How to Get Rid of Smell of Cat Urine in the House?


How to Get Rid of Smell of Cat Urine in the House?

How to Get Rid of Smell of Cat Urine in the House

The main reason that all cat’s urine has that horrible strong odor is because of the amount of protein which is contained in the urine. The main problem homeowners face with cat urine is when cats urine on a carpet, the urine forms crystals within your carpet, which is the cause of the serious carpet issues you may be facing.

Cats have been known to ruin carpets though urine and it’s because of these crystals which get left in the carpet from the cats urine, these crystals being in the carpet make it very difficult to remove the urine odor from your carpet.

A major mistake a lot of homeowners make, is using cleaning products which contain Ammonia – Cat urine is Ammonia-based, and by using cleaning products that contain Ammonia, your are simply enticing your cat to pee in the exact same spot you’ve just cleaned.

Cats obviously don’t urinate on your carpet, or anywhere in your home to annoy their owner, why on earth would they want to do that? There are a number of different reasons why you might find your cat to be urinating in your home, they all come down to two core causes, either your cat is feeling threatened in some way, or your cat is stressed and yes, cats can get stressed.

Here are some of the most common reasons behind your cat urine problems, although there are other possibilities, these are usually the cause of your problems:

Moving to a New Home

Moving your cat to a new home, most cats don’t like moving home, some are able to adapt to their new home very quickly, if you’ve recently moved to a new house, then that may be the cause of your problems. Usually, it’s because your cat simply won’t know where to go, maybe too afraid to explore the new surroundings; you can obviously help this by showing the cat different areas of your new home and garden.

Unfamiliar objects

Unfamiliar objects and people, whether it’s because you’ve just bought some new sofas, or perhaps your cat is starting to see a lot of new faces, obviously because the cat isn’t familiar with whatever it is, they’re curious about the unfamiliar object or person.

Health Problems

Your cat may be ill, this isn’t something that you want to happen obviously and the best thing to do is to take your cat to your local vet so they can be checked out by a professional.

Other Animals

Your cat is seeing other animals, it may be a new cat you’ve bought, or maybe some goldfish, your cat may feel threatened by other animals, usually, other cats which have recently been bought into your cat’s region.

Marking the Territory 

Your cat is marking its territory, this is a very common practice for cats to use their urine odor to make their territory and that may be the case with your cat, both male and female cats will make their territory, it’s more common for males to mark different territories, females usually increase their marking whilst in the heat.

The Basics on How to Remove Cat Odor

The Basics on How to Remove Cat OdorDuring these times of need, the first place that you should go to is the kitchen and bathroom. Check for supplies that you would need to clean your household and get rid of cat urine smell that is annoying you.

The most useful items that you could find around your house if you are trying to get rid of cat urine odor is hydrogen peroxide, dish detergent, and baking soda. Using the dish detergent and mixing it with a bit of warm water, you can now be able to clean the area where the stain is. After doing this, combine another set of water and dish detergent with a hydrogen peroxide solution. This mixture will further help you with cat urine removal.

Removing stains

After you mixed these, clean the area thoroughly and remove as much stain as you can. As an alternative, you can also sprinkle a layer of baking soda. You must do this while the spot is still damp since the baking soda will try to remove cat urine odor as the area dries up.

If you can still see and smell traces of urine, then you might need to repeat this process of cat urine removal until the odor is completely removed. After all, it is safe for both children and animals. It is particularly feasible since it uses the typical household supplies you have around your home.

Careful application of this process will need a bit of patience. But, this will not only add to your savings, it can also save you from the hassle of trying out costly cleaning products which could sometimes be ineffective. These home remedies will definitely be of help to you if you are still doubtful of the effects of these household products.

But, if you do not have the time to try these conventional ways, you could always look for cleaners which will be of great help in the common pet-related inconvenience just like odor and stains. It is always best to invest on the best quality products which can easily take care of these problems. There are products which can serve two purposes at the same time, both stain and odor removers.

These are great examples of smart investments when it comes to urine odor removal. Some products are designed to remove only odor problems. But, there are also products which are designed both to remove odor and stain.

At the end of the day, it is still best if you have a lot of options in your hands to get rid of that annoying cat urine smell in your home. The more alternatives you have, the more chances you will have to easily get rid of your daily problems with pet odors. After all, it doesn’t hurt if you learn as much as you can about what you face every day with your beloved cat.

Tips to Select Pet Odor Removal Products

Expert tips on how to select a cat urine remover that really works to get rid of any smelly cat urine stain:

1. Select only cat urine removers without fragrance

You want to eliminate odor! You don’t want to hide the cat urine smell by adding an extra fragrance over it. You want zero odor: no more urine and nothing else either. Like with any fragrance, after a few hours the perfume will fade and you are stuck again with your cat’s smelly urine. Back to square one.

