Best Review of Simple Garden Ideas


Best Review of Simple Garden Ideas

There are many simple ways to spruce up your garden. Even though these ideas may be simple to design or add to your garden, they can make a large difference in how your garden looks!

Best Simple Garden Ideas: Patio

Creating a patio space in your garden is a great way to make a place for relaxation or socializing in your yard.

  • Put down some concrete or stones to make a flat area where you can put some chairs and a table
  • Border your patio with planters or containers to help make it stand out in your garden
  • Make some shade for your patio by buying or purchasing a structure to go overhead; you can even grow vine or climber plants on the top to add beauty to your structure

Best Simple Garden Ideas: Pathways

Creating some simple 3’-4’ wide pathways through your garden adds style as well as allows people to explore your garden.

  • Use round or square concrete blocks embedded in the ground to create a pathway
  • Clear plants from your planned walkway, and then fill it will small pebbles
  • Use a plain dirt walkway and line the sides with rocks or one type of plant
  • Place items of interest along the walkway, like arches or water features

Best Simple Garden Ideas: Create a Design

If you plan beforehand what you want your plants to look like all together, it will help your garden visually and make for less transplanting later.

  • Plant color in groups and then surround them with evergreen shrubs to provide contrast
  • Layer your plants from shortest to tallest so that you will be able to see all of your plants once they are fully grown
  • Consider covering ugly fences/walls with vines or climber plants
  • If you want to add above-ground features, like raised beds or containers, make sure you make space for them
  • To add privacy to any place in your garden, use taller shrubs/bushes

Best Simple Garden Ideas: Install Other Features

If you have the finances, you may want to consider adding features like an outdoor kitchen or a pool to your garden. This will allow for more opportunities to be outside and enjoy your garden!

  • Installing a pool is great for those who have children or like to host events; you can always decorate your pool deck with potted plants
  • An outdoor kitchen or bar is a great place for socializing in your garden
  • Install a fountain or waterfall to add a soothing visual and audial feature

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