Most Different Types of Lilies Flowers


Most Different Types of Lilies Flowers

What Are Different Types of Lilies

Vibrant, colorful lilies fascinate everyone. What are the different types of lilies? To find out, read on…

That day, I was in a bad mood, walking all alone. It was really a long, boring day. Suddenly, my eyes captured a beautiful sight…Yes, it was a mind-blowing lily garden!… Vibrant, colorful!… awesome!… I just forgot all my boredom and frustration.

Those fresh blooms of attractive lilies relaxed my tired mind. Really, the magic of beautiful lily flowers can transform a boring, dull day into a refreshing time, full of pleasure and energy.

Blessed with delicate beauty, the lily is one of the most popular flowers. The word ‘lily’ in Chinese means “forever in love”. A colorful lily garden is quite fascinating. The symbolism of the lily has philosophical and spiritual significance. Lilies are considered the symbol of purity, innocence, and new life.

Some lilies are without any fragrance, while some have a strong fragrance. Lilies grow best in the Temperate and Mediterranean regions. Lilies are available in a number of colors and varieties. They come in a multitude of bright colors such as yellow, pink, white, orange, whitish purple, cream, and lilac. The major two types of lilies are Oriental and Asiatic.

Oriental lilies bloom during late summer and are fragrant. Lilium Stargazer is one of the most common types of Oriental lilies. Asiatic lilies are hybrids, that originated with Asiatic species. They generally bloom during early summer. These types of lilies come in a wide variety of vibrant colors.

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Best Different Types of Lilies Flowers With Images

Some of the common types of lilies are as follows:

  • American Hybrid:

American HybridThese types of lilies are found in the United States and Canada. These lilies appear like balloons.

Their petals are joined towards their back.

They need a shady flower bed and well-drained soil.

  • Margaton hybrid:

Margaton hybridThese lilies are a very popular garden plant.

These lilies grow very tall, with the face drooping towards the ground.

They come in different bright shades with spots.

  • Asiatic hybrid:

Asiatic hybridThis type of lily is the earliest to bloom.

They can be easily grown.

They are available in a wide range of colors including pink, red, yellow, white, plum and orange.

These lilies are without any fragrance.

These lilies require a lot of sunshine.

  • Candium hybrid:

Candium hybridThese are very rare types of lilies.

They are not used for commercial purposes and are mostly grown by people, who are fond of growing rare plants.

  • Trumpet and Aurelian hybrid:

Trumpet lilies are huge, waxy flowers, full of fragrance.

Trumpet and Aurelian hybridThey are available in bright gold, pink, yellow, apricot, plum, and glistening white colors.

Aurelian lilies come in a wide range of shapes and colors.

Trumpets and Aurelian generally bloom in the mid to late season.

  • Species lily ”Lilium longiflorum x Lilium pardalinum”:

Species lilyThese types of lilies are wild lilies.

Native lilies can be found in Europe, America, and Asia.

They are excellent garden plants.

  • Goldband lily “Lilium auratum”:

This type of lily is known for being a large flower.

Goldband lilyIt is white with golden-yellow markings.

This type of lily is fragrant.

These various types of lilies can be creatively used for bouquets and beautiful flower arrangements.

Lilies are one of the most preferred wedding flowers. They offer a traditional touch to wedding decorations.


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