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Growing Plants from Cuttings – Gardening Tips

Growing Plants from Cuttings – Gardening Tips

Growing Plants from Cuttings - Gardening TipsGrowing Plants from Cuttings – Gardening Tips

Growing plants from cuttings allows you to share plants with friends and get them from friends. It is so easy to create a brand new plant from cuttings that you’ll find yourself wanting to propagate many of your garden and indoor plants this way.

The key to growing plants from cuttings is to select a very healthy plant from which to prune a cutting. Use very sharp pruners or scissors to remove young shoots from the parent plant. It is best to cut at an angle of 30-degrees, having a point on the end of the cutting.

Strip most of the leaves from the cutting, leaving a few at the end. All the lowest leaves should be removed. Then treat the cutting with a root growth enhancing powder. Simply dip the cutting into the powder and then place it in water, soil, or whatever growing medium you have selected. Some plants, like philodendron, do very well when cuttings are grown in plain water. Woodier plants should be placed in soil in most cases.
If using water, place a very week fertilizer liquid into the water to provide added nutrition. Place the cutting away from direct sunlight so that it gets off to a good start. If planting in soil, no fertilizer should be applied right away but the cutting should be placed in partial shade.

You must keep your cutting moist in order to keep it growing well. However, avoid applying too much water, since this can cause the tender roots to begin rotting instead of thriving. You can mist the cuttings you are growing frequently without danger of too much water. Never allow the plants you are growing from cuttings to sit in water in the bottom drain pan. This will surely stunt them or kill them completely.
Once roots form, you can plant your cuttings in their final homes, either pots or in the outdoor soil. Carefully transplant and keep the newly planted young specimen out of direct sun and well-watered for a few days as it becomes accustomed to its new home.

Of course, if you are growing plants from cuttings to share with friends, you can give the newly propagated plant to your friend and allow them to place it in its final home. You’ll find your friends appreciate the gift and will very likely ask which of their plants you would like to have cuttings from and, thereby, return the favor.

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