Regional Guide to Native Trees


Regional Guide to Native Trees

Regional Guide to Native TreesRegional Guide to Native Trees

Planting a tree can be a deeply satisfying act, a commitment to the future of the place where it will grow. Choose a tree that’s native to the region and your rewards multiply. Natives are likely to thrive in your conditions with minimal attention after the first two or three years. They provide the food and shelter local wildlife depends on. Native trees have survived thousands of years of climate extremes, they have reached equilibrium with their environment, and most of them learned to cope with native pests or they would not still be here. This is truly organic!

Here’s a list of native tree species that grow well in different regions of the United States:

Common NameBotanical NameRelative
Mature Size
Birch, yellowBetula alleghaniensisLarge
Birch, sweetB. lentaMedium
Hawthorn, dottedCrataegus punctataSmall
Hawthorn, WashingtonC. phaenopyrumSmall
Maple, mountainAcer spicatumSmall
Maple, redA. rubrumLarge
Maple, stripedA. pensylvanicumSmall
Maple, sugarA. saccharumLarge
Oak, blackQuercus velutinaLarge
Oak, northern redQ. rubraLarge
Oak, whiteQ. albaLarge
Pine, eastern white*Pinus strobusLarge
Pine, pitch*P. rigidaMedium
Pine, red*P. resinosaLarge
Sumac, smoothRhus glabraVery small
Sumac, staghornR. typhinaSmall
Birch, riverBetula nigraLarge
Birch, roundleafB. uberMedium
Hawthorn, greenCrataegus viridisSmall
Hawthorn, mayhawC. aestivalisSmall
Hawthorn, parsleyC. marshalliiSmall
Maple, chalkAcer leucodermeSmall
Maple, FloridaA. barbatumLarge
Oak, live (subevergreen)Quercus virginianaLarge
Oak, scarletQ. coccineaLarge
Oak, swamp chestnutQ. michauxiiLarge
Oak, willowQ. phellosLarge
Pine, longleaf*Pinus palustriLarge
Pine, table mountain*P. pungensMedium
Pine, Virginia*P. virginianaMedium
Sumac, wingedRhus copallinaSmall
Sumac, smoothRhus glabraVery small
Birch, grayBetula populifoliaMedium
Birch, riverB. nigraLarge
Hawthorn, cockspurCrataegus crus-galliSmall
Hawthorn, frostedC. pruinosaSmall
Maple, blackAcer nigrumLarge
Maple, redA. rubrumLarge
Oak, burQuercus macrocarpaLarge
Oak, chinkapinQ. muehlenbergiiLarge
Oak, northern pinQ. ellipsoidalisLarge
Oak, swamp whiteQ. bicolorLarge
Pine, red*Pinus resinosaLarge
Pine, shortleaf*P. echinataLarge
Pine, white*P. strobusLarge
Sumac, smoothRhus glabraVery small
Sumac, staghornR. typhinaSmall
Sumac, wingedR. copallinaSmall
Birch, waterBetula fontinalis (syn. B. occidentalis)Small
Hawthorn, CerroCrataegus erythropodaSmall
Hawthorn, riverC. rivularisSmall
Oak, Buckley’sQuercus buckleyiSmall
Oak, EmoryQ. emoryiLarge
Oak, Rocky MountainQ. gambeliiMedium
Oak, silverleafQ. hypoleucoidesMedium
Pine, Apache*Pinus engelmanniiLarge
Pine, limber*P. flexilisLarge
Pine, piñon*P. edulisSmall
Pine, ponderosa*P. ponderosa var. scopulorumLarge
Maple, ash-leaved (box elder)Acer negundoMedium
Maple, canyonA. grandidentatumMedium
Maple, Rocky MountainA. glabrumSmall
Sumac, evergreenRhus virensVery small
Sumac, prairieR. lanceolataVery small
Birch, western paperBetula papyrifera var. commutataMedium
Hawthorn, blackCrataegus douglasiiSmall
Maple, bigleafAcer macrophyllumLarge
Maple, sierraA. glabrum var. douglasiiSmall
Maple, vineA. circinatumSmall
Oak, blueQuercus douglasiiLarge
Oak, California blackQuercus kelloggiiLarge
Oak, canyon*Quercus chrysolepisLarge
Oak, coast live*Quercus agrifoliaLarge
Oak, garryQuercus garryanaLarge
Oak, valleyQuercus lobataLarge
Pine, gray*Pinus sabinianaMedium
Pine, Jeffrey*P. jeffreyiLarge
Pine, shore* P. contortaSmall
Pine, western white*P. monticolaLarge
Sumac, smoothRhus glabraVery small


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