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How to Make Potting Soil For your Garden?

How to Make Potting Soil For your Garden?

How to Make Potting Soil For your Garden?
How to Make Potting Soil For your Garden?

I’m going to show you how to make potting soil first you need one part coconut Quarrier, the coconut core is to provide moisture since it retains water and also to provide air pockets for the roots to obtain oxygen from.

you can Biden compress form it and add water for it to expand and ready to use bags it is a sustainable substitute for peat moss the best option is to buy pH neutral salt-free coke.

if you are unsure about the salt content you can simply rinse it a few times the easiest way to do this is to get a five-gallon pail drill holes in the bottom using a 4, 5, 6 drill bit for drainage you also want to drill holes on the sides near the bottom using a 4,6,8 drill bit place.

The drill pill in another five-gallon pail place the coco corner in it and if it’s too big like this one break it in half and then place it in and then add water mix and drain repeat this at least three times.

How to Make Potting Soil For your Garden?
How to Make Potting Soil!

Use a Large Bag with Small Holes

you can also use a large bag with small holes in it or even a burlap sack you also need one part where make you light or greater than one part per light depending on the type of potting soil you are trying to achieve.

They both have moisture retaining properties which include liquid fertilizer but my murky light more so than perlite, more importantly, they both increase the drainage of the potting soil especially perlite while only.

when the mixture contains greater than 1 part perlite use vermiculite for tropical plants or seed germination and perlite for uses such as propagating cuttings or you can experiment and use a mixture of both.

I am going to be using one part where Mikula as a side you can also increase drainage by using coarse sand finally you’re going to need one or two parts compost now, get a large container and add the cocoa Koya the vermiculite and compost and mix thoroughly furthermore you can modify the mix for your needs by adding fertilizers and/or minerals such as calcium and magnesium there you go, guys, that’s how you make a general potting mix.

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