How to Remove a Tree Stump With The Top 09 Way Tree Stump Removal


How to Remove a Tree Stump With The Top 09 Way Tree Stump Removal

How to Remove a Tree Stump - Top 03 Way Tree Stump Removal

The tree stump is what holds the tree to the ground, and is the most difficult part to remove. However, there are some tree stump removal methods, one can try…

The tree stump is the remaining portion of the trunk that is still grounded with roots, in the soil. When a tree has been felled, it is also important to remove the stump from your landscape, as they tend to sprout again and regenerate into new trees. While felling the tree and its branches is easier, permanent tree stump removal can get trickier. How to remove a tree stump, is the question that we will attempt to answer here.

Different Types of Tree Stump Removal

1. Manual Tree Stump Remover

While felling the tree, don’t cut at least 3 to 4 good strong upright branches, as they will come in handy, while loosening up the stump. Using a spade, start digging a little trench all around the stump. While doing this, turn the spade backward and pry it against the stump to loosen it. Throw as much soil outwards to uncover as many roots as possible.

Once enough soil has been moved, use a bar (sharp-edged cutter) to cut some of the roots around the perimeter of the stump. Push the bar into the soil, and move it back and forth slightly to loosen the soil and pull the bar back out easily.

Do rounds with the bar, and try to cut as many as roots possible. Keep the bar at an angle that will eventually, help it to get to the stump’s center. Once the stump starts to move, using the upright branches, heave the stump out of the soil. This method is good for small trees.

2. Tree Stump Grinders

Old tree stumps cannot be removed with the hand, as their roots are buried deep down in the soil. A tree stump grinder is an electronic device, that is operated using its control panel. The control panel comprises the ignition and all other controls required for operating it. The grinder has a sharp blade fitted on the grinder wheel that chops into the stump.

There is a hydraulic lever that raises, lowers, and moves the grinder wheel side-to-side, to cut the stump from all sides. Clear all stones away from the stump to avoid damage to the grinder wheel blade. Chop, as much stump as you can, with a chainsaw. Positioning the grinder in front of the stump, raise it a few inches above, close to its edges.

Start the ignition, and lower it into the stump. Keep moving it farther into the tree stump. Repeat this process, until the stump is completely chopped and you are left with just a few roots. You can pull them out manually, or with the spade.

3. Tree Stump Chemical Remover

Rotting a tree stump with the use of chemicals is another way to remove a stump. However, care should be taken while using the chemicals, as they tend to seep into the soil and damage surrounding plants. As decomposition takes time, and this method relies on it, it would take at least a week before you can take the stump out.

Most chemical stump removers are made of Potassium Nitrate (KNO3) and act as the decaying agent. For people who want to hurry up the process, setting fire to the stump can also be done, as potassium nitrate is an effective oxidizer.

One can even hire professional tree stump removal services, for fast and effective stump removal.

A solution of caustic soda would be helpful in killing the tree stump. The procedure is to prepare a solution of 1 part of caustic soda and 2 parts of water. The next step is to pour the solution on the tree stump. This solution needs to be applied about 3-4 times so as to completely kill the tree stump.

Using the above tree stump removal instructions, one can get rid of tree stumps and clear the landscape for other trees or plants.

4. Inexpensive and Cost-Saving Way

Even if the tree is cut down, it is nearly impossible to terminate or kill the roots. The roots will cause the stump to grow. In such cases, the application of some Epsom salt or rock salt on the roots and the stump will help in killing the roots of the tree. For this, we would need to cut the tree stump up to the ground level, then apply salt to it and cover it with dirt, which ideally should kill the stump. We have products available in farm supply shops that contain bacteria that cause the stump to decay over a period of time.

5. Chopping

There’s another solution to the problem, how to kill the tree stump. Chop the tree stump until it reaches ground level. Then set the tree stump on fire and when it is still burning, add burning items such as rubber and wood till the time the stump is completely burnt. For smaller stumps, cut or chop them down until they are mush and then leave it for some days. Let a few days pass and then dig out the stump from the ground.

6. Non Exposure to Light

For this method, we need to chop the stump as short as we can and cover it with a black plastic feed store bucket. It is necessary to place something heavy on top of the bucket so that it doesn’t blow off. This will keep the stump away from light and thus disable the re-sprouting process which will result in the death of the stump.

7. Natural Approach With Hight Nitrogen Fertilizer

We can even take a natural approach to kill the tree stump by drilling holes in the tree stump. Once we are done with the drilling process, we need to stuff the holes with a high nitrogen fertilizer. The fungi in the stump would get fed by nitrogen if the stump remains moist. This would result in the decomposition of wood. If we wish to see the stump decaying at a faster rate, then building a compost pile would serve the purpose.

8. Hollowing Method

This method can be applied only when we are not much concerned about the tree stump and are not in a hurry to kill it. This method involves the hollowing of stumps and stuffing them with potting soil. These holes can then be used as planters. The stump will remain alive for some years only till the time the plants are watered and fertilized. Further, the absence of water and fertilizers would lead to the decomposition of the stump.

9. Professional Way of Killing a Tree Stump

We can call up a person who has a stump grinder. These tree stump grinders will grind the tree stump into sawdust. The hole thus formed, needs to be filled in with some soil. The sawdust formed due to the stump grinder would be helpful for mulch, which can be useful in a variety of agricultural and gardening purposes.


  1. Learning more and more ways to remove stumps with professional equipment definitely feels like a great way to solve our problem. I thought that we would have to uproot those stumps by force, and that would cause terrible damage to our soil. I’ll take this seriously and look for a stump removal expert in the area that can give us a hand with their professional methods.

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