How to Grow Bell Peppers in Containers – Growing Guide Step By Step?


How to Grow Bell Peppers in Containers – Growing Guide Step By Step?

How to Grow Bell Peppers in Containers - Growing Guide Step By StepHow to Grow Bell Peppers in Containers – Growing Guide Step By Step

Growing bell pepper in the pot is easy and is a great way to harvest Bell Peppers even when you have a shortage of space. With the right tools, the proper plants, sunlight, fertilizer, and water, you will be able to grow it at your home. Following are the steps to grow peppers in a pot that answer your question that “how to grow bell peppers in pots? “.

 Step 1-:

The first thing you need to do is to buy the plant from a nursery or propagate it from seeds.

 Step 2- Choose a Pot: 

You need to have a pot that is at least 10 to 12 inches deep and wide. You can plant 2 or three plants in such pot. Before buying a pot for planting bell peppers make sure that it has drainage holes.  One more thing, do not use a black color pot if you are growing bell pepper in the tropical environment.

 Step 3:- Fill Your Container with Good Soil:

Good soil has an important role to play in producing productive pepper plants. Choose the best quality potting mix that is well-drained, loose, and fertile or make your own potting mix. The potting mixture should be rich in organic matter. Add well-rotted manure or compost in the combination of peat moss or coco peat and vermiculite. It is advisable to add 5 to 10gms. of neem cake at the time of soil preparation; it will keep your young plant safe from soil-borne diseases and pests.

Step 4:- Seeding:

Make sure to use quality seeds or plants. If you are choosing seeds then seed approximately 1/2 inch beneath the soil’s surface, with two seeds per tray or small pot. In about one to 03 weeks, you should start to notice your peppers germinating. After you see 02 true leaves emerge having a length of approximately 4 to 6 inches then you can transplant your bell peppers outdoors and prepare them for either planting in the ground, or in a larger pot or container.

Step 5:- Position: 

Peppers love the sunlight thus, the most productive pepper plants grow in warmth and heat. When you are growing bell peppers in the pots or containers make sure to keep them in a position that receives at least 6 hours of sunlight daily. Also, that place should be sheltered from the strong wind.

 Step 6:- Watering:

Regular watering is essential to keep the soil slightly moist for growing bell pepper productively; soil should never dry out completely. In any case, avoid overwatering because it may cause fungal infection. Water at the foot of the plant. So, be careful and keep in mind that your plants don’t sit in water.

 Step 7:- Fertilizer:

The Bell Pepper plants are heavy feeders thus you need to fertilize the plant every 15 days or so. When fertilizing bell peppers, remember too much nitrogen-rich fertilizer can promote foliage growth. Also, it is advisable to feed the plant with compost or manure tea once a month. It would be helpful to improve the health and increases the yield of pepper plants so it must be applied too.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to grow bell peppers at home follow up-mention steps and peppers will be ready to eat within a few months!!

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