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Landscaping Trends You Must Have in 2018

Landscaping Trends You Must Have in 2018

Landscaping Trends You Must Have
Landscaping Trends You Must Have

For many homeowners in Georgia, outdoor space in an extension of the indoor living area. If you want the garden of your dreams, you might start with stone landscaping in Suwanee. Then, by utilizing four landscaping design trends, you can likely create an outdoor space you will love.

1. A Good Fence

Before you can design your outdoor space, you must have a good fence. Generally, the style of your fence should match your home’s overall design aesthetic. If you have an old or unattractive boundary, then, you might consider replacing it.

2. A Water Feature

Water features are popular in landscaping for two reasons. First, they look great, helping to transform any area into a natural space. Similarly, they sound great, helping drown out traffic and other unwanted noises. Thus, if you are looking for a tremendous outdoor space, you should consider adding a water feature.

3. A Tiered Garden

If your garden is flat, it is probably not as dynamic as it could be. By collaborating with a service for stone landscaping in Suwanee, you can create a tiered garden. With added levels, you and your guests can better view your plantings and other elements of a landscape. For an even better effect, consider building paths to reach each level of your garden.

4. A Comprehensive Lighting Scheme

To get the most out of the garden, you likely want to use it during the day and evening. If your yard is dark, then, you need to think about installing some lighting. To make your outdoor space modern, opt for a comprehensive lighting scheme. In addition to overhead lights, install some floodlights and another accent lighting. Alternatively, experiment with colored light to emphasize different regions of your garden.

Stone landscaping in Suwanee is necessary for the structure of any garden. To get the most out of their outdoor area, though, savvy Georgia homeowners take advantage of at least four landscaping trends.

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