MARS HYDRO TS 1000 W Led Grow Light Review


MARS HYDRO TS 1000 W Led Grow Light Review

an extremely powerful and efficient grow light, using the latest technology. For example, this hood has a very high lumen output of 1000 watts that is quite impressive considering its small design! Not only does it produce lots of lumens, but at 660 nanometers for flowering and 640 nanometers for vegging you get maximum results in both growth and bloom.

It also uses a hybrid of both red and blue LEDs, making it the perfect choice in terms of spectrum and energy efficiency for any stage in your plants’ life cycle! With its adjustable daisy chain feature you can connect up to 32 TS 1000’s together at only 24 watts per channel. This means that this hood is an excellent choice for large-scale indoor gardens.

The MARS HYDRO TS 1000 W Led Grow Light is a top quality and highly efficient grow light, perfect for any stage of your plants’ growth cycle! With its high lumen output, adjustable spectrum, and daisy chain feature, this hood is an excellent choice for larger-scale indoor gardens.

This hood is a top quality and highly efficient grow light, perfect for any stage of your plants’ growth cycle! With its high lumen output, adjustable spectrum, and daisy chain feature it can be used in both small-scale indoor gardens as well as large commercial growing operations.

MARS HYDRO TS 1000 W Led Grow Light Features

  • Bulb 1000 Watt MARS HYDRO TS The latest LED lighting technology LED lighting and plant growth in a manner Slim and large buds.
  • The MARS HYDRO lamp is more energy-efficient than other lamps, as it provides the highest natural light And more efficient at the lowest cost.
  • It is designed with SMD LED high brightness white color and MARS HYDRO lamp as it is intended Replacing the 250-watt single motor saves a lot of energy as it consumes only 150 watts and 30% more productivity.
  • It contains 342 LED lights, draws only 2.0 grams per watt, and saves 50% of energy, so it is more light and keeps For power in a large proportion compared to other LED lamps as a; it covers a large area 3×3 feet, it is suitable for all stages of growth For indoor plants,
  • It emits a spectrum of light enough that the plant needs natural lighting, absorbing more than 90% of the energy. As the light is more intense and covers a considerable distance or by using a TS1000 to cross the lamp is essential for the growth of indoor plants it is necessary for all stages of development from the set of covering to the location of flowering and the formation of buds until they grow up.
  • It reflects the light that the plant benefits from for better growth without getting tired.
  •  It is a complete LED that contains a full spectrum for growing indoors, and places Closed 660-665 nm red IR/3200-4200 km/5200-6800 km to produce high-quality crops.
  • It distributes the lighting in an equal amount, so you do not find parts of the plant that did not reach the light and died, or you find red spots as a result of shining the morning on a particular interest, and the papers are burned.
  • It does not make noise, does not cause a disturbance, and has an intense illumination similar to natural light.

Reasons to buy the MARS HYDRO TS 1000 W Led Grow Light?

  • The MARS HYDRO TS 1000 Watt bulb is of great importance for the growth of plants and a beautiful flowering crop. It is more efficient, gets more extensive and flowery buds, and reflects light to make growing life easier.
  • The MARS HYDRO lamp is also energy efficient by a large amount of up to 50%.
  •  It provides the highest output of fraction/lumen. The MARS HYDRO lamp has extensive and advanced coverage and contains a dimmable spectrum for the efficient growth of indoor plants. It also includes water lighting, and the lamp contains 342 white LED bulbs that are similar to natural lighting and are robust enough For the plant to take full advantage of it.
  • It also contains a thermometer to distribute heat quickly to reduce energy loss and obtain The highest energy at the lowest cost. Therefore, the lamp is characterized by saving electricity by 50% of electrical power, and it is characterized by being light in weight and durable.
  • It also has a moisture timer in the lamp that is a suitable solution for caring for indoor plants, as it is a commercial and advanced grow lamp. 
  • It also contains a chain that is easy to imitate. You can connect between 15 lamps. You can also control the lighting of the lamps, as it is the lamp Ideal for all types of plants and emergence and suitable for all stages of growth from the beginning of green to flowering and obtaining large buds.

