


There are a great number of excellent features regarding the Worx WG775 which taken one at a time or altogether get this the yard that is ideal for the homeowner aided by the right kind of lawn. The Worx WG775 never needs gasoline or power cords to run, which frees you from fumes and leaves you untethered to a charged power source. It is quiet and perfect for the environment, which will satisfy both your neighbors as well as your sensibilities that are green. It has three convenient grass management options you want so you can take care of one’s clippings, however. The battery fees extremely quickly compared to other cordless lawn that is electric. Which is lightweight and compact enough to easily find storage space because of it and maneuver around your garden without trouble. Let’s take a peek at each of those advantages in more detail.

No importance of fuel or power cords:

Because the Worx WG775 is a battery-powered lawn that is electric, there is no need to worry about keeping smelly fuel cans or cumbersome extension cords in your garage. Those extension cords appear to get tangled no always matter how carefully you wind them up, too – and you’ll never have to worry about that with a battery-powered mower. As well as your range just isn’t tied to the size of your energy cords, either: instead you are able to go so far as you want as the battery pack is charged. Additionally, you lack to deal with the hassle of mixing gas and oil or pulling on heavy recoil starter cords. You simply charge up the battery, pop it into the yard mower, turn the key and you take your way.

Quiet and environmentally friendly :

The Worx WG775 runs really quietly, especially when compared to a gas that is noisy yard mower. Which will be news that is welcome any of us who have next-door neighbors just on the other side associated with the fence. You will not have to worry about disturbing them you need to get your weekend began early if they are sleeping in and. The Worx WG775 is so quiet them up that one can mow your lawn at the beginning of the morning without the need to worry about waking. Which means you can finish your weed killer chores before summertime sunlight gets too hot. Then you will be spending the sleep of your valuable time that is free the weekend with your family members or buddies while your neighbors are perspiring in summertime sunlight.

Three grass management options include:

All too often, lawn mower manufacturers cut corners on accessories along with other bonus features on their machines to conserve money – and grass clippings administration choices are the ones that are first gone. At the very least, manufacturers will make they’ve been bought by you separately as optional accessories. On the Worx WG775, three lawn management options are included. You need to use the side that is standard and leave clippings in neat rows on your lawn, or you can engage the mulching attachment, which enables the blades to slice clippings into tiny pieces which will break down quickly into the lawn. Finally, you can attach a bag that is rear gather grass clippings for later composting or disposal.

The battery recharges quickly:

Many battery-driven lawnmowers have batteries that take more than twelve hours to fully charge. Often you are expected to plug into the battery and overnight keep it before it has enough charge to run even for around 30 minutes. In our busy everyday lives, we may not always have the time for you to watch for a battery pack to charge for that time that is significantly we wish to mow the lawn. The Worx WG775 has a battery charger that takes just five hours to fully get the battery charged. That means you do not too have to plan far ahead for your lawn care chores or wait overnight just before can mow your lawn. It is ready to go quickly enough that you can mow your straight back yard in the, charge the battery pack, and mow your front side garden that same afternoon morning.

Lightweight and easy to maneuver:

The Worx WG775 has general dimensions of 26.8 x 16.1 x 13.2 inches, this means it shall be simple to maneuver in tight corners of the yard. Additionally, you won’t have any trouble finding storage space that is adequate in your garage or tool shed for this lawnmower. In addition, the handle folds straight down on a shelf or under workbench so you can also store it. And also at just 32.2 pounds, this is among the more battery that is lightweight electric lawn mowers you will find currently available. That means just about anyone will discover that the Worx WG775 light sufficient to move around their yard fairly easily, irrespective of their size, age, strength body or degree type.

Any certainly one of these pros would result in the Worx WG775 an option that is very good homeowners who’ve fairly small yards to keep looking great. With this mower, you get a clean, professional cut that is looking your yard without the hassle of power cords and gasoline. It is possible to choose from one of three convenient grass clippings management options so they nevertheless want that you’ve got the freedom to the procedure. And you will not have to hold back all day and hours ahead of the battery has enough charge to get the job that is entire. And also you won’t need to worry about finding storage that is enough for the Worx WG775 in your garage or tool shed, or deal with a mower that is too hefty to use easily.


Because the Worx WG775 is made to care for a type that is particular of, there is a wide range of limitations to the lawnmower that may affect its capability to take care of other jobs. The Worx WG775 has an extremely deck that is slim, that will increase the wide range of passes you need to produce so as in order to complete the job. This could increase the amount of time you need to invest in the work on larger lawns. But the battery only features a thirty-minute run time, that may restrict the total amount of area you can protect before it requires to be recharged. The lawnmower isn’t made of extremely duty that is heavy, and as a result, it is not made to be used on tougher jobs. And it could struggle if it is utilized to cut denser spots of grass or kinds of lawn that are tougher such as St. Augustine or Bermuda grass. But should you have the kind of yard the Worx WG775 is designed for, these should not be dilemmas being serious. Let’s take a good look at each one in more detail.

