With Deepest Sympathy: Express Condolences with Flowers


With Deepest Sympathy: Express Condolences with Flowers

With Deepest Sympathy Express Condolences with Flowers

Everybody at one stage or other goes through a difficult time. Planning or attending a funeral is one of those times.

Expressing sympathy condolences with flowers has been a rite that goes way back. Many people can often be at a loss for words, so sending flowers shows that the deceased remains in their thoughts.

Flowers are a great way to show the family that you are there for them in their time of need.

Sympathy Flowers

Flowers are a beautiful method to acknowledge the loss. They are steeped with special meaning and symbolism and can convey love and other emotions that words cannot express.

Always consider the preference of the family before giving flowers. And think about the meanings of different kinds of condolence flowers before creating and sending a sympathy bouquet.

Types of Flowers in a Condolence Bouquet

Each type of flower can convey a different meaning. Let’s take a closer look at the meanings behind nine flowers traditionally used in sympathy bouquets.


White carnations represent purity and innocence. Use this flower when the person who passed away was young. Pink carnations represent thoughts of remembrance. Combining these in a basket forms the ideal sympathy arrangement to send.


This flower displays strength and character. The message is an uplifting one during a time of loss. Gladioli can be sent to a family where the person who passed away was known to stand up for justice, reminding the family of their strength and encouraging them to persevere without their loved one.


This is a good option to show your support. The family can also choose to transplant it outdoors, giving them a loving reminder that will live on.

Daffodils and Tulips

These flowers show encouragement and hope during a time of struggle. Sending daffodils and tulips helps the family feel uplifted.


This pretty blue flower’s name says it all. With these, you show that you will remember the person who has passed away.



Lilies symbolize renewal and rebirth. The flower, which blooms in summer, offers hope and encouragement to a grieving family.


This flower represents femininity and thoughtfulness. Pink and white orchids are the best to use.



This flower’s meaning varies depending on its colour. White roses are a popular choice, as they are a sign of new beginnings. Peach roses can symbolize sincerity.

When is the Correct Time to Send Sympathy Flowers?

Sending a condolence bouquet shows the family that you are thinking of them. One option is to bring flowers to a funeral. You can also send flowers to the family’s home or to the funeral home if you wish to have them displayed.

You can choose to send flowers on the day of the funeral before the service or afterwards.

What do the Different Colours Mean?

  • White represents mourning and symbolizes peace, purity, and love.
  • Yellow is associated with friendship and joy.
  • Oranges show feelings of warmth, optimism, and friendship.
  • Purple symbolizes change, loyalty, and respect.
  • Red is linked with passion and shows how much the person was loved.
  • Pink represents love and sentiment.
  • Blue conveys peace and hope.

Use of Flowers in Funeral Rites

During a wake, flowers are displayed at the funeral home or the church, either in the shape of crosses and hearts for the casket, or as standing sprays for the front of the service.

Casket mounts are from the immediate family. Baskets, wreaths, or live plants are from other family and friends. Each flower arrangement shows the relationship with the deceased as a visual tribute.

Funeral Etiquette

The funeral service is a way to remember the person who has passed and to come together to mourn. Flowers at the funeral services can create a comforting and warm setting.


When looking for flowers to show that special message at a time of grief, there are many choices. Think about the person who has passed, as well as their surviving family. This will help you find the perfect sympathy flowers, to sum up, their life.

Don’t be afraid to choose flowers that will comfort the family. If you believe they love bright, colourful flowers, then choose them.

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