Your Little Gardener will love Kids Garden Tools


Your Little Gardener will love Kids Garden Tools

Kids Garden ToolsKids Garden Tools

Kids are so inquisitive and coupled with that God-given ability to imitate all you do (when you are watching and especially when you are not) It is an impossible task to keep them out of the garden except you have no garden.

So since you can’t keep them out of the garden, you might as well keep them busy in it and make it so much fun for them and the family.

Getting your child a personal garden tool kit made for kids would make him or her a proud “gardener”, stimulate productivity and teach them those good old virtues like patience, caregiving, and dignity of labor.

Please don’t forget to allocate a small pre-tilled portion of ground to your young aspiring gardener. You don’t want him/her experimenting with those plants you’ve been growing for the past 3 months.


There is no ideal kids garden tool kit. It could contain anything depending on what you want your kids to do in the garden.

You can find kids garden tools at most shops that sell garden equipment. You could buy “already assembled” kits or assemble one yourself.

The watchword when getting a kids garden tool kit is safety. As a result, please insist that all kids garden tools you buy be made of plastic or rubber. We will discuss other safety measures later.

To ensure that your kid enjoys working in the garden and that he doesn’t try to borrow your own tools which are dangerous to use at that age, garden-tools-guide recommends that you make sure that the kit you assemble contains the following items

1. A Kids Garden Shovel

2. A kids watering can

3. A kids wheelbarrow

4. A kids garden hoe

5. A kids Trowel

And any other tool you think your child will love.Buy gardening kids tools

**Note that some of these tools would not be functional as they would have no sharp edges for cutting. The aim is to keep them busy while keeping them SAFE at all times.**


1. Tools should be made of plastic, rubber or any other safe material suitable for toy making.

2. They should not have any Sharp edges

3. They should not be heavy but should be as light as possible

4. They should have good grips.

5. Tools with holes to hang them are better stored and so prevent domestic accidents.

6. Get tools with replaceable parts. this will make it possible to remove broken working ends.


1. Wash carefully after every garden session and hang to dry.

2. Inspect after washing for broken/ sharp edges. Tools found with any broken or sharp edge should be removed from the kids garden tools kit.

3. Since they are made of rubber or plastic material, kids garden tools don’t need to be oiled as adults garden tools are.

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