How To Grow Citronella Plant?


How To Grow Citronella Plant?

How to grow citronella plant at your home
How to grow citronella plant at your home

The citronella plant should not be mistaken for what is known as a ‘mosquito plant’, which is usually found in some stores. This fake plant is actually a scented geranium whose smell is closely similar to the true citronella plant, which is again similar in characteristics of lemongrass. Areas falling under Zone 10 or below are considered to bear the ideal conditions for growing citronella plants. This 5 – 6 feet tall clumping grass bears gray-green and aromatic grass-like leaves. These leaves have a coarse texture and are borne on cane-like stems. This plant is also famous as a mosquito repellent plant. As you proceed on to the following sections, you will come across the vital aspects the citronella plant is related to.

Citronella Plant Care – Indoor Gardening

Soil Conditions for Citronella Plant

Heavy soil type with good drainage, is what is required for growing a citronella plant. The soil must have a pH level of 6.5 and must also have good air circulation. Before planting planting citronella plant, it is a good idea to mix the soil with a peat-based organic soil.

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Light Conditions for Citronella Plant

The plant likes full sun exposure when its cool in the early hours of the day and it prefers partial shade during the afternoon. The citronella plant grows well during the warmer seasons of the year. Damp, cold winters are generally not suitable for their growth. This is the reason why it is advisable to grow the plant in pots so that it can be brought indoors during winter.

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Water Requirements for Citronella Plant

Water your citronella plant generously, but avoid letting the water to stand or be stagnant. Allow the plant to dry before you start watering it again. One best way to check if the plant requires watering is to see if it is dry down to 1 – 2 inches. It is important to know that the plant does not prefer wet conditions and so ensure that the watering is kept to the desired level.

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Citronella Plant Pruning and Fertilization

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The plant’s leaves may get diseases or die over time. So, prune the plant to get rid of such leaves so that the plant’s growth isn’t hampered. Coming to the fertilizer for the plant, it must be high in nitrogen. Adding potassium-based fertilizer to the plant, twice a year also does good for its growth.


Insecticide and Fungicide for Citronella Plant

To get rid of bugs or to prevent bug infestation, it is advisable that the insecticides are applied early in the season. Make use of a wide-range insecticide near the plant, away from new buds.

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How to Grow Citronella Mosquito Plant?

How To Grow Citronella Plant?

When frost has had its run and its completely over, you can plant citronella in the spring. As mentioned above, the soil should be heavy and well-drained and it is better to grow the plant in a pot. Look for a place where it can receive full sun until the afternoon. After placing the plant in the pot, cover it with one part dirt and three parts soil mixed with organic soil, as mentioned above. After you are done with the planting, water the plant deeply and follow the instructions cited above for its healthy growth. Read more on gardening.

What I did not mention in the above section was about the citronella plant propagation. The process is simple, as it is done by splitting large clumps of the plant into several smaller ones. So, with this, we come to the conclusion of this small description of the citronella plant. Before I sign off, Cymbopogon nardus or Citronella winterianus is known as the true and genuine citronella plant. So, get the true one and not any other which mimics its characteristics.

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