What are the Methods of Modern Farming?


What are the Methods of Modern Farming?

What are the Methods of Modern Farming

Modern farming methods are one of the most pressing issues at the present time. What are the most important modern agricultural methods and new technologies used? And how agricultural technology affected crops.

Modern farming methods are of the utmost importance. Due to the high demand for food. So what are the modern agricultural methods? What are the modern farming techniques used? And the effects of using agricultural technology on crops.

Objectives of Modern Farming Methods

Modern farming has two goals. The first is to obtain an extremely high return from farm produce. The second is to make a good profit from the farm’s produce. To achieve this, modern agricultural methods that include monoculture, irrigation, intensive tillage, application of inorganic fertilizers, chemical pest control, and genetic manipulation of plants must be considered.


Monoculture is one of the modern agricultural methods

Monoculture is the cultivation of one type of crop on a given plot of land, and this makes cultivating the land easier. Because the crop to be grown is of the same type, and the land is plowed by the same method. This makes farming and land preparation very simple.

Sowing the seeds this way on the soil is easier because the seeds to be planted are of the same type. This also helps save time as there is no accurate selection of the type of seed to plant and where the seed should be planted.

Weeding is a little easier in monoculture because the type of plant grown is specific. When the weeding method is chosen, it is used for all crops on the plot.

As for harvesting and storage, the products are packed easily without fear of mixing with different products. The method of storage is simpler in monoculture as the cultivated crop is the same. Monoculture also tends to promote the use of the other five modern farming methods.

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Irrigation Technique

Irrigation technology is one of the modern agricultural methods. Water supply is one of the most important aspects of modern farming techniques that determine the survival of plants. Reliance on rainwater is not sufficient to produce crops.

Therefore, good strategies are devised to solve this problem, including building dams and drawing water from wells to enhance crop production.

Other modern farming methods include diverting the river and using the channel of distribution. This has resulted in a significant increase in food production during the dry seasons. It has also helped increase the land available for agriculture.

Nowadays, the use of modern agricultural technology represented by the use of sprinklers and drip systems, and the use of pumps have increased the use of water.

Intensive Cultivation is One of the Modern Farming Methods

Intensive cultivation is one of the modern farming techniques. It is important to have proper soil aeration to enhance air circulation in the soil. For better growth of agricultural products, there was an urgent need for intensive cultivation of the land. Regular deep and full land cultivation is a modern form of agriculture.

In order for this technology to be successful, different types of tractors must be used with farming tools. This makes the soil particles lose and creates large contractions. As a result, the water is easily drained through the soil, the plant roots grow quickly and the seeds are easily planted.

Modern agricultural technology helps control weeds, as they reduce their chances of survival. Dead weeds also act as a source of organic matter when decomposing. One of the effects of agricultural technology is intensive cultivation.

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Use of Inorganic Fertilizers

The use of inorganic fertilizers is one of the modern agricultural methods. Fertilizers have a specific function which is to increase yield and crop size. It is also important to use fertilizers to increase the fertility of the land on which one grows. Over the years, repeated use of the land for a prolonged period reduced the fertility of the land. Since leaving the land for a long time without using it has become an outdated method due to the scarcity of the earth, so the use of fertilizers helped solve this problem.

Inorganic compost is easy to manufacture and transport. It’s also easy to implement, as it doesn’t use very large procedures. Inorganic fertilizers have the advantage of giving plants a variety of nutrients. This definitely depends on the type of crop being produced and the type of fertilizer being purchased.

Chemical Pest Control

Chemical pest control is one of the modern agricultural methods. The pests range from insects that eat the stems and leaves of young plants, to rodents and other animals. These pests can cause disease in crops, and reduce the quality and quantity of farm produce. It also increases the cost of production.

We find that the best way to deal with it is to use chemicals that either kill or inhibit it. Most of these chemicals are not harmful to crops, are very effective when used appropriately, and pesticides provide good results. This reduces the invasion of crops by pests, thus producing healthy and productive plants. This is one of the implications of the new agricultural technology.

Genetic Manipulation is the Most Important Method of Modern Agriculture

Genetic manipulation in plants is one of the modern agricultural methods.

Researchers who have studied molecular biology and genetic engineering have come up with several improved seeds. These seeds produce hybrid crops. The hybrid crops produced from seeds have different characteristics from the original crops.

Genetic engineering focuses on obtaining specific traits and genes from different cultivars. Then they merge them into one species. This makes optimized crops contain all desirable traits from two or more varieties.

All modern farming methods play a big role in production. However, its use depends on the type of crop and the necessity to choose the appropriate method. The choice of modern agricultural technology tools depends on the availability of resources and the cost of production.

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