The deck size is fairly narrow:

The deck that is cutting the Worx WG775 is only fourteen inches wide, rendering it among the narrowest rotary power lawn mowers currently available. That means it will simply take a few passes that are extra get your lawn mowed with this mower in comparison to a bigger one. Then the cutting deck width should not be too much of a problem for you in the event that you are shopping for a lawnmower to take care of a postage-stamp-sized lawn. But then you would with a larger lawn mower if you do have a more substantial sized lawn, you should be prepared for the fact that this yard mower will demand you to pay an extra time mowing it.

The 30 minutes run time may well not be adequate:

In a half an full hour, a lot of us is able to cut a great deal of grass with the Worx WG775. According to the maker, the battery’s run time is long sufficient to use this yard mower to cut up to six thousand square feet on a charge that is single. That is 2,000 square yards or the location that is same six pro tennis courts. Of course, in order to be able to do this, you will have to cut the lawn at a clip that is fairly quick. If you love to cut your yard in a crosshatch pattern to be sure every blade is cut – half an hour or so may well not be quite enough time for you really to complete the task if you’re a bit slower with your lawnmower – or.

Body and tires aren’t very durable:

The body and wheels of the Worx WG775 are made of plastic, which can be frankly not many materials that are durable lawnmowers could be manufactured with. Of course, this lawnmower is not designed to be used on heavy-duty jobs: instead, it was created for use on smaller residential jobs that do not require an extremely lawn mower that is tough. Nevertheless, you ought to be prepared for the fact the Worx WG775 may not hold up to term that is long and tear on the years exactly the same way a yard mower that has an alloy steel human anatomy or composite structures. Nonetheless, it does have a durable cutting deck and solid framework, that it will falter even after several years of use so I do not really expect.

The mower could have difficulty with tougher grass:

There are always a real number of reasons why the Worx WG775 may end up struggling with tougher varieties of lawn such as for example St. Augustine or Bermuda grass. These varieties are more common in the United that is southern States of the capability to endure to drought and heatwaves. The Worx WG775 is battery powered, which means it won’t have a motor that can provide the kind always of torque necessary to reliably cut through these varieties of grass. As well as its deck that is cutting may have the ability to cut through these grasses either. It might also have a problem with extremely dense patches of grass. However if you live in a certain section of the United States where finer varieties of grass such as fescues or Kentucky bluegrass are more common, this should not present a challenge for you personally.

The charger does not shut off automatically:

One problem that is major this lawn mower is the fact that the battery charger does not shut off automatically once the battery pack is charged. That means that you operate the risk of overcharging if you leave the charger unattended or charging the battery instantly. Whenever that happens, the battery can overheat, which can result in either the battery or the charger – or both – becoming damaged. The single best way of preventing this really is to recharge your battery as soon from the charger the moment it is completely charged when you are completed mowing your lawn and getting rid of it. You can just set an alarm or a timer to remind you to check on the charger after hours that are few. Of course, this is often a bit of an inconvenience, but it certainly beats having a battery that is damaged.

I think that it is important to indicate that none of these cons really represents too little quality into the manufacturing or design of this lawnmower. Instead, they simply restrict the sort of jobs the Worx WG775 can take care of – and that is because it is fashioned with a kind that is specific of in mind. The lawnmower is supposed to be properly used on little jobs being residential the lawn just isn’t really big. Then the Worx WG775 may possibly not be the perfect mower for the work if you have a lawn that is bigger than a few thousand square foot, or if for example, the yard has tougher varieties of grass like St. Augustine or Bermuda grass. Then again this lawn mower should be able to consistently obtain the work done without presenting any problems in the event that you do have a small yard by having a lawn with a finer variety of grass.

Product Comparison

I always make a genuine point of recommending doing some comparison shopping to my visitors. There clearly was really no better solution to get yourself a clear picture of the product quality of a product that is specific by comparing it to similar models made by its rivals. And not just do you obtain a better comprehension of how a given lawnmower stacks up to similar devices and where it provides exceptional or product that is just normal by comparison shopping, you also get a more informed idea of what the marketplace provides as a whole. That way you may be absolutely sure that the purchase choice you end up on will be the one that is better for your lawn’s needs. In order to greatly help you do some fast and comparison that is efficient, listed here is a product comparison table. It looks at important product specs for the Worx WG775 as well as the Greenworks 25092 plus the Sun Joe MJ40C. Let’s have a look.

WORX WG775 Cordless Electric Lawn Mower ReviewWORX WG775 Cordless Electric Lawn Mower Review

As you can plainly see, the Worx WG775 has the tiniest deck that is cutting of three lawnmowers, while the Greenworks 25092 has the widest. In addition, the Worx WG775 could be the yard mower that is smallest overall, meaning it is easier to find storage space for it in your garage or tool shed. All three-yard mowers include a 24-volt battery pack that is rechargeable. The Worx WG775 will get fully charged much more quickly compared to the other two mowers, at only five hours to 100per cent, while the Greenworks takes 15 hours as well as the Sun Joe takes 16 hours to 100%.