2. Choose a cat urine remover that’s easy to apply

The easier your pet odor control, the more time you can spend petting your pets. Basically, ease of use boils down to: add the pet odor removal product on the urine stain, wait some time and remove the pet odor product again. Anything more difficult than that is well… too difficult for comfort! The last thing you need is taking your carpet to a carpet cleaning service! Any pet odor removal product that’s even easier to apply without vacuum cleaning afterwards, is even more ideal! The latter are the pet odor removers that come in a spray.

3. Select a Non-toxic Odor Remover

If your cat urinated in the basement, then you can clean it up with any washing product… But we are talking here about cats that urinated on your sofa, carpet, or mattress. These are places where you will be sitting or sleeping very soon, so you don’t want any toxic product near to you. Also, consider your cat: your pet most likely will love to revisit the carpet you just applied your carpet stain removal product on. How to prevent the urinates there again? See or next item!

4. Select a cat urine remover that “removes anything”

Where anything stands for urine, uric acid crystals, and bacteria. So you need a product that clearly mentions it gets rid of: bacteria and uric acid crystals. Cats love to urinate on the same spot.

That’s of course pretty useful when it comes to potty training. But when it comes to pet stain removal, you need to make sure your pet stain remover will prevent your cat from using the same area to urinate again.

Cats smell where they last urinated and want to return to that spot. Cat urine dries on your carpet or sofa and the uric acid forms crystals in the underlay padding. Also, bacteria love to flock on urine and also cause a terrible odor.

These crystals are the source of the strong ammonia-smelling odor and are also the reason your cat returns to that “special place”. Now you understand why masking the odor is off no use since your cat smells 1000 times better than you where its pet odor has been ‘deposited’.

The first thing to do is making sure your pet’s stain removal leaves zero odor behind. After that. you need to train your cat to go on the litter box again! And the last thing to do is using carpet stain removal containing ammonia, as your cat will consider that to be urine heaven…

4. Choose a Cat Urine Remover with Guarantee

Look at the label and see what kind of guarantee you can get to what the pet urine stain removal product promises. To be complete, your cat odor eliminator should state it will remove everything that the cat urine caused: color change, texture change, odor and make sure it states it removes uric salt crystals.

5. Use a cat urine removal product that has been in the market for a long time

People have been dealing with pets in their houses for ages. Chance is big that what your grandmother used, is still useful today! In the case of cat urine removal, new therefore doesn’t mean better.

6. Choose a Urine Removal Product with a Long Expiry Date

To be a good odor removal product: it should remove the smelly urine once and for all. It’s no use in buying the product in big quantities, especially when the expiry date is limited.


Before running to the shop, make sure to remove as much cat urine as possible using a towel or cloth. Once in the shop, look for cat urine odor removal products that guarantee to kill bacteria and remove uric acid crystals. Make sure they are as easy to apply as possible and that you can buy them in small quantities.

Once you know how to select a cat urine remover and you got rid of your cat urine stain, you need to train your cat or kitten to only use the cat litter box!

How to Get Rid of Pet Urine Odor Through Steam Cleaners

First of all, you have to understand that cat urine odor is very hard to deal with due to the number of enzymes they have. Selecting a cleaner, regardless if it is for steam cleaner or not, it will still require looking for a cleaner which has ingredients to neutralize these enzymes.

Without these ingredients, it would be practically impossible to get rid of cat urine smell no matter how many times you use steam cleaners on these. If you purchase the right product, then you will save a lot of time as this only needs one treatment. There are a lot of products to choose from which are designed to remove annoying odors.

Getting Started with Steam Cleaner

You will also have to make sure that you have carefully and effectively vacuumed the whole area where you are going to apply the steam cleaner before getting started. In that way, you will remove all the hair, dirt, and debris that could be on your carpet. In getting rid of this dirt, you will be able to free up a lot of time in which you can now easily and quickly cleaning your carpets instead of having to pause and continuously get rid of the fur and hair from the brushes of your steam cleaner.

Useful to Know

Proper care for cat stains and smell is possible. But, to be able to get these desirable results, you will have to determine what you need, and be ready to battle these problems in every possible way.

For you to get the best possible outcome, you have to understand that you might not get it perfect the first time you try it, unless you are using high-end cleaners, as well as the high-quality steam cleaner in the market. If not, then prepare to treat and clean any stained areas at least twice to thoroughly get rid of all the traces of cat urine odor and make sure that cat odor removal has been fully achieved.

In Conclusion

While you would want to get the best results in just one product, you might find steam cleaner quite challenging to use. As a general rule, you must look for a way that will require only one treatment to completely remove the odor, and the stain.

In this way, you are guaranteed that your time is spent effectively, and you will not be spending time searching for various different cleaners just to resolve one problem. After all, time is precious for all, and it is very important that you search for the best solutions to initially work with instead of looking for various solutions which would provide great results.

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