Cat Grass Seeds Review For Your Feline


Cat Grass Seeds Review For Your Feline

Cat Grass Seeds Review For Your Feline
Cat Grass Seeds Review For Your Feline

Are you in search of healthier methods of consumption for your cat? The cat grass seeds are the option for you. As the world develops people are starting to realize the need to be concise of what they eat. More organic alternatives are being produced for human consumption. The same applies to our pets; the age of canned food is slowly disappearing on our rearview mirrors.

More and more owners are requesting more organic food supplements for their pets. Read this article to get an insight into the benefits of cat grass seeds.

The question we first need to address is exactly what are cat grass seeds? Also referred to as cat wheat or oats grasses are basically cereal grasses.

The popular oat cereals we have in the mornings are mostly made from these seeds. It has become somewhat of a fad for health concise people and athletes to drink the juice from wheat to derive its high levels of minerals and vitamins.

Although the same has not been scientifically proven for cats (that they too can acquire the nutrients from the consumption of plants, as they are still only just extensive proof leaning cats are carnivores and getting their nutritional value from meat). That notion is of course still open for discussion. Now you know a bit about the seeds let us now look into the plant.

Once the cat grass seeds are planted they go on to produce green blades which are majestic and healthy with a lot of chlorophyll stored within them and some antioxidants known to assist in fighting cancer, minerals, and amino acids as well as vitamins.

As mentioned earlier these benefits are known to be of help to human beings whilst there is no concrete proof that the same applies to cats. Some plant products have been known to cause harm to cats, in the case of cat grass it is recommended that the cat avoids the consumption of the fully grown plant; due to the suspicion that the oats produced may harm their digestive tract.

Immature cat grass has not shown signs of being harmful though. The following will attempt to shed some light on why cats seem to be drawn to the cat grass.

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Likely Reasons Why Cats Enjoy Cat Grass Seeds

Here are four likely reasons which seem to be dominant and common; although none have been proven beyond doubt except maybe the last one:

–  They assist in the movement of hairballs: instead of your cat throwing it up or coughing it out it will most likely be moved along the digestive system,

–  It acts as a good source of roughage for your cat’s digestive system

–  Due to it containing chlorophyll which is a naturally occurring substance that makes the grass green, and also plays the part of being a natural breath fresher for your cat (evergreen breath mint J )

–  The taste is basically irresistible to your cat.

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Price Range of Cat Grass Seeds

You can get your hands on cat grass seeds from your nearest pet shop, local health food store, or at the supermarket. Prices range from $2.00 to about $6.00 depending on the outlet you are acquiring them from. They are easy to plant and the plant grows within a space of two days. It should also be noted though that they do not have a long life span of about a week or so (the plant). These seeds are not expensive to grow for more detail on where to acquire your oat grass seeds click here.

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Cats are by instinct attracted to grass, they love playing in it, laying in it, and also eating it as well. So it only makes sense to get your feline friend organic cat grass seeds. Look up Lucy’s Cat Grass seeds to get a view of comprehensive kitty seeds. They may be no concrete proof that the advantages are truly applicable but there is one certainty, which is cats love, their cat grass: you will also be avoiding your cat from consuming harmful plant life. I hope this article informed you and cleared any questions you may have had on cat grass plants and seeds. For customer grass seeds reviews on your feline grass seeds go to


– Cat grass seeds are reasonably priced in fact at the right outlet you can get them for a steal

–  They start sprouting within two days

–  Their life span is about a week or so

–  Popular opinion states that cat grass help in overall health

– Does away with the coughing up of furballs

–  Helps in the upkeep of a well-grounded digestive system

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Additional Information

Cat grass seeds may be planted to be used by other pets as well like your hamster or guinea pig.

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