Best 10 Tips For Navigating The Nursery

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Best 10 Tips For Navigating The Nursery

10 Tips For Navigating The Nursery

For many, a trip to a garden centre can be overwhelming. Tables teeming with potted plants, soil mixes galore—where does one start? We asked our favorite gardening experts for their tried and true tips on navigating the nursery.

1. Create a Plan

“Good gardens start with a good plan. Whether you’re remodeling an existing yard or starting from scratch, it’s very helpful to have a vision of the entire layout before proceeding, as it will help you avoid making costly mistakes down the road.”

2. Avoid Impulse Purchases

“Gardeners are especially vulnerable on their first few visits after the long, drab winter. I ripped out two impulse purchases last fall, neither of which I had any business buying: a Dreamcatcher beauty bush (it grew like an octopus) and a rhododendron (that demanded really acidic soil).” (Next button)


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