Planting With Vegetable Planters And Pots


Planting With Vegetable Planters And Pots

One way of controlling the growth of your vegetables is with the use of vegetable planters and pots. By placing your plants in a container, you can easily control a lot of factors that may affect their healthy growth. You can now keep them away from pests, you can easily maintain the soil in the container, and you can easily make adjustments to the temperature and the light, as needed by your plant.

Perhaps, you think that there are only a few selected plants that can be grown in a container. This is not entirely correct. Of course, you have to choose which plant should be placed in vegetable planters. In choosing which plant, you should know that vegetables like carrots, peppers, and tomatoes flourish under controlled conditions.

Now, you have decided to use vegetable planters and pots, you should always keep in mind the future size of the vegetable to be planted. To be more successful, you may want to choose fertilized soil that is free from weeds. Some planters prefer synthetic media that is soil-like. But you have to make sure that the kind of soil you are using is best for the plant that you want to grow.

You can easily control the water taken by the plant by preparing beforehand the soil that is to be used before planting. You should know that plants grow healthier if they can drain the water but retain enough moisture. Clay soil can be easily broken up by adding n commercial soil. Also, if drainage is the problem, you may want to put in marbles at the bottom of the container so that the water can be drained easily without soil blocking the way out.

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You should also keep an eye on your plant’s intake of water. The soil should not dry out so easily, so avoid placing the plant in a hot area. If the plant is too hydrated, its roots can rot. So to be safe, you may want to have your own soil tested so that you can properly determine the level of moisture in your plant’s oil.

Best Type of soil for Vegetable Planters 

If you thought the soil found outdoors is the best type of soil to use in planting, then you are mistaken. It may be a little too sandy to be used for planting. Clay-like soil is a better option because it can help in the retention of water; however, if it is used in small spaces it can retain too much water and the water will not be drained properly. For best results, you may want to have professional help with the preparation of your soil before you use it.

Sunlight is very much needed by plants to grow properly. For instance, tomatoes can be placed in vegetable planters that face south because they can handle heat very well. However, delicate plants like lettuce are better off being placed in areas that are not directly hit by the sunlight. So, if some of your vegetables need more sunlight than others, you may just simply pick up your vegetable planters and pots, and transfer them to the area where they can flourish.

If you want to keep your plant safe from insects and pests, you may want to use insecticide soaps or mixtures that are commercially available. It is not enough to keep them inside the house because insects can easily get inside through small openings such as cracks or screens. By keeping your plants away from pests, your plants can grow healthier and safer.

Using vegetable planters and pots can mean work for you, but once you see your plants thrive, all effort becomes worth it. And remember, with fresh vegetables, you can also have a healthier meal.

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