Lawn Care Basics Every Home Owner Should Know


Lawn Care Basics Every Home Owner Should Know

Lawn Care Basics Every Home Owner Should Know

If you want to have a lovely and beautiful lawn, then, lawn care should be a part of your home maintenance routine. Caring for your lawn is best done on a regular basis if you want to keep it looking healthy and fresh.

To keep your lawn looking good, below are some lawn care basics every homeowner should know. These lawn care tips will provide you with a great start in maintaining a beautiful and healthy lawn.

Seek The Help Of A Professional

A great and easy way to care for your lawn is to get the help of a professional lawn care specialist that could recommend what’s best for your lawn. Problems such as tree diseases and pests are best handled by professionals, such as lawn care company, which handles trimming, mowing, and lawn clean-up services. Although caring for your garden doesn’t have to be done by a professional, a diagnostic evaluation will help you determine the best things to do for your lawn.

Choose The Appropriate Grass And Plants

When choosing the grass seed for your lawn, remember that you should always use the type that’s meant for your climate. For example, if you live in an area where it’s always cold, you should choose grass seed that is meant for winter. This will ensure that the seed can withstand the colder months.

You can also help your lawn to stay healthy by having the correct mix of plants and flowers. There are many different types of plants you can have on your lawn, but keep in mind that not all plants are suited for all types of soil and climate. For instance, flowers and perennials that grow fast will not be good for a lawn that needs some time to recover from a winter freeze.

Water Your Lawn Regularly

One of the most significant things that every homeowner should know about lawn care basics is that your lawn should be watered adequately. A regular schedule is best so that the lawn is well-maintained, and so you’ll be able to enjoy its beauty for the longest time possible. Watering it once a day each morning is the ideal practice, especially during summer. However, watering will vary depending on the season.

If you have a sprinkler, make sure that it’s done strategically so that you can water your lawn properly. If your lawn isn’t watered enough, it will soon turn brown and eventually die out.

Mow Your Lawn

Another lawn care basic to keep in mind is that if you want to keep your lawn well-groomed, then, you must mow it based on how much the grass grows. Grass growth varies, and some grass varieties are best kept short, while others may require more height.

When mowing, never remove more than a third of the grass height or you may inhibit their full growth potential. Also, always mow around the edges or where the grass is not growing. Remember, you don’t only cut down weeds, but you also give the grass a chance to grow back properly.

Invest In Basic Lawn Equipment

Although you may not need power tools for your lawn, it’s a great idea to have a lawnmower, trimmers, weed hackers, and leaf blowers on hand. Although these things need some spending, these are considered good investments if you want to maintain the beauty of your property’s exteriors.

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It may seem like a simple concept, but keeping a healthy lawn requires a lot more than just mowing. You also need to fertilize your lawn regularly. A reason to fertilize your lawn is to ensure that the grass seed has enough nutrients to grow properly. Fertilization is necessary to get the grass seed to germinate well and grow healthy. Nitrogen is a nutrient that your grass needs to keep it green and vibrant. However, you need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when fertilizing since feeding your grass and plants too much is harmful.

lawn care basics

Clean Your Lawn

Another one of the lawn care basics you ought to keep in mind is to make sure that your lawn stays clean. This includes removing all grass clippings, debris, leaves, sticks, branches, twigs, and all other forms of unwanted elements. Doing so will ensure that you get the most out of your lawn maintenance budget.

Mowing is the most basic lawn care task, but it’s important to do it correctly to keep your lawn healthy. A professional Wake Forest lawn care provider or one in your local area has the right equipment and know-how to mow your lawn at the right height and frequency. They use a variety of methods to control weeds, including herbicides, hand-weeding, and mulching. Also, they’re experts at applying the right amount of fertilizer at the right time to keep your lawn looking its best.

Check For Problem Areas

Take a good look at your lawn every day and notice the areas that need special attention. Try to plan some repairs and improvements on the areas of your lawn that need them the most. Keeping an eye on the areas that need work will save you money in the long run by making sure that the fixes are carried out at the soonest possible time.

If you have areas in your lawn prone to drainage problems, you can plant drought-tolerant plants in these locations. They’re less likely to be damaged by waterlogged soil. On the one hand, aerating your lawn helps improve drainage by creating small holes in the soil. This allows water to drain more easily. A French drain is filled with gravel that helps to channel water away from your lawn. It can be installed by a professional landscaper or by yourself.

Eliminate Weeds

Another basic lawn care tip is to prevent weed infestation. Weeds have deep roots, making it easy for them to regrow when not pulled all the way. If you pull the weeds by hand, ensure that you use a hand shovel to help you dig up the roots. But, if your lawn has been overgrown by weeds, the best thing to do is to have it treated. There are various products available in most gardening stores that you can purchase, or you can call a professional to do it for you.

Trim Bushes And Trees

A well-manicured lawn can add value to your home and a great way to do this is to trim bushes, hedges, and trees around once each year. You can do this yourself if you have a hedge trimmer, which is a good investment and isn’t expensive to purchase.

Falling branches can cause serious injuries, so it’s important to ensure the area is clear before trimming. Start by removing dead, diseased, or damaged branches because they’re a hazard and can damage the tree. Don’t trim more than 25% of the tree’s foliage at one time. Doing so can stress the tree and make it more susceptible to pests and diseases.

If you’re not comfortable trimming trees yourself, it’s best to hire a professional arborist. They can identify and treat tree problems like pests, diseases, and nutrient deficiencies. They can also recommend appropriate pruning and fertilization to keep your trees healthy.

Final Thoughts

Knowing about all the lawn care basics will help you in your quest in achieving a beautiful yard, as well as keep you from committing mistakes that could prove costly in the long run. Having a nice-looking lawn will not only provide your family with a place to relax during weekends, but it can also contribute to the aesthetics of the entire property. Remember, it will take time to create a great lawn, thus, you must put in all the efforts to achieve this.


  1. Thank you for the heads up about how you must not remove more than one-third of the grass during mowing. I used to think that mowing as short as possible to make it easier to kick back and relax while letting it grow was the optimal way to do it. I’ll make sure I follow this after I find a place to buy a lawnmower for regular use.

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