Irrigation Lawn Care with Sprinklers System


Irrigation Lawn Care with Sprinklers System

Lawn Care with Sprinklers
Lawn Care with Sprinklers

In the old days the only kind of lawn sprinkler that one saw the oscillating sprinkler. That’s the one that is attached to the garden hose that sends fan-shaped arcs of water back and forth, back and forth.

Since they have to be physically moved from area to area, homeowners that use them are at times humorously referred to as hose-draggers. In many areas, lawn care with sprinklers is the only way to keep a lawn alive during those summer droughts

Different grass species can affect how much watering needs to be done. For example, St. Augustine and Bermuda grass have a healthy appetite for the wet stuff, but species such as Buffalo grass are slow growing but can go for sustained periods without watering or rain and remain healthy.

Types of Lawn Sprinklers

There are two broad categories of lawn sprinklers, the portable ones that are favored by the hose-draggers, and then the hard-piped sprinkler systems that are permanently installed. How long should a sprinkler sprinkle for adequate coverage?

Try this out. Set an empty tuna fish can on the lawn where water delivery is average. Start a stopwatch. Make note of the time that has passed when the can is full of water. This is the amount of time to run your sprinkler.

Portable Lawn Sprinklers

First, there is the oscillating sprinkler, as mentioned earlier. This one is ideal for rectangular shaped lawn areas since that is the kind of water distribution pattern it produces. It delivers the highest coverage with respect to the time of all the portable types. It has been rated at watering up to four thousand square feet.

Next, we have the whirling sprinkler, sometimes known as the rotary model. It has three short arms which are slightly bent. The water pressure causes the arms to spin around their central axis and sling water in a circular pattern. This makes it an excellent choice for lawns with rounded or circular edges. This sprinkler can be adjusted from a heavy delivery to a light mist.

The impulse type of sprinkler sends water out in pulses at intervals while the sprinkler head rotates a predetermined number of degrees. It is recognized by the “pfft, pfft” noise that it makes. It is good for lawns that want a slow, steady delivery, such as a recently sodded lot. The impulse sprinkler can be a spike model or one that simply sits on the lawn. A spike is preferable with high water pressure.

Finally, the walking sprinkler is great for large lawns because it reduces the hose dragging. This model is self-propelled and resembles nothing so much as a little model tractor. It is equipped with arms similar to the ones on the rotary model except it typically has only two rather than three.

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Hard-Piped Lawn Sprinkler Systems

This is the best choice for ease of use. The system consists of a cluster of buried PVC pipe, a backflow preventer, sprinkler heads, and a timer. The PVC pipe delivers the water, of course.

The backflow preventer is a device that keeps water that has entered the system from draining back into the water supply. The timer allows the homeowner to put the lawn sprinkler system on a remote control, perfect for vacations or business trips.

The sprinkler heads themselves come in a variety of types. Bubbler heads are great for flower gardens or very small yards. Pop-up heads are the best for out on the lawn. They only rise up from the ground underwater pressure so they can’t be mowed off. Finally, impact heads operate just like the ones described in the above section.

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Lawn Sprinkler System Repairs

Whilst keeping a lawn that is largely water with a yard sprinkler system makes feeling, it’s going to inevitably lead to the need for doing some lawn sprinkler system repairs at some point as time goes by. The components likely to need fixing in a lawn sprinkler system shall include the pipes, sprinkler heads, filters, and quite possibly a pump.

The fact that an urgent repair to it is required can frequently be identified by especially wet or dry patches on the yard, due to a leak or obstruction someplace in the lawn sprinkler system whilst routine upkeep must be carried out on the lawn sprinkler system.

Water Pipe Repairs

A puncture in a water pipe/tube is the absolute most cause that is common of puddles suddenly appearing for a lawn. After identifying the pipe that’s responsible for the leak – turn the sprinkler system off! After this, you need to excavate the earth from around and beneath the breakage.

Most lawn sprinklers use a Polyethene or PVC based system that is piping fixing the broken pipe is quite straightforward. Throughout this task try and not let any earth/dirt get to the pipes/tubing. Cutaway a portion of the piping either part of the part that is damaged you then use compression joints to ‘splice’ in a replacement section.

You may also apply an appropriate ‘quick-drying’ plastics glue towards the joints, to greatly help strengthen the repair. After about 10 minutes switch on the sprinkler system to check that the fixed section isn’t leaking from the bones you’ve just created, you then can re-bury the piping.

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Lawn Sprinkler Head Repairsreplace_sprinkler_head_2

The most common reason behind the sudden look of dry patches on your lawn will be a damaged or sprinkler head that is blocked. With the lawn sprinkler system turned off dig around and underneath the sprinkler head to easily get access to it. (Caution – be careful not to dig through the water pipes/tubing ultimately causing the sprinkler head. Also, avoid permitting any earth/dirt belong to the pipework.)

There are probably two repairs more likely to be needed. The easiest repair is having to replace the sprinkler nozzle itself, which should just unscrew/screw into place. The riser on which it sits may down need holding firmly when replacing the nozzle.

If the riser itself has failed it’s easily replaced. The bottom of the riser will have a coupling that is a quick adaptor which fixes it to a ‘quick coupling’ saddle in the water pipe/tube. This should pull apart quite easily permitting you to replace the riser.

When buying an upgraded riser make sure it matches the ones in the others of one’s body. The height of the riser can differ from 3 or 4 feet to over 12. Then you’ll have to buy a complete replacement unit if the riser will not launch from the saddle.

Lawn Sprinkler System – Other prospective Issues

In the event, that the whole of your lawn sprinkler system fails or its performance that is overall suddenly off the issue is most likely using the filters or pump. Problems with filters are invariably fixed simply by frequently cleaning them. In case your lawn sprinkler system has a reservoir from where the pump runs any split or break in the reservoir lining will lead to an inevitable drop within the performance regarding the sprinkler system. Dependant on the material lining the reservoir; impact a repair the same as you would to any yard pond or pool.

Problems with all the pump itself need certainly to be treated with a little more caution. Being a device that is electrical water, you’re best leaving any electrical problems to someone properly qualified. However, before giving the pump away for fix you can check that the problem isn’t simply a gland that is leaking a shut-off valve or a leaking seal/gasket in the pump itself.

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How to Repair Your Lawn Sprinkler

Materials and Tools:

  • little shovel
  • spade
  • easy-out pipe removal tool
  • toothbrush
  • cup
  • gloves
  • risers
  • sprinkler minds
  • plumbers’ tape


1. Excavate around the malfunctioning sprinkler head or heads making use of little shovels. Be careful perhaps not to harm any buried pipes, and take away the bit that is last of making use of your hands.

2. Remove the sprinkler riser and head. Utilize an “easy-out” pipe removal device to get rid of the riser.

3. Inspect the riser for damage. Usually, once they’re damaged, it’s because someone unintentionally stepped in the sprinkler head.

4. Replace any elements that are damaged. If you wish to replace a sprinkler head, make certain to get the one that sprays in the pattern that is the same as the old one.

5. Before installing a riser that is a new place the ends with plumber’s tape.

6. Scoop out any water within the hole using a little cup. Clean the spout in which the riser attaches employing a brush.

7. Install the riser that is new making use of care not to ever strip the threads. Continue fixing any other malfunctioning sprinkler heads. Don’t reinstall sprinkler heads before the functional system is purged.

8. Turn the water on and purge the machine. Replace sprinkler heads, fill in holes, and turn to test the system.

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