What is the Electrical Energy and the Specific Area of the MARS HYDRO TS 1000 W Led Grow Light?

  • The MARS HYDRO TS bulb 1000 watts works on one end of 250 watts and produces 30% more value because it is less In drawing energy from other lamps, it has 2.0 grams per watt as a lamp consumes only 150 watts for the number of many lights It reaches 342.
  • it is also equipped with an automatic sensor that works on many multiple currents,
  •  It works on 120 And 240, and 277 volts AC is suitable for all spaces, as the series can be used to connect 15 lamps easily according to the area of ​​the room. 
  • Its need for commercial settings, this lamp works efficiently and perfectly only with the size 3×3 feet, which is the declared area.

International reviews about the MARS HYDRO TS 1000 W Led Grow Light?

  • It is the best solution to take care of the growth of indoor plants in homes and indoor places, as it contains intense lighting And a large number of LED lights that give the plant complete and sufficient lighting for growth; it is an ideal and best-selling product.
  • It is indispensable to farmers as it is made of aluminum, which helps reduce energy losses.
  • It is a good energy saver and can cover enough space in the room. 
  • It is a comprehensive product with all the advantages you need for a healthy plant and better plant growth. For everyone looking for comfort and ease in growing plants, even if it is your first time growing plants, you will get good plants and beautiful shapes.
  • The best thing about the MARS HYDRO lamp is that it saves energy at a rate of 50% of energy. It is a meticulously designed product by specialists in lights and lighting who care about user comfort and product efficiency.


Get more plants and grow healthier with the MARS HYDRO TS-1000 Led Grow Light 3x3ft. The light is designed for indoor use. It can be used both in a hydroponic system or soil based setup. This LED grow light has an adjustable height to accommodate different setups, while also providing optimal illumination of foliage without hot spots on the plant’s leaves.

Its full spectrum LEDs provide more natural wavelengths than some other lights which means you get better photosynthesis from your plants because it simulates sunlight as closely as possible. These features make this one of our top picks when looking at led grow lights! Click here to learn more about how this product compares against others available today on Amazon and see if its right for.

MARS HYDRO 2024 New TS1000 150 Watts LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants, Patented Reflector Dimming Daisy Chain Sunlike Full Spectrum Growing Lamps for Seedlings Veg Bloom in 3x3 Grow Tent Greenhouse
  • 2024 Upgraded TS1000 LED Grow Lights: Experience the advantages of our new diode layout, densely packed in the center and sparse on the sides. This arrangement creates a more uniform light distribution between the center and sides, ensuring the most even PPFD distribution and maximizing plant yield. These meticulous design details make the TS1000 150w grow light perfect fit for any setting within 2 x 2ft in flower stage, and 3 x 3ft in veg stage.
  • Wider Coverage & Stronger Illumination: The Mars Hydro TS1000 plant growing lamp features a patented 120° angle white reflector design that achieves wider coverage and higher light intensity, helping plants better absorb light.
  • Dimmable and Daisy Chain: With an independent dimming button on the external driver, this growing lamp allows you to adjust the brightness from 0 to 100% according to the specific growth stage of your plants. Additionally, it supports daisy chaining of up to 50 LED lights, seamlessly connected in a chain. The auto-sensing power supply is compatible with 120VAC, 240VAC, and 277VAC, making it suitable for both large-scale setups and personal settings.
  • Save Money and Energy: Mars Hydro's advanced SMD LED technology offers the highest PAR/LUMEN output while consuming only 150W with 354 LEDs, resulting in up to 50% energy savings compared to other grow lights for indoor plants, providing an additional 60% return compared to old HPS/MH lights.
  • Sunlike Full Spectrum LED: TS1000 full spectrum growing light features 730-740nm Red IR/3200-4200Knm/5200-6800Knm spectra, providing the best light for all plant stages. Rapid plant response from seed to flower, and an increase in yield and crop quality‎. Over 90% light energy can be absorbed by plants.

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