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Choosing the Perfect Christmas Tree


Choosing the Perfect Christmas Tree

Choosing the Perfect Christmas Tree

You can choose the most beautiful Christmas tree for a happy New Year and a merry Christmas :

1. Colorado Blue Spruce Tree

Prized for its needles, which range from silvery blue to green, this tree is sturdy enough to hold heavy ornaments. Like eye color in humans, the color of a blue spruce’s needles is a genetic trait determined by the seed from which it grows, not its soil environment.

2. Eastern Red Cedar

Conical in shape, this is a favorite in the South. Its lacy compact branches are shiny, dark green, and very fragrant, though they tend to dry out quickly. A member of the juniper family, it’s the only Christmas tree that produces berries—a choice snack for wildlife.

3. Fraser Fir

A perfect green pyramid and intensely fragrant. Its strong, upward-facing branches are just right for draping tinsel. (Balsam fir is very similar.) Though plentiful on tree farms, Fraser firs are becoming endangered in nature, thanks to sap-sucking insects called wooly adelgids.

4. Scotch Pine

This European native holds its long dark-green needles for several weeks. Sturdy branches and an open shape let you load on the ornaments. The Scotch pine’s peeling orange bark is a delicacy for porcupines.

5. Eastern White Pine

A gorgeous tree with long, lush needles and slender branches best suited for lighter decorations. It is well tolerated by allergy sufferers. White pines are particularly sensitive to air pollution, which can stunt the tree’s growth or even kill it.

Grown without pesticides, organic trees are becoming increasingly available at local tree garden nurseries. Few growers ship trees nationally, but your county cooperative extension office can help find a grower in your area.

Recreate Christmas With Pine Tree

The lovely scent of pine in the house will make you feel happy for the Christmas Eve carols, then presents, holidays, and fun.

There are eco-alternatives to buying a cut pine tree, such as potted Christmas trees – usually small pines or cypresses. You may buy a prickly cypress in a pot. If you do have space to plant a small pine, then go for it. You could also try recreating the pine tree smell if you want to avoid cutting down a tree.

Go for trimming shoots from a wilding pine tree then wind the foliage in a loose wreath around the base of your artificial tree, or at your front door. Or set up a large vase with pine foliage as a backing to the flowers.

Alternatively, go hunting pine cones and put some in a basket by a sunny window, so pine fragrance will permeate the air.

Tips For Cutting A Christmas Tree

If you intend to cut the Christmas tree yourself this year you must understand that freshness is extremely important.

The most critical part is to select a healthy Christmas tree. Don’t purchase a tree that is losing green needles or has dry, brittle twigs or a sour, musty smell.

Needles should be resilient and slip through your fingers. Needles should adhere to the branches and not fall off in your hand. They should be flexible, not brittle.

As soon as you cut the Christmas tree ensure that you do not leave the tree lying in the sun for long periods of time, especially if the weather is warm.

If the tree cannot be immediately displayed, make a fresh cut at the base and stand it in a bucket of water in a cool, shady location indoors or out.

When setting up the tree in your stand, cut off a disk of wood about a half-inch to an inch thick from the base of the trunk immediately before putting the tree in the stand.

Make the cut perpendicular to the stem. Do not cut at an angle. This reduces the amount of water available to the tree and makes it difficult to hold the tree plumb in the stand.

Use a stand that fits your Christmas tree; avoid whittling the sides of the trunk down to fit the stand. The outer layers of wood are most efficient in taking up water and should not be removed.

You will be required for fresh Christmas trees to use about one quart of water per day per inch of trunk diameter. The stand should hold enough water to last at least 24 hours. Do not use additives of any kind in the water. Clean water is the only requirement to maintain freshness.

The type of tree you select depends on what qualities your “perfect” tree must have. the needle length, Color, height, shape, fragrance, and the ability to hold ornaments are all traits to consider.

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