All three-yard mowers can cut as much as 1/4 of an acre for a fee that is single but the Worx WG775 will require you in order to complete the task a little faster than the Greenworks and in a lot less time than the sun’s rays Joe. The Worx WG775 when fully charged will last for half an hour, although the Greenworks will last for 35 moments and the Sun Joe lasts for an hour that is complete. The Worx WG775 is the only one of the mowers that provide three lawn clippings management options in the purchase price that is initial. The Greenworks is self-propelled, whilst the other two lawnmowers require the user to move them around the garden. The Greenworks has the product range that is the widest and highest number of height settings. It’s also the lawnmower that is heaviest, at 90 pounds, while the Worx WG775 is the lightest.


All things considered, the Worx WG775 is really a properly designed cordless lawn that is electric for yards with fairly small yards. It’s going to manage smaller residential jobs with ease, also it offers a wide range of advantages of the sort that is right of over other power yard mowers. In addition to being simple to use, quiet, and green, the Worx WG775 is a small yard that is enough that it will perhaps not get in the way in your storage or tool shed. But at the same time, it may maybe not perform in addition to some users with bigger yards may want since it is designed to handle fairly small jobs. Because of that, it’s crucial to understand where this lawnmower shines and by which areas it comes up short. In order to make sure you’re aware of exactly what this lawnmower can offer its owner, let’s take another look that is brief the benefits and drawbacks before we wrap up this review.

Conclusion Pros

  • No need for power or gas cords.
  • Quiet and environmentally friendly.
  • Three grass management choices included.
  • Battery recharges quickly.
  • Lightweight and very easy to maneuver.

You can expect to never ever need to worry about keeping smelly gas cans in your storage or cope with bulky, tangled power cords because its battery powered. You merely charge the battery, turn the ignition key, hit the begin key, and you’re ready to get. Not just that, the Worx WG775 is very– that is peaceful than many other electric lawnmowers and much quieter than gas-powered lawnmowers. That means you will not ever have to concern yourself with disturbing your neighbors it is while you’re mowing your yard, regardless of how early each morning.

And the Worx WG775 is far better for the environmental surroundings than a fuel lawnmower that is powered. Electric lawnmowers produce far less carbon emissions than a gas yard that is powered, which are accountable for as much as 10% of the emissions in the United States annually. It’s also quite simple to make use of. There is three grass that is convenient options, and the battery is easy to get fully charged in just five hours. Overall, this is a battery that is great yard mower for property owners with smaller lawns – and contains an extremely competitive price as well.

Conclusion Cons

  • The deck dimensions are fairly slim.
  • The 30 minutes run time might not be sufficient.
  • Body and wheels are maybe not very durable.
  • The mower could have trouble with tougher lawn.
  • The charger doesn’t shut off automatically.

However it does not quite stack up to many other power lawnmowers as it is made for smaller jobs, the Worx WG775 has a few areas where some users may feel. The deck size on the Worx WG775 is only fourteen inches wide, which makes it among the smallest cutting decks on a power yard mower that is rotary. Those with notably bigger yards often see this as a drawback while users who have quite small yards will not find this will be a real problem. Smaller lawnmowers require more passes to finish bigger jobs, yourself spending more time getting these jobs done so you may find.

The Worx WG775 also has a rather brief run time, at just 30 minutes. Again, if your yard is small enough this will maybe not be considered a problem, but in the event that you like to take time cutting the lawn, you’ve probably an issue with this particular in the event that you have a medium-sized yard or. Your body and wheels for the yard mower aren’t designed to handle duty that is heavy, while the cutting deck could have a problem with tough kinds of grass like St. Augustine or Bermuda lawn. Finally, you have to just take care while using the battery charger, when it is not checked as it can overheat.

Final Word

When your garden is small sufficient to warrant an affordably priced electric yard mower with a narrow cutting deck, a yard mower like the Worx WG775 can be a choice that is great. This lawnmower helps you conserve money on fuel expenses throughout the term that is long and it will also considerably decrease the level of carbon emissions your household is creating. In this chronological age of high pollution and climate that is global, many consumers are reframing the relationship their purchases have with the environment. With a battery-powered lawn that is electric such as the Worx WG775, you can do your component to simply help the surroundings and enjoy a number of other advantages.

The Worx WG775 was created to cut very yards that are small and efficient. It has very compact proportions, in your storage or tool shed so it’ll be easy to find storage space for it. The battery for the Worx WG775 charges in just five hours, which will be one of the quickest times that are charging will find on a battery-powered mower. It comes with three grass management options contained in the purchase that is initial, and it is lightweight enough that more or less anybody will find it is easy to go around their yard. All in all this will be a lawn that is perfect for domiciles with very little lawns.

Best Price

The battery-powered lawn that is electric can get rather expensive, but the Worx WG775 is one of the more competitively priced ones we have come around. It is at the lower end of the cost range for a battery-driven lawn that is electric, which is considerably cheaper than numerous gas-powered mowers. It is not only due to the purchase that is initial but also since it will save a whole lot of money over the long haul on fuel costs. It additionally has three grass management options included in the purchase that is initial, rendering it functionally cheaper than other models that will make you purchase these separately. It searching great if you do have a tiny lawn, this yard mower can be a great method to save your self plenty of cash on keeping.

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