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Knowing More On Garden Pests & Disease:

Common Garden Pests & Disease: Planning, Maintaining, and Reaping the Harvest of your garden is one of life`s most precious rewards. Pests are, well, pests! That`s especially true considering all the work you have to do to keep the wide range of pests away from your prized vegetation.

There are hundreds of pests that roam gardens throughout the country, chewing up vegetables here and tearing up flowers there.

The goal of this website is to help you identify, control, and if necessary, eliminate the garden pests that can harm your garden. The most common garden pests are listed along with the left-side navigation, and a more comprehensive list of possible garden pest problems is available.

While there are literally hundreds of diseases and garden pests that may affect the plants in your garden. A few are extremely important, and can severely harm the life or output of your garden vegetables, plants, trees and shrubs, and flowers; some common garden pests are important according to your specific garden; many can be safely ignored as too insignificant to merit attention.