Your Vegetable Garden: Secrets of Success

 Your Vegetable Garden: Secrets of Success

 Your Vegetable Garden the Secrets of Success
Your Vegetable Garden the Secrets of Success

Cultivating your vegetable garden is a real pleasure for the city dweller who only has a small garden or a balcony. So that the hopes of beautiful harvests are not disappointed, it is better to put all the chances on your side from the start! So, to succeed in your vegetable garden, the right actions must be associated with the right tools and the right accessories.

 Work the land of your vegetable garden corner

The number one secret of a productive vegetable area is tillage.

In fact, a living and ventilated soil is a guarantee of good development of seedlings and plantations. This is especially important when the small garden is grown above ground, whether in squares, bins or planters.

To work the soil in these small volumes, the fork or the claw are well adapted. Their small teeth allow loosening the soil to a depth of 10 cm and ensure a smooth decompaction.

A small rake is also useful to equalize the earth that has just been stirred. Work the soil regularly, it’s easier and the roots of your plants will stay healthy!

Succeed in sowing and planting

Use tools that are suitable for planting or planting to maximize your chances of having beautiful fruits and vegetables in your mini vegetable garden. So, help yourself from the corner of a rake to dig a furrow before transplanting seedlings or seeding online.

The same technique is applicable in the case of sowing with pre-sewn seed ribbons.


To transplant in the best conditions, use a tapered cone-shaped plant to make planting holes to accommodate your seedlings.

corner-and-garden trowel-Fiskars

If the plants to be transplanted are in buckets, the best-adapted tool is the transplanter.

Your vegetable garden label holder

This small excavator is ideal for digging holes at the right size. All that remains is to install the brand-plant tags to identify the varieties set up in your vegetable patch!

Maintain your vegetable garden

To ensure the smooth growth of your plantations, do not neglect the maintenance of your vegetable garden! It means weeding and airing the soil regularly.

These operations will be facilitated if you use a burrow. There are two types of burrs: tongue-tip or fork-tip.

corner-and-garden-hoe Fiskars

vegetable garden hoe

In both cases, the “breakdown” part makes it possible to eliminate the weeds easily but also to aerate the soil by breaking the superficial crust. Then the tongue version is convenient for digging furrows for seedling while the forked version is ideal for loosening the soil. You choose!


Above all, it is a question of ensuring an intelligent watering of your vegetable garden. To do this, watch the amount of water brought naturally to your vegetable squares with a rain gauge. No need to water if nature takes care of it!

When watering your balcony or vegetable garden in squares, the watering can is essential. With the apple, it allows to gently water young seedlings. Without the apple, it can bring water to the foot of the plants without wetting the foliage.

To easily carry water to your plantations, think also garden hose special version small garden or balcony special version. Practical and compact! (tips for easy and effective watering to discover)

 It only remains to harvest!

When harvest time has come, you will have the pleasure of picking tomatoes, herbs and other salads. To carry your loot, think of the basket or garden bowl, practical and cheerfully colorful. It can also serve as storage for your small tools!

And do not forget, when you take care of your vegetable garden, priority to comfort! Equip yourself with soft garden gloves that will make precise gestures easier. And for the fancy touch, do not deprive yourself to choose them in a vitaminized color.

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