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How to Grow a Lotus Flower in Home Garden?

How to Grow a Lotus Flower in Home Garden?

How to Grow a Lotus Flower in Home Garden?
How to Grow a Lotus Flower in Home Garden?

The lotus flower (Nelumbo spp.) is not only beautiful and unique, but it also holds an enormous symbolic heritage that spans thousands of years. Native to India and Viet Nam, the lotus flower is considered sacred and is revered all across the middle east.

This aquatic perennial symbolizes purity, fertility, rebirth, wealth and many other things. The unique habits of this mysterious plant make it a highly prized addition to any outdoor or indoor garden.
Follow these tips and learn how to grow a lotus flower in your garden or home.

Start Your Lotus Flower with Seeds

Seeds can be purchased from an online retailer or any garden supply center.
Place lotus seeds in a glass or bowl of warm water. Seeds that float are infertile and should be removed from the water and discarded.
Change the water every day until you see roots emerge from the seed.


Fill a small 4-5 inch pot with loose garden loam and make an indention in the top with your thumb. Gently lift sprouted lotus seed from the water and place in the indentation. Lightly cover roots with garden loam.
If the seed has already developed leaves, be careful not to cover them with loam.

Growing Location

Place the pot containing the new transplant in a container that holds two inches of water. The water should be warm and kept at a consistent two-inch depth.
Place the container in a sunny location where the plant will receive at least 8 hours a day of sunlight.
The lotus plant will remain here until it develops more roots and leaves.

Final Growing Location

Once the seed has developed a strong root system and large leaves, it can be placed in its final aquatic home.
Prepare the final home for the lotus plant by placing two inches of clay in the bottom of an outdoor water feature or a non-draining container for indoor growth. Place plant on top of clay. Gently spread out roots and cover with a thin layer of clay.
Cover the clay with half an inch of pea gravel. This will keep the clay in place and the water clear.
Fill the water feature/container with enough water to reach the bottom of the lotus flower so it can float. Add water as needed to keep plant floating.
The aquatic plant will probably not bloom the first year.

How to Grow a Lotus Flower in Home Garden?
How to Grow a Lotus Flower in Home Garden?

After Care

Feed an established lotus flower once a month during the growing season.
Trim off yellow foliage in the fall.
Over-winter in deep ponds that don’t freeze, or remove plant and place in a cool, dry location until spring.

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