General Hydroponics Flora Grow


General Hydroponics Flora Grow | Easy to use | Affordable | Widely available

General Hydroponics Flora Grow Easy to use Affordable Widely available

Don’t you think Plants need fertilizers to grow like we need mineral Nutrients to grow? As one needs proper nutrients to grow into a healthy individual, plants need them too to grow in the right size and to yield the best out of them.

If you’re thinking General Hydroponics Flora Grow is just an ordinary product available to the market then you’re wrong. YES! This isn’t an ordinary product rather it has fair participation in providing the hydroponic nutrients for growing cannabis and other plants & vegetables alike and for many years.

Water, sunlight, and air are the basics for plants to grow but what about the nutrients that are not available to them? For this, you need the best fertilizers.

Thanks to our experts for testing all the products and getting the best one out of them. This General Hydroponics Flora Grow tops our list as this is not only the best but also the most widely used Nutrient for hydroponic plants. Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced one, this one will hold you back no matter what.

What It Has That Others Don’t?

This General Hydroponic Flora Series consists of three components namely, FloraGro, FloraMicro, and FloraBloom. Each one has a specific role in benefiting the crops and bringing out the best in them. All three of them have proper and efficient nutrients for plants to grow in the right size.

Not only that it also contains every type of nutrient whether primary, secondary, micro, or macronutrient. If you’re new to this hydroponic culture system or just started to grow cannabis then I bet this is the one for you

Flora Series Is it for all Growing Hydroponic System Types?

Well, your concern about this topic is valid as an ideal fertilizer should work in any hydroponic system whether it’s an ebb & flow or a drip system.

This liquid-based hydroponic nutrient assures you that your crop will get nutrients in every type of hydroponic system. That’s a good relief. Nah?

Composition of GH Flora Growth:

Let me get that straight for you.

Well-Composed product = Yield Better outcomes

Now, you will ask me how can you say that. Are you sure about this? I will say ‘WHY NOT!’. Now think for a second when you are purchasing something. What do you always keep in mind? It’s composition, right? What kind of ingredients are used to make this? Is it healthy for me?

So, if plants can buy for themselves won’t they choose the best for themselves? The ones having all the nutrients in the perfect amount for their utmost growth?

These hydroponic organic nutrients not only provide you with the basics for plant growth but also every type of nutrient needed by plants. Even the nutrients plants need in very small quantities are available in this DIY hydroponic fertilizer.

What Do These Three Products Do?

These three products can do wonders both together and separately. Let me tell you their separate functions so that you’ll be able to recognize their overall function effectively. Here’s what they say:

1. FloraGro

FloraGro promotes vigorous growth and helps develop strong roots. It’s rich in nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium, which are essential for plant growth.

2. FloraBloom

FloraBloom provides phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and sulfur, which stimulate fruit and flower development. It also enhances flavor, aroma, and essential oils.

3. FloraMicro

FloraMicro is the foundation of the Flora Series. It provides nitrogen and calcium as well as trace minerals, which are essential for a comprehensive hydroponic plant diet.

Let’s discuss how each of them works and affects plant growth.

Flora Series: FloraGro

Roots are undoubtedly the most important part of the plant and need special care. So, put your trust in FloraGro.

As the most important part of the floral series, General hydroponics FloraGro provides nutrients to the plant during the most crucial stage of its development, the germination stage.

For the plant to go through this ‘make or break stage effectively you need the right amount of nutrients.

Want to know the best part? You can see Flora Series Feed Charts and feed this nutrient without worrying about excess or deficient feeding.

General Hydroponics FloraGro 2-1-6, Use With FloraMicro & FloraBloom, Provides Nutrients For Structural & Foliar Growth, Ideal For Hydroponics, 1-Quart
  • General Hydroponics FloraGro 2-1-6 delivers nutrients for structural and foliar growth
  • Combine FloraGro 2-1-6 with FloraMicro and FloraBloom to create a nutrient mix tailor-made for your plants and their phase of growth (seedling, cutting, structural, flowering, or fruiting)
  • Ideal for hydroponic applications and as a nutrient supplement for potted plants
  • To ensure the best results, always add FloraMicro to fresh water first, stir well, then add FloraGro and/or FloraBloom
  • Contains an N-P-K of 2-1-6

Flora Series: FloraMicro

Talking about the integral component of this trio, how can we forget FloraMicro.

