Is a Peace Lily Poisonous for Dogs, Cats, Children, and Adults?


Is a Peace Lily Poisonous for Dogs, Cats, Children, and Adults?

Is a Peace Lily Poisonous

A Peace Lily can impart beauty to its surroundings but at the same time, have we ever thought about is a peace lily poisonous? Here we go, to know about the poisonous effects of a peace lily.

Peace lily plant is the common name for the genus Spathiphyllum. A peace lily plant is characterized by long broad dark green leaves bearing beautiful white flowers. It is considered as an ornamental plant and blooms best under low-intensity sun rays and regular watering.

If you are an avid gardener looking forward to growing peace lilies, you might like to know about peace lily plant care. A peace lily with its beauty and vigor is poisonous. How strange that is!

Before planting any houseplant we must know whether the plant is poisonous or not. So, let me tell you, a peace lily is a poisonous plant. Yes, it is.

Mode of Poisoning

Peace_Lily_(Spathiphyllum_sp)Human beings, as well as pet animals, contain calcium in their blood. The juice and sap of peace lily have ingrained oxalate as one of its constituents. If consumed by chance, these oxalate crystals get absorbed inside the blood to bind with calcium, This leads to subsequent crystallization, rendering the blood deficient in calcium, thus, leading to poisoning.

Is a Peace Lily Poisonous Plant to Children and Adults

Depending on the toxicity level and the amount consumed, the poisoning effect of peace lilies varies. However, chewing a few leaves of peace lily can cause diarrhea and vomiting in children. It may lead to a puffy mouth, difficulty speaking, irritation, and a burning sensation in the throat, mouth, and lips. Nausea and constant salivation are also the effects of its poisonous nature.

Is a Peace Lily Poisonous Plant to Dogs

Dogs are commonly kept as pets and can be victims of peace lily dog poisoning. Consumption of peace lily can result in digestive system disorders, dizziness, and respiratory trouble in addition to some of the symptoms also seen in human beings.

Are Peace Lilies Toxic to Cats:

Like humans and dogs, felines are also susceptible to peace lily cat poisoning. A peace lily is toxic to cats because chewing the flower or leaves leads to drooling, lethargy, and depression. Cats experience a reduction in urine discharge which may lead to renal failure.

Range of Peace Lily Toxicity

The range of toxicity of peace lilies lies between mild to severe both in humans and animals. If consumed in large amounts, it leads to hypocalcemia, and choking, and can even result in respiratory and kidney failure in animals and human beings. In severe cases, peace lily poisoning can also cause coma and even death.

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Simple Ways to Prevent Peace Lily Poisoning

  • The potted plants should be kept away from the reach of children or pets. They can be hung from a certain height that children and pets cannot reach.
  • Ensure that the leaves or petals are not scattered inside the house when shed.
  • If used as a houseplant, it can be planted inside a protected glasshouse or a cabinet.
  • The leaves of the plant or the stem can be sprayed with bitter substances like pepper which will be distasteful for pets and may keep them away from the plant.

Treatments for Peace Lily Poisoning

  • The victims, either humans or animals should be immediately rushed to the clinic.
  • Their mouth should be washed and flushed with water.
  • A large quantity of liquid intake is prescribed to help the body clear the toxicity by deliberate urination.
  • Dogs and cats should immediately be given a lactose drink like curd, milk, or yogurt to nullify the toxic properties effect.
  • Last but not the least, proper medical care under the guidance of medical practitioners is advised for the right diagnosis of toxicity and quick recovery from peace lily poisoning.
  • You need not panic just because you have peace lilies in your garden or home. The simple proverb “prevention is better than cure” holds true here. Remember the answer to ‘Is a Peace Lily Poisonous for Dogs, Cats, Children, and Adults?’

The answer is ‘yes’. Take the necessary precautions to prevent peace lily poisoning.

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