Organic Pest Control Methods For Your Organic Garden

Organic Pest Control Methods For Your Organic Garden
Organic Pest Control Methods For Your Organic Garden
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Organic Pest Control Methods For Your Organic Garden

Organic Pest Control Methods For Your Organic Garden

You have taken the time and effort to set up an organic garden to grow your favorite vegetables, fruit, herbs, and flowers. If you want to avoid using chemical pesticides then you will need organic pest control methods to keep out pests from your garden.

You can buy organic or natural products found on shelves at health food stores, garden nurseries and your own pantry. Another option is to use garden-friendly bugs and bug eaters in the garden to maintain your garden.

A Hungry Toad In Your Garden

Hungry Toad

Keeping a hungry toad near your garden pond could help eliminate up to 10,000 insects in three months, so this option can be an effective form of organic pest control. Toads can eat larvae, snails and crickets and flying insects like flies.

If your garden is infested with aphids, then you should buy a couple of ladybugs online or from a local garden nursery, as ladybugs love eating aphids. The aphids eat away at plants, shrubs, and bushes planted in your garden and anywhere around your front and backyard. One advantage with ladybugs, is they do not harm your plants.

Birds And Herbs In Your Garden

bird feeders

Another option for organic pest control is to attract a large variety of birds to your garden with birdfeeders. A bird feeder can include feed with sunflower seeds, honey, and sesame seeds. Attracting birds like the wren can help to keep insects and creepy crawlies like spiders and caterpillars out of your garden. These birds can feed hundreds of spiders and caterpillars to their young during the day.

Herbs grown like basil and rosemary will keep petals on your flowers intact and will discourage insects from harming ornamental plants. You can buy basil or rosemary oil to use in your soil to keep insects away from your growing plants.

These are some of the methods used by organic gardeners, to keep pests out of the organic garden, with organic pest control.

Little Known Bug Repellant Facts… What are bug repellants?

Bug repellants are actually any substance that is applied to the air, skin or clothing so that bugs do not want to land on that particular surface. There is a huge range of different repellants that you can use to help prevent bug bites. Some of these repellants are marketed as organic or all natural and are becoming a favorite choice among users.

Other repellants use chemicals to deter the bugs from landing and biting. There are also some modern devices that produce sound waves that ward off pesky bugs. Repellants have changed greatly over the years. Chemicals that were once common ingredients in many bug sprays or repellants have now been discovered to be hazardous to the humans that used them.

It is why so much research and study goes into every ingredient that goes into a can or bottle of bug repellant. The idea is to repel bugs but without causing any danger to those that use the repellant.

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