It’s the intermediate one in the series with the quality of boosting the efficiency of both other flora nutrients.

As it is an important and intermediate part of the growth of crops it provides the necessary strength to roots and other primary growth.

Due to high calcium and nitrogen levels, it is much more suitable for every type of growth medium.

General Hydroponics FloraMicro 5-0-1, Use with FloraBloom & FloraGro For A Tailor-Made Nutrient Mix Ideal for Hydroponics, 1-Quart
  • General Hydroponics FloraMicro 5-0-1 is the foundation of the “Advanced Nutrient System” and delivers what your flowering plants need; for in-container, hydroponic and in-ground use; excellent for all media
  • FOR FLOWERING PLANTS: The hydroponic fertilizer supports fruit, vegetable, and flowering plants during plant growth and bloom cycles
  • THE ADVANCED NUTRIENT SYSTEM: FloraMicro is the foundation of the Flora Series three-part “Advanced Nutrient System“; combine it with FloraGro and FloraBloom in different ratios for a nutrient mix tailored-made for plants’ entire life cycle
  • NUTRIENT FORMULA: The 5-0-1 (nitrogen-phosphate-potassium) booster formula includes calcium, a combination of chelated micronutrients and trace elements
  • FOR BEST RESULTS: Apply during growth and bloom cycles or use as a supplement for potted plants; follow directions and basic applications table on label

Flora Series: FloraBloom

Last but not least in the series is none other than FloraBloom, which is specifically formulated to feed the crops during the final growth stages.

This nutrient provides the necessary minerals for the crops to grow as well as helps in the budding and flowering stages of crops.

FloraBloom induces flowering and causes the density of buds to reach a higher level.

Not the thing to forget that this one has a massive effect on the enrichment of the flavor and aroma of the cannabis plant.

General Hydroponics FloraBloom 0-5-4, Use With FloraMicro & FloraGro for a Tailor-Made Nutrient Mix, Provides Nutrients for Reproductive Growth, Ideal for Hydroponics, 1-Quart
  • General Hydroponics FloraBloom 0-5-4 provides plants with the nutrients that they need during the reproductive growth stages of flowering, fruiting, and seed production
  • Combine FloraBloom 0-5-4 with FloraMicro and FloraGro to create a nutrient mix tailor-made for your plants and their phase of growth (seedling, cutting, structural, flowering, or fruiting)
  • Ideal for hydroponic applications and as a nutrient supplement for potted plants
  • To ensure the best results, always add FloraMicro to fresh water first, stir well, then add FloraGro and/or FloraBloom
  • Contains an NPK of 0-5-4

Why Do We Recommend the Flora Series?

Let me get that clear to you, we are not sponsored by General Hydroponics Flora Grow nor do we have any stake in this company.

But wanting the best for you won’t hurt us in any way. We are ensuring the best for you and your crops. So here’s what I think of this Fertilizer.

  • Cheap

Compared to other Hydroponics products available in the market, General Hydroponics Flora Grow is cheap and affordable.

This trio, each of 32oz, comes out to be in the range of $30-$42.

You don’t think it’s cheap? Let me tell you something interesting about this.

The first thing is, we only need a small amount of them while feeding them to plants.

And the second thing is, it has an expiration date of many years making it usable for many years.

So, as long as you store it the right way, this Fertilizer will benefit you for many years.

A great bang for the buck, I would say.

  • Liquide fertilizers Work very well!

Many cultivators believe that the key to getting the best buds with an amazing look is the right and perfect amount of nutrients.

You have to believe me when I say that not all Fertilizers have the perfect nutrients for your crop. To grow your plant, you need the right nutrients.

Unlike all other nutrients, it has the perfect amount of minerals needed for your plant. So you need not worry about it working.

We all know that perfect nutrients are the key to a healthy plant.

General Hydroponics Flora Grow  Easy to use  Affordable  Widely available

  • Very simple to use

Removing all the extras that come with the trio, is much simpler and easy to use. Not only it’s a long-lasting solution, but also an efficient one.

This formula that involves minerals in the form of dissolved salts makes it long-lasting. These simple liquid-based bottles make their formulation simple and easy to use.

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  • Widely Available

The problem with most Hydroponics fertilizers is their unavailability in many regions.

But Good News! This General Hydroponics Flora Grow is not only available in the USA but also worldwide through Amazon. Yes! You can order it from any region and give your plants the ultimate nutrients.

How Often You Should Use It?

One of the most confusing questions that inexperienced growers face is How much and how often one should use these nutrients.

The quantity you should feed is different for the different types of systems so you can take a look at the Flora Series Feed Charts.

  1. Drain-to-waste Mediums

There’s a chart being provided by General Hydroponics Flora Series to avoid any problems.

This chart works best for mediums like Coco Coir, perlite, etc.

  1. Recirculating Systems

Recirculating Systems include systems like Ebb & Flow, DWC, etc.

Let’s have a look at how we can feed the nutrients in the right way.

Useful Instructions:

  • Always mix the nutrients in the water. Don’t mix them first as they will form some insoluble bonds with other minerals, making it less effective.
  • Use FloraMicro as the first nutrient. And then add the rest of them.
  • Your PH should be between 5.5-6.6. Change in PH will affect the output of nutrients.
  •  Always check PH after feeding all the ingredients. It will help better in reading the PH.
  • Give the plants plain water whenever you’re adding water. This is only for the drain-to-waste mediums. (coco coir, soil, etc.)
  •       For recirculating systems, top your reservoir with plain water and change it every 10 days.

Should you use it?

If you’re considering hydroponic as an option for your plants and you’re not sure about using which liquid nutrient then I will recommend you.

Now the question arises WHY? Let me tell you that this General Hydroponic is very easy to use for beginners and, for the experienced ones it’s like child’s play.

Not only that but it also gives you high performance within a matter of a few days. Isn’t that great?

And, secondly, it is a budget-friendly hydroponic fertilizer with high yields so you don’t have to worry about wastage of your money.

More and more people are using it day by day and can vouch for the yields it is been able to provide. Period.


  •   Easy to use
  •   Affordable
  •   Long-lasting
  •   For every system type
  •   Widely available


  •   Increases PH
  •   Bad quality packaging

How to Use General Hydroponics Flora series

Step 1: Start with FloraMicro

When mixing your nutrient solution, always start with FloraMicro. Add it to the water first and let it mix well before adding FloraGro or FloraBloom.

Step 2: Follow the Feeding Schedule

General Hydroponics provides a feeding schedule that outlines how much of each component to use at each stage of plant growth. Follow this schedule for optimal results.

Step 3: Adjust pH Levels

After adding your nutrients, check the pH level of your solution. Most plants prefer a slightly acidic environment with a pH of 5.5 to 6.5. Use pH up or down solutions to adjust the pH as necessary.

Step 4: Monitor Your Plants

Keep an eye on your plants and adjust your feeding schedule as necessary. Signs of nutrient deficiency or excess include yellowing leaves, slow growth, or burnt leaf tips.


The General Hydroponics Flora Series offers a versatile and comprehensive nutrient system for hydroponic gardening. By understanding each component and following the recommended feeding schedule, you can provide your plants with the nutrients they need to thrive.

Comparison Products Table

Product Name
General Hydroponics GH3283 Cocotte Bloom A Gal Hydroponic Base Nutrient, White
General Hydroponics GH3283 Cocotte Bloom A Gal Hydroponic Base Nutrient, White
star Rating
Buy on Amazon
Product Name
General Hydroponics GH3283 Cocotte Bloom A Gal Hydroponic Base Nutrient, White
General Hydroponics GH3283 Cocotte Bloom A Gal Hydroponic Base Nutrient, White
star Rating
Buy on Amazon

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